Korean Food that you start eating after watching K-Drama!

Anhyong haseyo. Post Korean related stuff here.
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Post by tengue17 » Feb 19th, '08, 12:10

I've been exposed to korean food before k-drama. Korean food is quite a boom here in japan. Especially kimchi, you can find it in every supermarket. Also soju, in most liquor shop and convinience store. As for shin ramen, i tried and its good enough, but not as good as japanese ramen. I like spicy foods because i'm indonesian. Shin ramen is spicy so its good, but all in all, i still prefer japanese ramen (nissin seafood taste for instant ramen, and kyushuu ramen).
Never tried jjajangmyun though.

Korean soju, in comparison to japanese shochu which is equal in alcohol content, tastes lighter and easier to drink. However, japanese sake (nihon-shu) is still my favorite. Even better when served warm (atsukan).

Well, i like korean food, japanese food, vietnamese, thai, indian, and indonesian food (the most). They all have their own identity, and they're all delicious when prepared well.

back to the topic, my favorite k-food is bulgogi, with raddish kimchi!

@kobe 23
me neither, i didn't like kimchi at first because they were too sour, but i guess that was because my friend kept her kimchi for too long. but later i like them, (the less sour version). The taste varies a lot with brand and storage duration. So if you don't pick the right one, it wont taste very good. The best kimchi i tasted so far was made by the mother of my korean friend. Really good!!

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Post by jubies33 » Feb 19th, '11, 18:42

i didn't like kimchi the first few times i ate it, but i actually found out that i like it better the longer it has fermented. I am fond of sour foods and the flavors had really soaked into the cabbage and the brine is so delish with rice.. I actually love it with omelette made with eggs,green onion, shredded cabbage and carrot, ginger,garlic and soy sauce. yum.

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Post by temporaryinsanit » Jun 14th, '11, 03:58

I have been watching Asian drams for three years now, and I have to say because of them I have gone in search of ingredients I have never used in my cooking before! Especially the foods from K-dramas I love to cook them, for example last week after postponing for forever I made dukbokki, and it was delicious! I have also tried mixed rice, and want to try a lot more things. Since I am under aged I can't quite taste soju yet but I do want to know the reason for the ever so repeating ~kya~ in the dramas, and the ability to say "bolseo ipsureul chugo" (In the style of Baek Ji Young....lyrics to song in soju commercial). I have a whole list of foods and drinks I want to try that I have seen in dramas!

Sometimes when I am watching a drama, even though the character is complaining about or not enjoying the ramen they're eating I get the urge to eat some so I pause it run out and get some ramen if I don't have it and make it....I know I'm weird but I can't help it! :wub: :D

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Post by avygyaru » Jun 14th, '11, 04:19

Where I live, there are tons of Korean restaurants, (esp. for bulgogi, noodles, soju). I haven't been influenced by TV yet, so I'll just list my favorite and 1 thing I may try thanks to TV. I'm a BIG fan of haemul pajeon (seafood pancakes) and would like to try bibimbop.

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Post by erika08 » Aug 10th, '11, 03:29

After I watched K-Drama, I always want to eat kimchi and ramen, but even I didn't watched K-Drama I really love to eat Ramen and my all time favorite Kimchi. :mrgreen:

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Post by ImL0st » Aug 10th, '11, 04:03

So ju, lol

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Post by toenail » Feb 5th, '12, 05:46

Kimchi fried rice. Can't remember which drama I saw that fried rice with plus plus, but then I looked it up on the internet and found maangchi.com. That's a superb website because it shows you which product to buy, very useful for someone who can't read Korean like me.

That fried rice is surprisingly easy, cheap, quick to make, and tasty.

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