704x396 raws

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704x396 raws

Post by SynchroMax » May 14th, '12, 17:42

I've been noticing that even though JDramas air in HD (1280x720, or possibly even 1920x1080), most (but not all) raws I've seen uploaded are in a 704x396 resolution, and they seem to be the HD recording downscaled. Using for example, two of my most recent downloads, the first episodes of Switch Girl and Moteki, even though downscaled, have comparable or larger file sizes than HD-res tokusatsu shows (from sub groups within that community) with shorter runtime than the JDramas, so it's not if downscaling HD video to standard resolution is saving any space in that respect. Is there any particular reason for this, or should I just chalk it up to a choice made on the uploader's behalf?

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Post by XrayMind » May 18th, '12, 02:22

1st, please take a look at the date which these 704x396 uploaded. All those RAW was using Divx or Xvid codecs, which are older and do not compress that well compare to the newer h.264/x264 codec.

2nd, the RAW compress with less efficient 1-Pass encoding, where fast action and scene changes take up more data. Fansub releases always use 2-Pass encoding, where the encoding programming allocate more data to the fast action and scene changes area. To compensate for the 1-Pass encoding, RAW provide rest up the compression data-rate resulting larger files.

The switch to h.264/x264 only happened the last 2 years or so. It started with Anime, then jdrama followed.
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