Tribler - torrent system that can't be shut down

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Tribler - torrent system that can't be shut down

Post by gongmin » Feb 18th, '12, 12:43

After latest attacks against filesharing a white knight appears! Here's an article about it: ... wn-120208/

Here's the benefits in a nutshell:
1) it doesn't rely on central trackers or finding a correct magnet hash, instead it's self-contained application which searches directly from other users
2) it supports creation of "channels", for example a channel could combine all d-addicts releases or fansub. Channels can be closed or open for user submissions.
3) it is completely open-source
4) it has a content rating system, user rating system which affects download speed & wiki functionality
5) it is developed by Dutch academics with mission of unlimited information flow & as robust network as possible

Give it a spin, here's the download link:

Maybe if you have a big archive of dramas you could create d-addicts channel? :-)

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