Best Love triangle!! the love triangle that had you CONFUSED

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Best Love triangle!! the love triangle that had you CONFUSED

Post by jpoplover08 » May 21st, '06, 00:56

So this thread is about the best love triangle you've seen in a K-drama that had you confuse dno who to root for. Just name some specifics and some reasons as to why you think that. Be careful about spoilers!! Go on, i have tons of favorties. one would have to be Full House and another would be the one in Stairway to Heaven...

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Post by CraZyaH » May 21st, '06, 12:28

Autumn Tale XD I wanted the girl to fall for Won Bin's character,cuz it just seemed better to me..and he was just awesome :wub:
My Girl till th every end,I didn't know who to pick lol Lee Jun Ki or Lee Dong Wook :goggle: :wub: :wub:

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Post by csk90 » May 23rd, '06, 01:57

hmm....Well while I watched What happened in Bali.....the whole time i was cheering for so ji sub to get the girl..i really thought that ha ji won's character really liked so ji sub's character......i think it was just because i'm a big fan of so ji sub.....but yeah...i didn't realize until the last episode that ha jiwon really like jo in sung's character.....which really made me sad T_T lols

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Post by jpoplover08 » May 23rd, '06, 02:00

You know i havent seen What happened in Bali but it looks really good! But i heard from someone else that it wasnt all that great...It did catch my attention but i dont want to waste my time if it isnt good...

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Post by csk90 » May 23rd, '06, 02:07

hmm.....well I'm a big fan of so ji sub and ha jiwon and jo insung are also pretty i enjoyed watching this drama xD.....'ts been a while since i've seen it....but i like for the most part it was a good drama ^^

oh yeah....the osts were pretty good too =P

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Post by mallorn » May 23rd, '06, 07:58

I agree with WHIB, that one had me guessing until the end, although I was rooting for JIS's character throughout the drama, and I had an inkling that HJW liked him slightly more than SJS. :D

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Post by lilswtangel » May 23rd, '06, 08:12

Yea, WHIB really did have the best love triangle. It really was hard for me to choose who Ha Ji Won should have ended up with.
Maybe that was one of the reasons why the writers decided to end it that way. The ending..........was :cussing:
So Ji Sub vs. Jo In Sung = I probably go with Jo In sung. Even if he was an obnoxious and immature brat. Not to mention overly jealous... and rather stupid at times. It's just that I'm a sucker for bad boys turned good. SJS's character was a little too conniving in WHIB...

Next would be DaMo!!! Ha Ji Won did an incredible job in DaMo! I was sympathetic to both the male leads (Lee Seo Jin & Kim Min Joon).
Another tragic drama which starred Ha Ji ironic. The ending had tears rolling down my eyes! They were brothers & sisters! :cry:
And more recently, The Magicians of Love (non-Kdrama, it's a Taiwanese drama ^^;;), also has a very good love triangle. Ming Dao and Shao Wei as rivals this time around sure beats their rivalry in The Prince Frog. Both characters in this drama have really good qualities and very few bad ones which we can sympathize with. I can't wait to watch episode 15! I hope Shao Wei's character won't go through such a dramatic change like how he did in Prince Frog.

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Post by cierta » May 25th, '06, 04:39

CraZyaH wrote:Autumn Tale XD I wanted the girl to fall for Won Bin's character,cuz it just seemed better to me..and he was just awesome :wub:
I agree wholehearted !!! She's better off with Won Bin's character ... just wish I have someone to love me like that :wub:

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Post by milleu87 » May 25th, '06, 05:01

my love patzzi. i mean i really thought she is going to choose kim rae won and until today i still unsatisfied with the ending

and then yeah autumn in my heart. but that maybe because i like won bin character a lil bit more but hey when you discover that they were cousin or whwatever i was thinking won bin get the girl but no the cousin get the girl

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Love triangles that got me confused...

