[Tutorial] perfect dark

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[Tutorial] perfect dark

Post by Ladymercury » Aug 7th, '09, 23:20

Didn't see one for this program, so I decided to make one for those who are interested.

What is pefect dark?


perfect dark came out around 2007, around the time Winny (ny) became obsolete and Share (洒) ended up getting compromised. So in comparison, its still a fairly new file sharing program.

To use an example, perfect dark essentially is what you would get if you combine the opennap program Utatane with the anonymous file sharing of Share/Winny. While relying on the anonymous encrypted file sharing protocol you do not run into the issue of downloading dead files, a problem most frequent on Share and Winny.

perfect dark is a resource hog, and if you have an old or outdated computer you will not be able to successfully use perfect dark. PD also requires all users to maintain a unity, which is basically pieces of files you share on the network to other users, of at least 40 gigs. You can log onto the PD networks without a unity but you will never be able to download any of the files or search.

Your unity will continuously grow, even if you do not download or share anything. It just happens. It will not grow past your unity cap -- But it will always grow and stay full.. This is how pd works and there's nothing you can do about it then just make sure you keep a lot of HD space free.

Is it compromised?

Just recently this year (IIRC) PD has been cracked. The selling point PD boasted was the fact that it was not compromised and extremely difficult to crack the encryption that the file sharing was based upon. This really won't totally affect us since we're abroad, but its nothing to take lightly either.

So how does this all work?

perfect dark is fairly easy to use and doesn't require much rocket science to set up or to use. Its also easy to navigate, though you probably need to change the font settings (will explain later) because your eyes will bleed otherwise.

When you use PD you will only need to focus on three things, unless you know how to speak Japanese and want to take advantage of the (spam) board.



A. Search
- PD has one of the most comprehensive search engines available with a P2P. Based upon tree searching, you basically fine anything you want and filter out all the crap. Use it right and you can score a gold mine. The best way to search is to set it up with a main category and then break it down from there


.ts -> ドラマ
ドラマ -> 花ざかりの君たちへ
アニメ → ドラゴンボール

So on, so on.

You can also search by sign, which is basically an uploaders screen name. Some uploaders have a crap load of files, others have nothing. So really take advantage of it when you're searching.

The only negative to searching is that it caps out at 1000 results. So lets say you search for something and you can't find it because it maxed out, adding another tier filters it out even more, thus broadening your search again.

@randomuser25323asfvw345a -> ドラマ -> 花ざかりの君たちへ

B. Results
Pretty self explanatory. But there's some additions to this that make it even better.

If you look there's a review column. This column is basically what it says it is, reviews. Once you download a file off of pd, you have the option to "review" it by either saying good, neutral, or bad. This option is great because its the community letting the community know what files are bad, what files are viruses, what files aren't what they say they are. So its basically Share's system but upgraded 10x.

C. Set up and main screen
And finally, when you start up PD you come to this screen. This is where you set up your ports, your sharing folders, unity, and customizations of PD itself. Pretty self explanatory.

So where do I get PD?

You can get PD from here. If the program is out of date then once you install it'll automatically update itself. The latest perfect dark is code name " STAND ALONE COMPLEX " as of when this tutorial was written. " the most adaptable to change " was the last version. There hasn't been an update for a while now...

How do I install?

Unzip the file into a directory and run the set up. Now IIRC the program should install either in Japanese or English automatically depending on your regional settings. PD does not need a patch, its automatically in Japanese or English depending on your windows. Another great thing about PD.

Follow the instructions on the screen and launch PD.

If it didn't ask you already, here is how your PD should be Set up:

You should know your computer connection speed.
Always set your ports high. I am not going to dive into the port issue because it varies with each computer, especially if you're under a router.

If your PD happened to install in Japanese and you want it in English, 言語 = Language.


Don't mess with these setting unless you absolutely have to.


It should default to 40, if not, set it to 40 -- 45 is ideal. Mine is set high because I am downloading over 40 gigs of files right now so it doubled.

Mutagen is your customization. Basically I would advise you not touch this unless you know what you're doing because anything else can severally screw up the way your PD looks. You'll be warned anyway when you click on it.

Like Winny and Share, PD uses nodes. You can't successfully use PD without nodes so here's a constantly updated list of PD nodes


You ad them to add ip address/port under the encrypted text and click add. They should automatically be added.

