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[Tutorial] How to Burn w/ Subtitles

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Re: How to burn DVD link

Post by TaharaShin » Dec 4th, '12, 05:24

mtlandis wrote:
TaharaShin wrote:
mtlandis wrote:I actually did 2 tutorials over on my site. You do NOT need to be a member to view them.

Adding Permanent Subtitles

Using Nero to Burn DVDs

Both tutorials are step-by-step with pics.
Just want to inquire- I tried to click on the link but both only shows ERROR 404
I want to learn how to burn dvd using NERO

There was a server crash and that data was lost. I recreated the instructions here:

Adding Permanent Subs w/Pics

I have not yet recreated the Using Nero Thread. I plan to do that soon. If you really need to see it now, you could always use the wayback machine:

Using Nero on Wayback Machine
Thank you. I'll try this after I have found seeders for Koizora Drama that I am hoping to download successfully. ^.^

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