korean tv!

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korean tv!

Post by farkmedead » Jan 13th, '09, 01:40

hi everyone!
i just had some questions about korean tv that i hoped someone would be able to help clarify :)

um..i live in Australia and am going to get one of those big satellite things installed so i can watch tv from other countries, (mainly korea :P)

um i just wanted to know how the channels work, i know the 3 main channels are kbs mbc and sbs. is mnet a channel? because i mainly want to watch the music stuff since i dont really understand korean hehe.

so which channels should i be watching at what time for these music shows such as mnet countdown or just shows that broadcast music videos?

oh btw just to name the shows that i know of and want to watch:
M countDown At 7pm(Korean time)=thursdays
Music Bank at 6:30pm(korean Time)=Friday
Music Core At 3:20 pm (korean Time)=Saturday
Inkigayo at 3:20pm (korean time)=Sunday

i got the korean times off yahoo lol, are these times still correct? are they still running? and what channels do they air on??

thanks in advance!

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Post by Cry5tal » Jan 13th, '09, 17:18

Did you check if you can receive the footprint in Australia? Also did you check if they are encrypted or FTA? I'm in Europe and I can get quite a few channels from different country but only if they're FTA (unless you decrypt them illegally of course).

After for the difference in time, Korea and Japan are GMT+9, depending on which side you are in Australia it is GMT+9 to GMT+11

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Post by farkmedead » Jan 14th, '09, 00:50

i live in sydney so its gmt+10, so since its daylight savings i think korea is 2 hours behind sydney.

but does anyone know which channels the shows listed above appear on?

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Post by farkmedead » Jan 16th, '09, 11:05

yes you're right about the encrypting!
i can only got arirang and ytn :(

do you know of any good shows to watch on arirang, i know of pops in seoul and showbiz extra so far.

i want to decrypt the channel! :(

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Post by Zealousy » Jan 20th, '09, 03:16


Music Core -> MBC
Music Bank -> KBS
And I'm pretty sure Inkigayo is on SBS.
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