Any popular recent 2009 koreanamas that's currently airing??

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Any popular recent 2009 koreanamas that's currently airing??

Post by lmperfection » Jun 22nd, '09, 00:02

School's currently out and I need to waste some time lol. I was wondering if anyone knew any recent dramas that are currently airing at the moment and are quite popular such as Shining Inheritance! I love that drama but that only airs like on the weekends and it's a long wait! Preferable with some sort of romance it in it haha. Yeah don't recommend me any previous years ones since I pretty much watched/rewatched all of the good ones. :-)

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Post by majata » Jul 2nd, '09, 05:27

City Hall is a good one

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Post by archive18 » Jul 2nd, '09, 05:43

Must agree with Majata 'City Hall' is very good, also 'That fool'. Give them a try and let us know what you think :D

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Post by tkah » Jul 2nd, '09, 05:44

A Man's Story (also called The Slingshot) is excellent. I also agree City Hall is another good one. I used to prefer Jdramas but lately I am hooked on the Kdramas. Cheers!

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Post by p3rk3le » Jul 3rd, '09, 14:43

well, Triple is not all that popular, but I really dont get why! Its really interesting IMO, plus the directors and some actors from Coffee Prince are participating, so... ;)

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Post by garnet07 » Jul 8th, '09, 08:34

For a 2009, but fully finished are Story of a Man and Boys Over Flowers.

For currently airing ones, Queen Seonduk (historical) and Partner (with Lee Dong Wook, male lead of My Girl), and if you haven't seen the Japanese version yet, I would recommend He Who Can't Marry.

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Post by ImL0st » Jul 8th, '09, 09:01

Is "Hateful But Once Again" 2009's ? I like that one, among all the mentioned here :)

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