PS3: New Anti-Piracy Technology

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PS3: New Anti-Piracy Technology

Post by senpuuken » Jan 16th, '06, 19:46

a friend informed me of this and forwarded me the details. much like xbox 360's mistake of hastening a release. sony's will be this. woot for nintendo.
"SCE has secured the patent for a new disc technology that, if used, would not allow the PS3 to read used games for that platform. The technology was invented by Kutaragi himself, as well as two others

Details regarding the patent:

It is indicated specifically that the technology is to prevent the operation of used as well as pirated software

The technology involves actually rendering a authentication code originally encrypted on the game disk unreadable to other machines once the disk it is used

This would mean that Net-based and other such games will not be the only ones to be affected by the technology

Naturally 3rd party software developers would embrace this technology, and it would ensure sales of the inevitable "Best series" for the PS3, but used games shops would be put out of business if the PS3 were to become the primary platform in the next generation
note: not only used game store, but rental video stores as well would not be able to carry sony products.

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Post by wingsky » Jan 16th, '06, 19:51

Dunno how they can do this... unless they put in blueray writers in ps3?

I'm still happy playing with my ds :lol

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Post by techie » Jan 16th, '06, 23:00

It wouldnt work unless there where writers in everything.
You can always emulate the game as well and then it wouldnt be on their platform either.
I dont know how to (tsk tsk) but I know it's been done :P

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Post by Horizon » Jan 17th, '06, 07:35

lol i think this is just hype, it just doesn't make any business sense

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Post by rocket12 » Jan 17th, '06, 07:57

I totally agree. They will totally eliminate the resale and rental market for their platform if they implement this. It will definitely hurt the economy specifically the large rental chain stores like blockbuster and hollywood videos cause I dont know about the rest of you but i rent a game and try it out before i go and buy it. Not to mention if i want to sell old games to friends i can do that since it wont play on any other system than mine and vice versa. I mean some of my games are bought from my friends.

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Post by 6502inside » Jan 17th, '06, 08:26

They'd just be buggering themselves. And they should know better, after getting busted for that naughty rootkit thing :p

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Post by Rupugus » Jan 17th, '06, 08:47

I actually heard about that when the PS3 was first announced, I have a reliable source of information about the PS3 that I don't really expect anyone to believe I have because I have no way of proving it. ^_^;

anyway, my source also told me that due to the negative reviews that desicion has broguth sony that they will release a sort of "renter's pre-loader" disk that you can buy and play rental games on other PS3.

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Post by ar-a-mach » Jan 17th, '06, 09:06

sad but it can be don like the dvd rental that self destruct after nore than 18 hours of use

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Post by kermit » Jan 17th, '06, 09:56

Thats old news
Sony already confirmed that won't happen =)

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Post by Gir » Jan 17th, '06, 15:47

If they had done something like that, another bad thing would be if after buying a couple of thousands of dollars worth of games your PS3 died and you had to buy a new one.

You would either end up with people paying a ton to get new games/their PS3 reconfigured to play the old games, or a class action lawsuit on Sony.

Off topic: Kind of like when I bought a first year Toshiba DVD player, that didn't want to play newer DVDs 2 years latter. So I had to pay $50 for a firmware upgrade, then last year (I think it's been around 9 years since I bought it) I received a $50 check in the mail from a class action lawsuit about the upgrades.

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Post by azndgn26 » Jan 17th, '06, 23:04

This is hard to believe, but if they really do something like that ,then Sony will lose milliions of customers like me from purchasing their game products. Sony has never let me down and if they start something like this, it will be heartbeakin... :cry:

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Post by Horizon » Jan 18th, '06, 04:08

LOL, well the music division already let us down with the DRM rubbish already. For some reason although unrelated i feel like sony is gonna be letting a lot of people down in the coming years (can anyone say Micro$oft? coz that's where they're heading) :whistling:

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Post by cerberus » Jan 18th, '06, 11:18

Gir wrote:If they had done something like that, another bad thing would be if after buying a couple of thousands of dollars worth of games your PS3 died and you had to buy a new one.
Something along the same lines happened to me, but with music and DRM. At the time I had no idea that WM9 implemented such sneaky copy protection when you used it to backup audio CDs, so when I backed up my entire music collection so that I could listen to it at uni, without hauling all the CDs everywhere, it came as a shock after a routine reinstall of windows when every one of them refused to play.

And could I move the music from my PC to laptop? NO. So all them hours painfully encoding and tagging my music collection down the drain. Did I have to do it again? No - I was at uni with high speed broadband....of course this is a prime example of the legal uses of p2p (i think....)

Moral - things like DRM and the PS3 copy protection is a BAD thing, and only annoys the people that would not have done any harm. The other people don't take long to get round any such measures.

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