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DramaWiki Synopses Wanted (JDramas)

Posted: Sep 24th, '18, 16:45
by ZemusDS
We are asking the community for help to write original synopses for DramaWiki.

A synopsis should not be copied word-for-word from other English sources, but self-written or translated from the language of origin. Below is a list of some recent/upcoming JDrama articles that contain no synopsis. Your contributions are very much appreciated.
Keep synopsis very brief, limiting the size to one or two paragraphs at most.
To be updated. See ... ummer_2019 ... utumn_2019

A reminder to all editors, please try to follow the editing standard used at DramaWiki.

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Re: DramaWiki Synopses Wanted (JDramas)

Posted: Dec 23rd, '18, 14:58
by ZemusDS
Winter 2019 JDrama season is just around the corner. Unfortunately almost all articles are without synopsis. If you want to help, feel free to post your synopsis here in this topic (I will add it for you), PM me, or try editing the Wiki yourself. Thank you.

I will keep the first post up to date and add new links to it from time to time.

Re: DramaWiki Synopses Wanted (JDramas)

Posted: Dec 23rd, '18, 18:06
by PannenkoekenNL
Why isn't it allowed anymore to use synopses from other sources? While a lot of synopses from older dramas are from KIKU, Fuji TV etc

Re: DramaWiki Synopses Wanted (JDramas)

Posted: Dec 23rd, '18, 20:37
by ZemusDS
It is against the DramaWiki policies to copy others work. We don't want DramaWiki to become more of a "mirror" site than it already is.

There are a couple of mentions of it in the style guide (link in the first post) and on the front page.

True, a lot of the older dramas have copied writings from official sources. They simple slipped through (and I believe it is okay for them to stay up after all these years). For Autumn 2018 and newer shows, only original writings are allowed.

Re: DramaWiki Synopses Wanted (JDramas)

Posted: Jul 31st, '19, 18:10
by k-st8
Hi, I wrote a couple of synopses for this season's dramas that don't have a page yet on d-addict.

Two Weeks:
Eight years ago, Daichi was sentenced to five years in prison for attempted murder. Upon release, he finds himself unable to find meaning in his life, hopelessly wasting his days away, but one day he is contacted by his ex-girlfriend and discovers that he is actually a father of a daughter named Hana, who is now 8 years old. Hana is currently hospitalized for leukemia and is in dire need of a bone marrow transplant, and upon a visit to the hospital, Daichi finds that as her biological father, he is the only suitable donor the staff has found. Revitalized with a feeling of purpose in his life, Daichi agrees to a bone transplant surgery to save Hana. However, shortly after, Daichi finds himself caught up in a conspiracy and being tried for murder once again. As a criminal, he would be no longer able to serve as a donor for Hana's surgery, but with a new sense of meaning in his life, Daichi will do whatever it takes to fulfill his promise to Hana. With the surgery scheduled to take place in two weeks, Daichi finds himself running against the clock and risking his life in a desperate attempt to undergo the transplant surgery and save his newly discovered daughter from death.

Lupin no Musume:
Hana grew up as part of the "L Family," notoriously known for being thieves for generations. Repulsed by her family's life of crime, she seeks out a normal life as a librarian and begins dating a man named Kazuma. When Kazuma invites Hana to meet his parents, she discovers that his entire family consists of police officers. Knowing very well that she would be in deep trouble if Kazuma's family found out her family consisted of a bunch of thieves, Hana tries her best to hide her own background from Kazuma. However, certain circumstances lead Kazuma into danger and force Hana into joining her family in committing theft, and a series of wacky and often hilarious events unfold as Hana attempts to keep her identity secret and she and Kazuma pursue their love together.

Re: DramaWiki Synopses Wanted (JDramas)

Posted: Aug 13th, '19, 12:51
by ZemusDS
Thank you, k-st8. I am creating the pages and will use your synopses.