Is it OK to post torrents in

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Is it OK to post torrents in

Post by uglijimus » Aug 4th, '11, 02:24

.flv format? I converted my last upload to mp4, but then thought, through that encoding, some quality must have been lost...
and maybe I should have kept it in .flv.

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Post by XrayMind » Aug 4th, '11, 03:48

Since some FLV are encoded with h.264 for video and aac for audio, you don't have to re-encode those files. Just re-mux it. You can use ffmpeg(with help GUI frontend) to remux it to MP4 or MKV. I also use MKVmerge GUI to remux it to MKV format.

As for upload FLV format, there is no rule against it. Most media players has no problem playing that format.
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