Korean NON-pop music

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Korean NON-pop music

Post by ephesus » Jun 30th, '08, 15:27

I'm dying in Korea listening to the Wonder girls and all this other Pop music every time I go into a store. Are there any good Korean bands that aren't pop? All I see are lots of threads for Japanese recommendations when I search, but nothing for Korean.
I'm trying to stay positive about music here, but I'm starting to go insane hearing the same 5 songs every day.
Help! :cry:
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Post by Elien » Jun 30th, '08, 15:39

I know what are you talking about. I was also wondering if there are some rock bands in korea, cause I´ve never heard about them :scratch:
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Post by Puppet Princess » Jun 30th, '08, 18:54

These are some Krock bands. A bunch of different genres from heavy rock to pop rock, but rock all the same. lol

airbag - 에어백
Mary Story - 마리서사
Nell - 넬
No Brain - 노브레인
Huckleberry Finn - 허클베리핀
MOT - 못
Peterpan Complex - 피터팬 컴플렉스
Schizo - 스키조
Microkid - 마이크로 키드
Beautiful Days - 뷰티플 데이즈
Hooligan - 훌리건
Sanullim - 산울림
Cherry Filter - 체리필터
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Post by fizzlex3mh » Jun 30th, '08, 22:43

Some of my favorite bands are Loveholic, Rumble Fish, My Aunt Mary, and MC the Max (sometimes more ballad than rock). Clazziquai and Epik High are pretty mainstream, but not exactly pop.
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Post by belleza » Jun 30th, '08, 23:49

Loveholic is the most well known one among K-drama fans and probably the best introduction. Their sound is much more diverse than what they've contributed to Korean soundtrack. Their 2nd record is their loudest, and similar to peak Do As Infinity. Their 3rd record plays off Swedish pop influences, you'll hear Cardigan and ABBA influences. If you like Loveholic's rock stuff, you may want to check out "The The", who had a similar sound.

Assuming that you want to continue from there . . .

Jaurim and Roller Coaster are the two main starting points. Jaurim is kind of a Korean alternative rock institution. Jaurim's lead singer Kim Yuna is considered the "Queen of Korean Alt-Rock", roughly the Shiina Ringo of Korea. Roller Coaster helped popularize a very popular genre of Korean indie rock that has influences in acid jazz and house music. Other female-sung acts like Loveholic, Beautiful Days, Rumble Fish probably wouldn't be the same today without Roller Coaster.

Cherry Filter is interesting in the sense that Youjeen Cho, the female lead singer, was a Korean Japanese, and had a solo career in the J-rock scene. J is featured in her solo work. Cherry Filter really mainstreamed out after their first record, but more or less, if you like Garbage and a more bubblegum variation of punk-metal, you'll like Cherry Filter.

Nell is a male rock act that wears its Brit-rock influences pretty heavily. Their last album (in 97?) was voted Korean album of the year. You can hear shades of Radiohead, early Coldplay (in Jeff Buckley mode), shoegazer rock, etc.

You may also want to check out Seo Taji's later 90s work, which heavily heavily borrows from Korn and a little Slipknot. Then you got post-grunge/nu-metal acts like TRAX and especially PIA, both acts produced by Seo Taji.

Clazziquai, roughly the Korean equivalent of Groove Armada, is very popular. A mix of house, acid jazz, and downtempo (with some dips into two-step, garage, and trip hop) fronted by a set of singers.

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Post by garnet07 » Jul 8th, '08, 19:07

My recommendations are:


well I dont know if you would consider her rock or pop, but she's really good,


I guess I listen to too many kpop and not much other artists. But if you want their albums or any other albums by other artists (kpop, cpop or jpop) you can visit my site by clicking on the picture below V . You can also requests for ones you like or can't find and I'll look for it 4 you. I'm great at finding things online.
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Post by Ayulyn » Jul 27th, '08, 06:12

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epik high

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Post by chack » Aug 10th, '08, 23:40

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Post by littledraci » Aug 11th, '08, 00:13

for kinda blues/jazzy I recommend Lee Seung Yul *he sings Wo ri neun from Que Sera, Sera...*
for rock.. Yoon Do Hyun, Izi, Park Wan Kyu, Monni, F.T. Island
and others I would recommend were already mentioned before.. Nell, My Aunt Mary, Clazziquai, Loveholic, Epik High, Bluedawn..
hehe,^ ayulyn's site is great btw love these indiebands <3 ^__^

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Post by LeighF1 » Aug 18th, '08, 17:15

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Post by zutsuu » Aug 20th, '08, 20:21

MC Sniper for conscious rap :thumleft:
And I don't know if this is Korean in reality, but this is hardcore techno music with punk attitude: http://www.myspace.com/dprkhc

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Post by pjk1021 » Sep 1st, '08, 03:35

If you don't mind something a bit older, I'd recommend some of Shin Hae-Chul projects. N.E.X.T "The Return of NEXT part 2 - World" is an awesome--and definitely non-pop album. Then there is his No Dance project album--which is something recommended to those who love electronic music.

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Post by konaxis » Sep 28th, '08, 17:51


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