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Posted: Jun 19th, '14, 14:44
by danalec uses torcache as main mirror for the .torrent files.

But is dead :cry:

Please replace it? Thanks! :thumright:

Posted: Jun 21st, '14, 12:41
by daw0lverineJPP
Please help fix it, it seems that torcache is dead !

Posted: Jun 21st, '14, 16:36
by MoerkJ
Well, only Ruroshin can really fix this bug. His uploader code is used to generate the XML file.

I have hacked the script which generates the XML a little. My little workaround replaces the torcache link with a torrage link. I hope it works.

Btw, I never used that feed. It did also contain working alternative links. The main links point to now.

--MoerkJ :salut:

Posted: Jul 17th, '14, 09:53
by danalec
Thanks for the fix, it works but I've noticed the rss number was reduced to 25 torrents :-(

Is there any chance to double this amoount, like increase it to 50 torrents per page?

last 25 torrents for All Categories is way too few, consider the following example:
if there are more than 25 torrents being upload in different categories types (like: 5 j-tv, 5 jdrama; 5 kdrama, 5 cdrama; 5hkdrama, 5 k-tv etc) in a short amount of time (less than the rss refresh interval), some of torrents will be missed by the rss and won't ever be read by anyone. :cry: