Help on how to rip streams from PVR

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Help on how to rip streams from PVR

Post by karyuudo » Mar 10th, '12, 20:41

Hey guys,

This summer I'm heading to Japan and currently I have a Slingbox set up there to do some streaming for TV shows. I would like to start contributing here, however, I need to find a way of taking the shows that are captured on the PVR and get them to the PC. Currently I have a YAGI digital box set up (which has no PVR) but I will be buying a new box.

Can anyone assist on which brand of PVR I should be buying and what I need to do in order to be able to get at the captured recordings from the unit to the PC I have set up?

Thanks very much for any help and thanks to everyone here for contributing!


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Post by RetroHelix » Mar 14th, '12, 19:15

I googled a bit and came to the conclusion that this is not an easy question :)

It seems that Japan uses ISDB-T for digital television so you would need a TV-card or DBVT-Tuner that supports this standard if you want to capture it directly to PC I guess. But there is still Rights management and protection I think so you could get problems with capturing (encrypted media and other protections).
One solution for the PVR-to-PC-way I found was: "You can play the video on the DVR and feed it to a capture card on your PC, using the composite or S-video output (480i)." source: or this.

Since I only can guess how to get Japanese TV captured to PC I recommend you to ask in a place with more specialized people to help. has some very professional users when it comes to the videoediting/capturing things. But maybe forums are way better to ask.

Good luck.

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