Viewing dramas w/ soft subs on a Mac computer

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Viewing dramas w/ soft subs on a Mac computer

Post by coolios » Mar 29th, '06, 00:38


For Windows, I downloaded the K Lite Codec Pack and VobSub, and then used Windows Media Player to view the drama files. But I'm not sure how that works on a Mac computer? What are the subsitute "programs" that I need in order to view them on QuickTime or something?

Please advise.


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Post by pokute » Mar 29th, '06, 00:51

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Post by Cindy » Apr 3rd, '06, 02:18

An additional tip, rename your subtitles to correspond with your movie file, that way, when you open the movie with VLC, you can press "s" (without the quotations) to load the subtitles. It's fast, it's easy, and it saves time spent using the advanced open.

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Post by kokko8 » Apr 3rd, '06, 18:07

Thx for the tip Cindy!

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Help :)

Post by ttttm » Jun 30th, '06, 15:46

I use an intel based Mac OSx computer, and I having trouble finding a program that can combine a raw file with it's subtitles.

Any suggestion?

I'm missing out on great dramas because I can't understand them.

Any help is appreciated!

Thnx in Advance :)

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Post by KoreanMania » Jun 30th, '06, 15:54

Download Media Player Classic from this link - ... c_Pack.htm :-) It's very simple, as long as both your raw & subtitle file have the same file name and placed in the same location, you're on the right track :lol Good luck!

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Post by ttttm » Jun 30th, '06, 16:02

But I think media player classic is for windows and not mac

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Post by kryptolus » Jun 30th, '06, 16:06

What about VLC?

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Post by dhmylene » Jun 30th, '06, 16:15

kryptolus wrote:What about VLC? (Windows, Macintosh and other operating systems)

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Post by SHD » Jul 1st, '06, 01:12

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Subtitle won't display

Post by koulen » Jul 8th, '06, 15:31

I used to play video with BSPlayer but the program doesn't work in Mac. Can someone tell me what is the best program like BSPlayer for Mac?

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Post by SHD » Jul 8th, '06, 17:47

K, if you and others would be more descriptive in your post subject like adding "on a Mac" you would find more information and not have to ask what has been asked may times.
the simplest is to try vlc:
it doesn't work with all files/subs but there isn't much else out there.

i'm trying to get a Mac issues sticky or something so information is in one thread.

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Post by scott12199 » Jul 9th, '06, 11:44

mplayer xine player and vlc

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