Funniest Kdrama ever?

Anhyong haseyo. Post Korean related stuff here.
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Post by cantabileblue » May 11th, '08, 02:54

For me definitely My Girl and Delightful Girl Choon Nyan, they are so funny i cannot stop laughing ( at least at the beginning) :lol

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Post by jiraiyasama » Jun 23rd, '08, 15:29

Fantasy couple! The cast was just spot on and some cringing funny moments!

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Post by thootshe_roll » Jun 23rd, '08, 17:04

Funny, Funny, Funny (The Best Comedy for me, highly recommended): :w00t: :D :thumleft: :cheers: :lol
Fantasy Couple (The best for me)
Dal Ja's Spring
My Girl
Capital Scandal

Funny, I will still recommend :thumleft: :w00t: :lol :D
Full House
Bad Family
Alone In Love (Some conversation part is funny, specially between the sister and the doctor)

Would not recommend (not funny for me, I just wasted my time): :scratch: :cussing: :cry: :-(
My Lovely Sam-Soon

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Post by littledraci » Jun 23rd, '08, 17:56

Fantasy Couple is hilarious!!
And Capital Scandal too ^^ just like the first few episodes of HGD XD

Successful Story of a bright Girl would I mention too....Last Scandal, The Vineyard Man, Bad Family, Full House & Who are You, Coffee Prince

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Post by fizzlex3mh » Jul 3rd, '08, 20:49

Mixed-Up Investigative Agency, hands down.

If you're sick of all the slapstick and want to watch a clever comedy with well-thought-out humor, MIA is a must-watch.
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