Standardized RAW releases

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Standardized RAW releases

Post by iLLusiOnEr » Mar 3rd, '12, 16:35

I was reading newsbit from torrentfreak about a recent change in TV Release Groups :
]BitTorrent Pirates Go Nuts After TV Release Groups Dump Xvid

The new rules is here : SceneRules

Out of curiosity, I wonder if asian dramas encoders/release groups also have some standard to their release. I don't complain about the quality, so far, it was most satisfying.

- ( I stare at the technicality and my head explodes :goggle: )
- I understand that uploaders just take what the encoders give.Again, this is not a complain.[/url]

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Post by XrayMind » Mar 4th, '12, 11:06

The problem is this "SceneRules" is written for English video releases. All of the raws release here are from Asian sources. But the raw encoders in Asia have pretty much drop Xvid/DivX, if the video broadcasts were HDTV. Hey some raw files are in just dump files of broadcast transport stream(.ts) with no re-encoding at all, but those files are really huge. So they never get uploaded here.
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Post by Ethlenn » Mar 4th, '12, 12:36

MP4/x264 is good, I don't understand their whining. On DA we can see the slow transition from usual .avi to this one. The file is smaller and clear in quality.

As XrayMind said, uploaders just take what encoders give, we sometimes convert but it takes time, slows down PC and is bothersome.
Also, not only .ts but .tp formats are huge (depending on the duration of the file, it may be up to 12 Gb per episode), it's useful, cause you can extract subtitles from it.
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