How to get .avi files and subtitles to work in a Mac?

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How to get .avi files and subtitles to work in a Mac?

Post by mangosteen » Dec 27th, '10, 06:28

So I've been a PC user for years and am considering switching to a Mac. Anyone knows if it would be different playing video files in .avi format and softsubs with a Mac?

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Post by theuncontactable » Dec 27th, '10, 06:50

No problems with .avi but you may have problems with .mkv. Using mplayer extended or vlc for mac should fix that though.
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Post by 20centuryboy » Dec 27th, '10, 07:38

mplayer is the most simple to use.
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Post by wilsontc » Apr 9th, '11, 00:10

You might like to try either MPlayer, as 20centuryboy has suggested, or VLC. Google them and you should find a download for your Mac.

The other alternative is to look into Perian, which is a codec pack for the builtin QuickTime player.

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Post by ayalan » Apr 9th, '11, 16:42

I use VLC. Lightweight, and it can do a ton of other things if you dig deep.

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Post by sensei991 » Apr 28th, '11, 01:37

I like to use Movist. It handles pretty much the same file formats as QuickTime, MPlayer and VLC, but the nice thing is that you have control over the size, placement and time syncing of softsubs. Also Movist will automatically advance to the next episode in the same folder.

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Post by peacht » May 8th, '11, 05:48

Another advantage of Movist is that it automatically places the subs into the bottom black part of the screen which I find many other players are unable to do. You can change colour of subs with it too.
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