Post by aznchic209 » May 26th, '06, 06:09

The first love triangle that came to mind was "My Love Patzzi." While watching "My Love Patzzi," I really wanted Jang Nara to end up with Kim Rae Won but I am also a fan of Kim Jae Won and wanted her with him, I wasn't satisfied with the ending. I was also torn between the love triangle in "Autumn Story." I wanted Song Hye Gyo to end up with Won Bin but sadly, she didn't. Also, "Glass Slipper." I was one of those people who wanted Han Jae Suk to end up with Kim Hyun Joo but a lot of people preferred him with Kim Ji, So Ji Sub was in it too so people have preferred Kim Hyun Joo with him. These are the only dramas that I can think of at the moment where I really couldn't decided...gave up half way.

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Post by NeVerLaND » May 29th, '06, 23:01

I would have to say "My sister in law is 19." It was really confusing. I think it was because of the title that made me confused. I thought the main girl at first would be with the little brother but than there were so many occasions that indicate that she was goin to be with the older brother so I had no idea who. I was literally on my toes in the drama, both brothers are equally great guys. Though I really wanted her to be with the little brother but I lost hope for a time because I keep thinking about the title. Why would they name it "My" sister-in-law is 19? but than it goes both ways with both brothers. ;)

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Post by superlarki » May 31st, '06, 22:29

yes i also was very confused with WHIB. I started watching that at the start of the year but because i had studying (and you know general life-stuff) i had to wait awhile until i could finish watching it. Then i watched the last 7 or so episodes in a kinda mini-marathon.

I was SO confused!!! I guess it didn't help that I had a lack of sleep, and was stunned because my darling SJS did not have the 'result' that i thought he would have.
it was a real rollercoaster drama - it always seemed like it was never really going anyway, but then WHAM!!..................that ending- OMG :crazy: - i cried heaps - i was so shocked, and so annoyed for poor Jo In Sung's character and the fact that he just got played by everyone his entire life - even his own brother! And it's always annoyed me about the pieces the people left behind have to pick up.
AND just generally confusing are those far-fetched love stories where there really can't exist any love triangle of any form!!

But hey at the end of the day i still love my dramas!!

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Post by jpoplover08 » Jun 8th, '06, 21:07

cierta wrote:
CraZyaH wrote:Autumn Tale XD I wanted the girl to fall for Won Bin's character,cuz it just seemed better to me..and he was just awesome :wub:
I agree wholehearted !!! She's better off with Won Bin's character ... just wish I have someone to love me like that :wub:

i also have to agree! It seemed that he really loved her soo much and i love Won Bin. Thsi was the drama that first got me loving him! :wub: Another one would be Goong, Yul or Shin? Soo sad... :cry:

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Post by milleu87 » Jun 8th, '06, 21:32

yeah in goong ! i mean when i read the manhwa there isn't any possibilities that she going to end up with yul but in the drama it is just so confusing.. and i was rooting for yul..

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Post by anhnie » Jun 8th, '06, 22:42

hmm i would have to say Full House 'cuz that seemed like a luv square to me rather than a triangle since all 4 of the main characters in the movie seemed to be involved....there was much confusion between Bi's luv for Song Hye Kyo n Hae one point, i couldnt tell who he loved more...i'm glad u made the right choice in the end. but everyone in the movie seemed to start out chasin' someone that didnt luv them n then it got all tangled up..which made it really interesting.
Also, i would have to say Stairway to Heaven since i really felt bad for the brother guy becuz both of their luv for Choi Ji Woo involved alot of sacrifice so i really couldnt pick who luved her more.
And i would have to agree w/ everyone on the luv triangle in Autumn's Tale...i really did feel bad for Wonbin cuz it seemed like he luved her just as much as song seung hoon. Cuz it takes alot for a guy who appeared as confident as Wonbin to get down on his knees n beg for SHK's love... that just brought me to tears.

