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Read the FAQ in here first then post your questions here if it doesn't help you.
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Upload category supported

Post by Trigun » Jan 23rd, '14, 18:56


I'm searching the korean movie Chilling Romance here but I didn't find because I have read that it's prohibited upload movie. Someone can tell me why?
I'll be banned if I upload it?
Thanks ^^

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Post by \( -o _ o- )/ » Jan 23rd, '14, 19:21

Try reading the forum before posting any questions about why no movies are allowed.

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Post by Trigun » Jan 23rd, '14, 20:24

Obviously, I have read it otherwise I can't know that it's prohibited uploading movie.
Despite it, maybe I'm stupid, but I continue to not understand why =)

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Post by k361 » Jan 24th, '14, 09:48

in the past a decision by admin (board owner) was made, to focus on asian tv related material for d-a and the fansub communities

drama, tv-shows, music (theme, opening, ending), ... is okay
cinema movie, anime, music (without link to any tv-broadcast) ... no go

This give us a funny situation. we find drama and drama sp of ATARU, Galileo and other jdrama, but not the filnal movie at d-a

Chilling Romance (Spellbound) is an korean movie and not tolerated here.
If you upload this or other movies, it will be removed/rejected.

If you want more infos why the decision was made, I found some hints in
Please share your files after download. Thank you.
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Post by Trigun » Jan 24th, '14, 14:51

So the reason is copyright?
But also the songs have copyright.
However, thanks for the explanation ^^

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Post by saigo_x » Jan 24th, '14, 18:27

The original announcement thread has been deleted, but if I recall correctly the site was briefly shutdown in 2004 because of a copyright infringement complaint due to a movie torrent. It was before I joined here so I don't remember what exactly happened.

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Post by theuncontactable » Jan 24th, '14, 19:21

Yes it was due to copyright as movies usually have foreign distributors and copyright infringement notices from them is more likely than for t.v. dramas and shows which stays within the domestic market.

As an example, you will never be able to find a proper English subbed or dubbed version of Jet Li's "My Father, My Hero", because Disney owns the English distribution rights to it and I don't think they had ever released it, but you can get a dodgy English subbed version from the French distributors.

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