What Do North/South Koreans Call Each Other?

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What Do North/South Koreans Call Each Other?

Post by Sakari » Jan 20th, '10, 08:35

IRIS made me think of this. How do North/South Koreans refer to each other? That is, what words does a North Korean use to describe someone as South Korean? Correspondingly, what words does a South Korean use to describe someone as North Korean?

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Post by Jaxty » Jan 30th, '10, 08:02

South Koreans call North Koreans Ppal gang yee

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Post by watermelonghost » Mar 10th, '10, 22:45

south koreans call north koreans BOOKAHN which simply means north

and yes just like Jaxty said, a vulgar way to refer them is Bbal geng yee, which translates to REDLINGS which is refering to the new flag they made which is red, just like the soviet union flag...
its to point out they are traitors sold themselves to communism

but im not too sure, i watched a couple korean documentaries and war movies, so i just know some basics on these matter

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Post by verni » Apr 8th, '10, 08:12

We are the one! It doesn't matter. We just devided ideologie into 2 parts.

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