TV Capture Device for Japanese TV - Can I buy one in America

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TV Capture Device for Japanese TV - Can I buy one in America

Post by jtokyo » Nov 25th, '10, 00:28

I live in Japan. Up until now, I've been using an old HDD/DVD recorder to record my favorite Japanese TV shows. However, since analog broadcasting will soon come to an end, I need to find a digital (地デジ) recorder to replace it.

I want a recorder that records in a format that I can easily transfer to my PC and edit/burn onto discs. I have heard that most of the recorders for sale in Japan have DRM restrictions, so I have avoided buying one.

I'll soon be visiting family in America for X-mas. Is there somewhere in America that I can buy DRM-free recording devices or capture cards that would work in Japan?

I'm also wondering about:

-If I buy one of those cheap analog to digital converter devices at a Japanese electronics store, will I be able to plug my old analog HDD recorder into it and record television shows (at less than HD quality)?
- What are people using to record all the high quality video files I see on d-addicts?
- Would a Brazilian TV tuner, such as the Geniatech USB ISDB-T work with Japanese TV?
- Are there cheaper Japanese alternatives to Friio?

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Post by XrayMind » Nov 25th, '10, 08:32

Short answer, NO.

Long answer, unlike the old analog broadcast, where both US and Japan use the same NTSC system; the US is using ATSC system and Japan is using ISDB-T for digital broadcast. Brazil is using ISDB-Tb, while it transmits the same signal, the data type in the signal are not the same with Japanese version. So recorder for US, Japan, and Brazil are not compatible with any of the three....

From what I know, In Japan all digital programming are encrypted and must use a B-CAS card, free provided with your TV/tuner/recorder, to decrypted the programming to able to watch it. Also all programming are be mark as copy-free, copy-once, and copy never. I think most dramas are mark as copy-once, so you can record and play back on the original recorder, but can't copy digitally to another digital device.

Of course the reason that Friio is not cheap is that it ignore the copy request and strip the encryption before send it to your computer. Also, Friio is not Windows Media Center compatible, you have use recorder program specially written for it like TVRock..

Anyway, below is a link to more detail discussion on the issue of trying to record digital broadcast on to a computer in Japan...

PS, the digital to analog converter is almost useless for your old analog recorder. Why? Because your old your recorder can't control the channel change on the converter. So your recorder is stuck recording the single channel output by the converter or if your recorder doesn't have a line input or can't record line input, then the converter is totally useless.
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Post by qop123 » Dec 5th, '10, 03:12

Otaku users use the PT2 PCI card with a desktop machine. PT2 has two terrestrial tuners and two satellites tuners, and it can record up to 4 shows at the same time. Its set price is 16,800 yen, but, currently, it is a little hard to obtain, and it is sold over 30,000 yen.

There is a USB single terrestrial tuner KTV-FSUSB2 from KEIAN for about 5,000 yen, and if we modify the hardware and update the firmware, we can record copy free files with this device. ... susb2.html

About the modification steps, there are some tutorials out there on the internet, or there are some others at Yahoo Auction who are selling the already modified ones.

If we want to achieve copy free operation with these Japanese TV broadcast files, we need to make a PC central system, instead of a HDD recorder central system. If you don't care about money, for example, you can set up a dedicated recording PC, and use that dedicated recording PC as a home network server, and make it show videos on TV with something like LT-V100. ... r/lt-v100/

Though it might be a little annoying to set a lot of things up, this is how things are, and this is what we have to face to circumvent the current situation with the Japanese TV broadcast.

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