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Posted: May 23rd, '07, 15:34
by enuyasha
Has anybody heard of this site?

It's like youtube except you can download the videos! :w00t:

I was thinking how great it would be when we do the series of the week or month somebody could upload the series to and you can watch it before you download it.

So if the file is 700 MB, you would be downloading the whole file!

You just need to download the veoh software and restart your computer then go back to the link and click Download Video.
It's really easy :lol

The best part is that you won't have to wait for seeders.

What do you guys think?

Posted: May 23rd, '07, 15:40
by Love_Child
Yepp, VEOH is simply amazing. <3

I think you have a really good idea, there's lots of dramas going up on there but I wish there were more, like the newer dramas, with subs! Heh.

Posted: Jul 7th, '07, 05:29
by xfantasee
I don't think Veoh likes me :(
I attempted using the downloading program and it just wouldn't work for me and when I'm watching things on it, everything runs slower on the computer too.
Maybe it's just because my computer is like a dying car practically. Haha~

Posted: Jul 7th, '07, 07:58
by groink
Just upload dramas you make yourself. Do go uploading other people's dramas. That violates most fansubbing groups' wishes. Most of us who share the dramas on D-Addicts don't want them be uploaded elsewhere, such as Crunchyroll, Veoh, Youtube, or wherever else. The reasons are:

1. We REALLY don't want our dramas to become wide-spread. Our goal is not to promote dramas world-wide. Doing so attracts the attention of organizations who want to do away with fansubs. Uploading to sites with millions of people passing by each day is NOT a good thing for something underground like fansubs.

2. Regardless of what people think, re-ripping videos DOES cut down the quality of the videos. Most of us who work hard to upload good quality videos don't want the quality to be trashed by some stupid FLV codec.

--- groink

Posted: Jul 7th, '07, 16:47
by Pekana
Veoh has its uses, but personally I have to agree with groink on this, in particular his first argument. It wouldn't be good to attract that kind of attention. And you need to respect the fansubber's wishes as well.

Posted: Jul 7th, '07, 23:55
by ShadowMystika
i already watch dramas on veoh

i think the people who sub the videos should choose whether to upload them to those websites or not though
or else people should only upload videos they subbed themselves.

Posted: Jul 8th, '07, 12:21
by anncaballes
how and where can i watch korean drama, like crunchy roll? pls...

Posted: Jul 8th, '07, 15:11
by Crazy Penguin
You can download videos from youtube as well. Use Firefox and get the right plugin. Easiest thing to do, and you hit two birds with one stone. Better browser than Internet Exploiter... errrr... you know what I mean. Plus a plugin that, not only lets you download from youtube, but from others as well.

And I still wonder who would watch a drama on youtube anyway. The quality is horrible with small clips. Now imagine a 300 MB clip. Or worse... a special of 900 MB or more. Yikes. You have to be really masochistic to like that.

Additionally, with that veo-thing... I need to download and install a software for only one single use (and even reboot after installing? Normal programs don't do that anymore, not even direct x forces you to reboot these days (neither do, for example, Azureus, Share, and the donkey), makes me wonder about the quality and compatibility of this software). I can't use it for anything else. No thank you. Plus registering. Oivech. And for all that effort I get a lower quality than using torrents.
Viewing in the Veoh Player will be optimized at 640 x 480 (for 4:3) at up to 1.5 mbps.
Ok, that's hardly an alternative for, let's say... 1280x720 in 16:9... If I want such low resolutions I can go back to using Real Player.