.srt file help! can't read the subtitles!

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.srt file help! can't read the subtitles!

Post by kadetdawidow » Sep 19th, '08, 23:21

So I was using DivX player originally, but there would be these instances when the subtitles would just suddenly cut out. Someone suggested I use DirectVobSub with WMP, and I downloaded and installed the VobSub program, and it appears to be working right now.
The only problem is that now the subtitles show up in a bright white, with a bright white outline and a just barely off white shadow, basically making them entirely unreadable....

does anyone have any advice on how I can fix this?

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Post by techie » Sep 20th, '08, 00:00

Try downloading WIMPC (Windows mediaplayer classic)
Check and see if the same happens with that one.
You will get it together with a codec pack if you download one of those.

Google for Free Codecs and you'll find
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Post by Jav_sol » Sep 20th, '08, 00:49

When using DirectVobSub a green arrow icon should appear at the bottom right corner of your screen. Double click the icon then go to text settings and you'll be able to change the text font, color and transparency.

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