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SOULMATE OST DL- not torrent.

Anhyong haseyo. Post Korean related stuff here.
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SOULMATE OST DL- not torrent.

Post by nophankh » Apr 17th, '07, 18:23

Ok, I was really annoyed by how I had such a hard time finding the Soulmate OSt. No one is seeding the ost's torrents.

Here it is for your convenience, uploaded to megaupload.

Zip file, must open using Wrar.

Aren't you annoyed when the soundtrack/ost is so good but you can't find it anywhere.

Hopefully, I'm not breaking any rules for doing this.
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Post by AboutDrama » Apr 20th, '07, 17:27

Thanks :lol

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Post by annerxd » Apr 24th, '07, 21:48

omg thanks so much!!!! i have been looking EVERYWHERE for the soundtrack and seriusly i couldnt find anything

a million thanks :cheers: :thumright:

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Post by anupanda » Jul 11th, '07, 17:40

thanks so much
the music to this drama is perfect.

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Post by summer_paris » Jan 19th, '08, 09:17

thx so much for the ost
this drama is so awesome
i cant believe it had such a low rating =)

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Post by S2CC5 » Feb 5th, '08, 01:36

Thank you !!!
Really cool drama :)

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Post by Hyun » Feb 13th, '08, 14:19

Thanks alot! I just finished this drama and wanted the OST. Thanks for making it easy for me to find.

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Post by kobeisgod » May 19th, '08, 05:26

I noticed the soulmate OST2 had The Lonely Man by Joe Harnell but it's not in the zip file. Is there any way I can get this version of that song? Thanks.

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Post by aziatik » Jun 6th, '08, 08:49

Awesome share!!

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Post by browneyedsoul005 » Feb 23rd, '09, 22:42

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i've been searching for this EVERYWHERE!!! thanks!!!!!!!!!

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Post by p081002 » Nov 14th, '09, 21:17

Can anyone find another? The link is dead. I've been searching and searching and can't locate one. Someone help!

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Post by kazu123 » Dec 10th, '09, 11:09

Google "Warez-bb" , it's the best! OST unlimited! :salut:

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Post by KawaiiGiggle » Jan 2nd, '10, 09:14

a million and one thanks hun! i am watching this series, and i love the music in it. just amazing!

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Post by Gaiachic215 » Jan 2nd, '10, 19:09

Thank you for the link, but when I've tried to extract the files from both WinRar & Stuffit they've asked for a password.

What is the password? If there isn't one, what did I do wrong?

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Post by rps13sh » Jan 17th, '10, 07:33

ahh someone got rid of it. suxors! can someone send to me?

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Post by mcsuer » Jan 30th, '10, 16:21

Soulmate OSt?

boys over flowers?

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