Final Notes

Even though PD is great, when it comes to dramas and live action it basically sucks. PD is powered by what it says, 2ch and 2ch otakus love their 24 and anime, so trying to find .ts or .iso of your favorite dramas is damn near impossible. As PD is still relatively new, the network is small too.

If you are an anime fan, PD is like heaven. You can find .ts of practically any anime you want right now. Someone is also uploading .ts of Kamen Rider Decade.

If you're a Korean or Chinese drama fan, there's tons of that on PD as well.

You can't leech on PD, due to unity, but if you maintain a strong unity then you can pretty much reap the benefits of PD.

If you have questions, I suggest searching this thread: http://bbs.chiisai.net/download/kareha.pl/1177585974/

Your question probably has been answered already.

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Post by kuro570 » Aug 8th, '09, 00:35

It's weird for as long as I've been using PD I was surprised to find that their were no thread for this till you mentioned it lol. Good job on it btw.

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Post by XrayMind » Aug 8th, '09, 17:36

If your desktop screen is set to a high resolution and the font size is too small for you to read, You can change it with the following steps.

1) In Settings dialog, click "other" tab, and then, "write mutagen"
2) Close Perfect Dark, and go to "mutagen" folder
3) Edit "visual.txt" with Notepad: the font size can be set at "default font size" and "eye font size". Don't forget the quotes: all values must be enclosed in quotes, or PD will reject them.
4) You can also change the font there to a more nicer/readable font. I suggest you to use "Arial Unicode MS", size 16.

Instructions copy from here.

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Post by Kaila » Nov 25th, '09, 03:33

I'm curious to know if this program replaced share :) I'm not entirely sure of it's popularity.

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Post by Syobon » Jan 17th, '10, 17:42

How reliable is PD with an upload speed under 50kb/s?
I know it demand 100kb/s, but does it automatically limit the download speed?

Thanks for the tutorial.

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Post by Ladymercury » Sep 14th, '10, 18:17

Syobon wrote:How reliable is PD with an upload speed under 50kb/s?
I know it demand 100kb/s, but does it automatically limit the download speed?

Thanks for the tutorial.
That, I don't know. I'm sure it does impact you but not as directly as not having the minimum unity shared.
Kaila wrote:I'm curious to know if this program replaced share :) I'm not entirely sure of it's popularity.
I dunno, a lot of people on PD distro a lot of animu and mango so I don't know if the drama rippers migrated to PD.

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Post by reverend » Oct 30th, '10, 12:13

I've noticed that the usual place to get PD node lists (p2p-db.net) has disappeared.

Does anyone know another place to get up to date node lists?

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Post by smurfchang » Jan 23rd, '11, 14:09

i am able to connect but downloads are not starting.
Something wrong with my port?

Did a port check here
and it says not opened.

However, I have explicitly opened the port in Windows firewall (I do not have router).
And I am also getting unity download.

Do I need to have 40GB of unity before my download starts?

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Post by fidelxxx » Jan 28th, '11, 00:16

smurfchang wrote:i am able to connect but downloads are not starting.
Something wrong with my port?


Do I need to have 40GB of unity before my download starts?
Your unity must be more that 2gig in size before you can start your downloads.

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Post by kohi » Jun 25th, '11, 21:36

I'm very new to this kind of thing but I've downloaded Perfect Dark and I want to give it a try. Could someone help me?

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Post by reedot » Aug 30th, '11, 18:01

I'm also new and have some questions on how to go 'online'

First, the setting: How can i figure out what my port/interface port numbers are?
The only information that i find with numbers are the Down-/Upload of 6144/640 Kbps. Does it have any meaning for my internet connection in terms of speed?

Second: what do i have to type in port in the encrypt id adress?

And last but not least: How do i de-register myself if i don't want to use PD anymore?

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Post by Keiko1981 » May 22nd, '12, 13:26

At the moment my unity folder is almost 10GB, can I delete let's say 6,5GB of it, then I'll still have 2GB left?

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Post by kangxy67 » Jun 16th, '13, 06:26

I just downloaded PD and am fumbling around with it. How does the unity thing work? I dont get it. =/ I cant download anything, means I cant share right?

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Re: [Tutorial] perfect dark

Post by Fuurin » Apr 30th, '19, 13:38

I've added a Perfect Dark Guide to my blog:

File Sharing in Japan

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