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How to fix %28 and %29 in softsubs quickly (Windows only)

Posted: May 31st, '16, 18:10
by zenith777
It's been a long time since I post something and hopefully this post will help people that is experiencing the same problem as mine which is (annoying) softsubs filenames :P

I often see %28 and %29 at softsubs which are actually ASCII Encoding of UTF-8 for opening bracket "(" and closing bracket ")"

So, I downloaded many softsubs and rename them all one by one which I find inefficient, then I'm thinking using Windows Powershell Script to rename them all in one go.

It's not difficult/complex, you can do it even if you don't have any programming experiences, just follow my step below :-)

1. Here are the softsubs that I recently downloaded, all of them has %28 and %29, my folder path is D:/Downloads

2. Click Windows Logo, type "powershell" and click the first one as you can see in the image below

3. Below is how the powershell looks like :fear: , the default path will be your user directory, so I go to my softsubs folder which is D:/Downloads
3.1 Look at number 1 in red color, I type D: to change drive from C to D
3.2 Look at number 2 in red color, I type cd Downloads which means "go to" directory "Downloads" (you need to navigate to your sofsubs directory)
3.3 Look at number 3 in red color, I type ls which means "show all files in this current path directory"
3.4 Look at number 4 in red color, I make script to fix the brackets issue, just copy this script

Code: Select all

Dir | Where-Object { $_.Name.Contains("%28") } | Rename-Item -NewName { ($_.Name -replace "%28","(") -replace "%29",")" }
To paste on Powershell Window, you just need to Right-Click at powershell windows :-)
After the code pasted, click Enter button

4. You can check using ls command again and see the filenames have been fixed 8)
You can close the powershell window.

5. To make sure, you can check the file in the folder as well

If you have problems or questions, feel free to reply... Enjoy~ :cheers:

Re: How to fix %28 and %29 in softsubs quickly (Windows only)

Posted: Jun 1st, '16, 11:37
by am00339
:thumright: Thank you..