DramaWiki Synopses Wanted

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DramaWiki Synopses Wanted

Post by ZemusDS » Sep 24th, '18, 16:45

We are asking the community for help to write original synopses for DramaWiki.

A synopsis should not be copied word-for-word from other English sources, but self-written or translated from the language of origin. Below is a list of some recent/upcoming JDrama articles that contain no synopsis. Your contributions are very much appreciated.

"Keep synopsis very brief, limiting the size to one or two paragraphs at most".

Specials ("Tanpatsu"):
- Ani Imouto / あにいもうと

- Enjou Bengonin / 炎上弁護人
*Thanks for the contribution but writing is tad too much on the brief side perhaps. Maybe, if possible, add at least one more sentence to it?

- Fukushuu Sousa / 復讐捜査

Spring 2018:
- Tokusou 9 / 特捜9

From the good old days (Autumn 1993):
- Mou Namida wa Misenai / もう涙は見せない
*Information at the Home Drama Channel page.

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