TV Capturing From Tokyo

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TV Capturing From Tokyo

Post by qop123 » Dec 5th, '10, 08:24

I'm currently living outside Tokyo, and I'm looking for someone who can help me to record Japanese TV broadcast from Tokyo. What I'm looking for is a person who is willing to provide a space in Tokyo that is connectable to the Internet and a TV antenna, and where it is possible to place a small notebook PC of 10-11 inches and keep it running for 24 hours a day.

Tokyo has the largest selection of channels and programs that I can't get right now, but if I'm going to set this thing up from the zero scratch in Tokyo, that is going to cost me a lot of money and efforts, but if these Internet connection and TV antenna things are already present as the basic items of infrastructure, adding another one can be achieved at an extremely lower cost, and so that is the reason that is behind this calling out.

The notebook PC can be remotely controlled, and so there is no need to manage things. All the expenses can be covered by me, should there be any. This is nothing illegal because this is for personally achieved use, or if it is on the contrary desired to distribute the data to some extent, I can coordinate those things up as well within my capacity.

I may be able to accept any downsides, and so if there is even a slightest possibility of the realization, or if you have just any questions, please feel free to reply to this topic or contact me through the private messaging to qop123.

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