I need the help of a korean person

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I need the help of a korean person

Post by ILoveKoyuki » Nov 7th, '08, 05:30

i reeaally want to know whut the name of this song from episode 9 of 행복합니다 (Haeng-bok Hab-ni-da) is. Im talking about the song that the character Pak Seo Yoon sang to I Joon Soo in the restaurant/club near the end of the episode. Im not sure if it is an actual song from an artist or just the show but if it is a real song then if anyone has any information on this song please tell me. A name of the song or artist who sung it would be appriciated.

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Post by dima » Nov 9th, '08, 15:35

A bit of listening and googling got me here, http://kdaq.empas.com/qna/view.html?n=8554079 which appears to be a thread on lyrics for that song.

Some other site yielded these details:
title guesses: "proposal", or "proposal song"
songwriter: Lee Soo-Ra
music: Kim Hyeon-Cheol
performed by: Lee Soo-Ra

And someone else was suspicious of this song being too much alike some other song, but it could be a case of net flame :scratch:

Perhaps you should seed it to make sure as many as possibly will take a crack at your puzzle :) (I'm< still at 38%)

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