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Cheat Trader

Posted: Jul 15th, '08, 03:57
by madonna1268
Hi! Everyone, If anyone of you knows this person Keith Nakashima and his e-mail address is and he got two websites...HE IS A CHEAT!!! DON'T TRADE WITH HIM!!! He owes me 67 disc and i send my disc to him already and he receive mine and it's been more than 3 months already and he still did not send my disc..and he stop replying to all my messages.... And i know two more people that he cheated as well.. and there could be more people out there that he did the same thing!! PLEASE BE AWARE OF THIS DISHONEST, CHEATER , EVIL PERSON!!! I paid more than $30.00 postage plus my 67 disc and of course my hard work just copying all those disc for him and i got nothing in return! It's so Unfair!! I am Sooo mad at him!! :x :x
This is his websites: ... malist.htm

And this is his address:

Keith Nakashima
6424 Lonesome Lake Street
Las Vegas, nv 89148