TV Capture in Japan & DRM

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TV Capture in Japan & DRM

Post by Ashtre » Sep 19th, '09, 00:27


Can anyone recommend a good way to capture digital TV programming in Japan? I understand that most capture cards enforce a "copy-once" or likewise DRM on the recorded files. How do the people that post shows here capture TV without this limitation?

I've heard of Friio that is "copy-free" and am wondering if that's the best way to go. Otherwise, is there a way to remove the DRM of the video files I've recorded?

Any help is appreciated.


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Post by gregor » Sep 20th, '09, 23:54

Do you want to capture by satellite or terrestrial?

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Post by Ashtre » Oct 1st, '09, 10:09

Sorry for the late reply.
I'd like to capture by terrestrial means (地デジ)

I bought a Buffalo capture card and I can record, but the format is in *.tve format that I can only view with the PCastTV application...

If only there was a way to manipulate this file in some way...

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Post by qop123 » Oct 18th, '09, 04:56

Hello, 8)

As I understand, you can't manipulate the .tve files in any way. I think, those files are only viewable on that PC, and if you bought another PC, you wouldn't be able to watch them on that PC.

If you want to obtain freely editable files, you need to record in .ts format, which is an unprotected one, and then, you can edit the files with normal mpeg2 editors out there.

Friio was the first one that publicly let people to record in free .ts format, and hence, its popularity and fame. Though Friio is a bit expensive, (about 20000 yen), if you want to be easy and simple, that might be a better choice. While there are some other devices that let you do the same thing as Friio does, they are a little hard to set up.

As I looked up a little, currently, besides Friio, this PCI card called "PT2" seems to have a good popularity.
-SKnet MonsterTVシリーズ
HDUS(未対策版 基版のリビジョンで多少挙動差有りとか)、HDUSF(通称・対策版)、HDUSF 白ラベル版(未対策版と同じ仕様のF)
HDUC(シリコンチューナ版)、HDUC Gold(HDUCにダビ10ソフトを追加した物) ※HDUCのシリアルD以降は部品変更により不可
ダイナコネクティブ DY-UD200

HDP(HDUSFのPCI版)、HDP Gold(HDP2 Goldの1チューナ版)、HDPS(HDP Goldのダビ10ソフトが無い物)←NEW ※ASIE5607採用品は不可
HDP2(Wチューナ)、HDP2 Gold(HDP2にダビ10ソフトを追加した物)


TS録画対応機種暫定リスト(SKNET系のみ抜粋 2009年9月16日修正)
☆HDUSF 白ラベル版(HDUSと同じ仕様のF、●なし、S/Nなし、生産終了)
※HDUC Gold(地デジシリコンチューナ、ダビ10ソフト付き、ASIE5606B搭載品に限る)


※HDP Gold(地デジシリコンチューナ、ダビ10ソフト付き、ASIE5606B搭載品に限る)
※HDP2 Gold(地デジシリコンWチューナ、ダビ10ソフト付き、ASIE5606B搭載品に限る)

          ASIE5606B・抜きOK       ASIE5607・抜き不可
HDUC       18619B・18619C        18619D・18619E
HDUC Gold    18789B             18789C
HDU2       17868L・17868J        17869F2(外箱にダビング10対応と印刷)
HDP Gold     18479C             18479D
HDP2 Gold    18859C・18859D        18859E                  
HDPS(HDP Goldのダビ10ソフト省略版)はASIE5607搭載品報告あり・ASIE5606B搭載品は未確認
☆印の機種は生産終了品のため仕様変更なし・ASIE5606B or ASIE5606搭載の鉄板TS抜き可能品なので安心して買うべし!

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Post by Ashtre » Nov 13th, '09, 01:55

Wow. That's an awesome list.... thank you!

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Post by maglev_tgv » Jul 15th, '11, 15:35

I think this kind of thread should be set as "sticky", as it's really important thing to encourage people to record tv in unprotected way, thus hoping more source for D-Addicts.

Especially, analog broadcast will be over shortly, so I think people in Japan are trying to find new tuner right now.

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Post by Eiden » Jul 21st, '11, 03:16

qop123 wrote: As I looked up a little, currently, besides Friio, this PCI card called "PT2" seems to have a good popularity.
Unfortunately that is only a list of tuners that have the ability record in .TS format--not all of them will be able to record DRM-protected content. Changes in DRM since 2009 appear to leave only 3 options for DRM-free recording:

-Friio (19,800 yen direct from Friio in Taiwan)
-Earthsoft PT2 (17,800 yen on Amazon, you can find the PT1 used but it costs nearly the same)
-A modified Keian tuner (not sure on model but I remember reading about it)

The guys down at the local computer store (PC-DEPOT) have no idea about any of this stuff. I thought there might be an option using some of the tuners claiming they can create iPad compatible files, but they all seem to involve a proprietary iOS app rather than iTunes integration and also provide only 640x480 resolution. If they could use iTunes it would probably involve handing off to Apple's DRM which is a lot easier to deal with.

Great to see this thread and agree it should be stickied if it isn't already. I have only done minimal research on this so please correct any inaccuracies I may have stated!

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