D/L Korean Dramas OSTs Here! Over 150 songs!

Anhyong haseyo. Post Korean related stuff here.
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Post by ivanlsm » Feb 12th, '07, 12:11

It says:

"404: File Not Found
Sorry, the file you are requesting was not found.
Probably it was deleted by administrator or file owner."

Please reup! Almost all your links don't work...
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Post by christaluvsdrama » Feb 12th, '07, 12:21


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Post by jukoh » Feb 13th, '07, 09:16

I was so happy to find the OST for One Fine Day - what a disappointment to find out file is no longer there.... Any chance of re-upload? Thanks anyway.

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Post by poopylovely » Feb 13th, '07, 22:46

I asked this in another thread but here it is again:

[anyone know the music that currently plays on
http://clubbox.co.kr/naynay123 naynay123's clubbox?

(when you open the page it automaticly plays...)

thanks :D

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Post by AR_TRA » Feb 13th, '07, 22:57

thx alot
great jop

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Post by pixie86 » Feb 18th, '07, 09:36

can somebody help me??

i'm looking for Lovers In Prague's ost...

if u by any chance know the direct link to it, please let me know...please...please....

coz im just finishing this drama, and currently cravin for things related to this drama..!!!

and i've searched many forums before and most of the links are broken.... :cry:

thanks before!!
Gomawo..... :D
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Post by ishortyx » Feb 18th, '07, 09:47

They dont work anymore. o__o;;

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Post by SunStar » Feb 18th, '07, 09:56

your original links don't work any more... i'm sure if you or anyone who has downloaded them help re-up...everyone else who hasn't download it yet will appreciate it very much...

i especially want My Girl OST... love the vocals in there!!!!
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Post by walkinbyfaith10 » Jun 24th, '07, 06:57

How do you download these songs? Thanks!

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Re: D/L Korean Dramas OSTs Here! Over 150 songs!

Post by walkinbyfaith10 » Jun 24th, '07, 07:13

I'm trying to download these songs, but I don't know how to go about doing that. It seems that they may have been taken off? Please get back to me, thanks a lot!

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Post by itsjiwon » Jul 2nd, '07, 04:52

Here's the my girl ost if anyone wants it

My Girl OST

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Post by GreenJadeForever » Jul 4th, '07, 08:56

I'm currently watching "My Sister In Law is 19" and I'm in love with some songs from it. So...does anyone with this drama's OST can upload it please? There are no seeders for the torrent file and I want to check out some of the songs before buying the CD. A 'thank you' in advance if anyone can do it. Pleeaase?

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Post by cutekid » Jul 5th, '07, 00:39

GreenJadeForever wrote:I'm currently watching "My Sister In Law is 19" and I'm in love with some songs from it. So...does anyone with this drama's OST can upload it please? There are no seeders for the torrent file and I want to check out some of the songs before buying the CD. A 'thank you' in advance if anyone can do it. Pleeaase?
you can check it out in we love ost http://asianosts.cjb.net/index.php there are lots of soundtracks there! you must register there before you can download anything
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I want attic CAT!

Post by kimchikenichi » Jul 16th, '07, 00:13

I need HELP

I really want that attic cat soundtrack but it doesnt work

can you help???


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Post by gummonster » Jul 16th, '07, 01:13

Full House ost is d BEST
i love all the songs
byul- i think i love you (my fav. korean song of all times)
why- destiny
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Post by Helen88 » Jul 19th, '07, 05:51

Thanks 4 the link but Goong OST link doesnt work..

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Post by FoolyDooly » Jul 19th, '07, 14:13

Some good OST. I think I'm planning to do same thing, since I have some good OSTs lying around in my HDD too...

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Post by meviet » Jul 23rd, '07, 22:21

can someone post the songs from Super Rookie. I love the english song so much. i really appreciate it. thank you and love ya!!

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links broken

Post by cemox » Aug 21st, '07, 20:49

hi... unfortunately the links are broken. if someone has ost from "winter sonata" and "save the last dance for me", please contact me as soon as possible...

I'm very appriciate it!

Thx a lot!

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Post by Mugen_sake624 » Aug 21st, '07, 20:56

Hi I was wondering if you could re-upload the " MY GIRL" Soundtrack. I would really appreciate it.

THanks alot

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Post by angelsoldier » Sep 11th, '07, 14:58

does anybody know the music box theme from the first episode of "My 19 years old sister in law"? where can i find it? i want it so bad...pls help me

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Post by garnet07 » Sep 12th, '07, 15:40

Um if I may, I also upload Korean Music up on my site. If it's not there, you can always requests for it. You must register and login first though, but its FREE.
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Post by angelsoldier » Sep 12th, '07, 15:50

thank you garnet07, but i don't know how to upload it or request it if i don't know its name... i tried to find it but nobody posts it
but I'll look anyway

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Post by xxx000 » Jan 8th, '08, 03:42

hi I would like if you could upload again winter sonata Ost plizzz becos da link doesn't work plizzz

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Post by xvannie » Jan 8th, '08, 03:59

i dont think any of them work D:
please reupload :D

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Post by Gladys au » Jan 18th, '08, 17:52

hi Can any one put the music from winter sonata as an mp3 as a torrent?

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Post by beauwhale » Jan 19th, '08, 08:10

attic cat's ost does not work. Can u please check it again. thanks a lot :)
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Post by evespinal » Feb 19th, '10, 00:35

Thank you... :-)

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Post by ioanna » Feb 19th, '10, 10:33

I can not download any of these OS T's :cry: The links are not available anymore :-( Please re-upload them :cry:

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Post by britsan_hpmanga » Mar 30th, '10, 14:55

How do I download???

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Post by moojtaba » Jul 28th, '10, 10:32

please give me OST of The Phoenix


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Post by queen1984 » Oct 17th, '10, 20:57

Pongan el OST de Phoenix (2004) a 192 kbps, por favor.


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