How do you download YouTube files?

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Post by ArieZ » Sep 7th, '06, 18:40

i try it 2 times, both of them were saved with flv format.... i supposed it's already in flv format isn't it?

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Post by xcy » Sep 8th, '06, 04:48

u can save it as avi,but the quality is really bad so it is better to convert it.

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Post by sl282828 » Oct 14th, '06, 07:36

JenBell wrote:download xilinsoft video converter. does anything and everything
can only find trial version on web...where to get this program...where do you download???? thanks

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Post by MinaPi » Oct 17th, '06, 12:41

non of that is working, sorry! What a pitty! Dumb pc

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Post by 6502inside » Oct 17th, '06, 23:21

With Opera 9 I have noticed that after watching something on youtube the video file can be found in the CACHE4 directory (either with .flv or .tmp extension) so in other words it is downloaded and saved to disk automatically.

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Post by xcy » Nov 3rd, '06, 01:18

sl282828 wrote:
JenBell wrote:download xilinsoft video converter. does anything and everything
can only find trial version on web...where to get this program...where do you download???? thanks
another good converter is super. it can convert just about any file into any file, and it is absolutely free!!!!!!!!! if you want it, this is the link to the download website:

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Post by swit_thng » Nov 12th, '06, 09:30

MaiMunky wrote:
zdoon wrote:noone's heard of edonkey? not that i'm advocating piracy but cracked versions of any program are downloadable from there.

ps: edonkey -- > google is your friend.
Thanks for the info. >.> Not an advocater of piracy.. what about this forum? x_X'

omg..i just opened this site..and it was already closed..and there was a msg saying that my ip adress has been logged and now, im afraid to download any kinds of videos..i might get sued waaah!!!

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Post by howzitboy » Dec 22nd, '06, 07:26

i wanna try to get some videos (yeah small crappy ones) to play on my ipod 30gig video im gettin for xmas!!

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Post by _iris » Dec 22nd, '06, 09:16

Upthread, someone has already mentioned this method. But if you don't mind sitting and watching a video for 8 minutes, the following video has someone explaining how to download a video from Youtube:

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Post by the_secret » Dec 30th, '06, 10:56

help guys i tried everything you said.. but none is working i tried saving it to .flv but i cant change it it has only one option which is allfiles i dont get it!!

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Post by arabian » Jan 1st, '07, 16:08

To download from youtube i use this program..
the link to download the program:

1. After you install it in your computer.. paste the URL for the video you want to download it & click on download..
2. choose the video format for the video you will download ( I prefer avi )'s better to keep other chooses as it & don't change it then click ok..
3. then it will appear a box to save it where you want & click ok..
4. it will begin to download & after it finish you can watch it ..

It's better than other way you can change the video format not to save it as flash & then try to find a program to convert.. it much easier..

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Post by canon05 » Mar 29th, '07, 08:04

I read somewhere on this site about the best FLV player other than the "FLV player", but forget what it is. There is one told "one of the best FLV player is VLC." It works like magic. I don't know why, today - this time some FLV files don't work with the VLC so I googled possibly another FLV players, but the result isn't what I expected. Would someone kindly tell me what it is called? Thanks!

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Post by loveless_soul » Mar 30th, '07, 01:31

okay i`ve seen alot of you guys have different ways of downloading from youtube..
before i use to use keepvid but not anymore since it a .flv file and i don't really want that

so now i use this other program that's pretty easy call VDownloader all you have to do is download the zip file and then enter a youtube/google/dailymotion vid and save it.. it will automatically save it in .avi format but if you want it another then you can change it to either mpeg or psp
you can also change the video size and yeah.. simple ^^
hope that's gonna help someone :lol

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