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Post by angelstar08 » Jul 7th, '06, 03:40

for me its the love triangle in my girl

lee dong wook > lee da hae> lee jun ki

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Post by Connie101292 » Jul 7th, '06, 16:10

Full House was like a love rectangle it was cute but we all knew who would end up together
i actually liked the love triangle or more like rectangle in Goong/Palace better
I didn't know who I wanted Chae-kyung to end up with...Shin or Yul?
I hated that slut Hyo-rin whos getting ppl to help her such a b**** (sory for the language i can get really really critical with dramas lol)
plus the drama was really cute and romantic
Autumn Tale i really didnt noe who i wanted her to be with and i thnk the childhood part is the saddest it really took some tissues

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Post by jpoplover08 » Jul 7th, '06, 18:38

Autumn Take was a big one becuz i was rooting for Won Bin but then i'd go and root for the other guy too. Also My sister in law is 19, i just now finished it not too long ago and i was like ahhh who should she pick?! Luckily she picked the guy i wanted! :mrgreen:

Another one is Stairway to Heaven. Even though i know Tae Oppa was her brother i still wanted Han Jung-suh to be with him becuz he loved her alot but Kwon is a hottie too so i just waited to see who she chose (of course she chose Kwon!)

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Post by shminda » Jul 9th, '06, 08:50

I don't know if this is the best love triangle, but it's the only one that comes to mind right away is Something Happened In Bali, just because it had me majorly confused but at the same time I didn't know who I wanted Ha Ji Won with more, sometimes So Ji Sub because they seem more compatiable and all that, then with Jo In Sung because of the nice things he did for her and how she was with him. It was a confusing triangle
, I thought she would of ended up with Jo In Sung.

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Post by heavenz_gurl » Jul 24th, '06, 22:50

Best love triangle is: My girl >>Lee Da Hae, Lee Dong Wook, and Lee Jun Ki

I think My sister in law is 19 love triangle is just so weird..but im not so sure about "confusing"...the girl Yoo Min said she love the doctor in the beggining of the drama and during the time the doctor dumped her , which was just like one or two days, she changed her heart to another guy..isn't that kind of too "easily" and the drama made me think that love is just lik nothing much in a person's life..ughh i dont noe..

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Post by x_XJules » Jul 24th, '06, 23:13

this has been mentioned so many times, but i totally have to go with what happened in bali. that was a really tough one. I honestly believed she'd end up with So Ji Sub since he was kind of like the nice dependable guy... but i was rooting for Jo In Sung.
man, i did not expect that ending. when the first shot happened i jumped in such shock and surprise. and before i could really take in what had happened the second shot went off sending me into even deeper shock and surprise. man... the middle of that drama was kind of meh, but the ending... wow.
i guess... in a way... the guy i was rooting for won? LoL

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Post by chiyuffie » Jul 24th, '06, 23:31

The one drama that got me sooo confused and perhaps angered and upset was WHIB. Ha Ji-won (I feel) made the wrong decision. I would have gone the other way. So much more to offer. Not that I adore the actor or anything but he was just so much more sophisticated and considerate of her. He didn't pity her; more he related to her. The other man (see, no spoilers haha) was too...immature, obnoxious, insane? Yeah, freaked me out. The drama was good. I mean, you don't see dramas that keep you wondering for so long like this one.

Hmm...another one...My Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang. When she left with the older man, I was shocked but glad with the ending. It did leave you hanging. It wasn't so much that it made you confused but made you wonder why a girl would play men like that. If you like one, stick with him, don't run off with someone 10 times older. **not my fav. drama

Autumn Tales...I hated the ending to this one. The idea that you can't move on just kind of depresses me. Anyways, I agree that Won Bin was an adorable character and in truth I would have gone with him but the love triangle in this one wasn't confusing. She had her eyes set on one man or more her heart set and he too. The problem was getting thru obstacles.

Oh goodness, this turned out into a review...sorry...WHIB...left me confused...done.

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Post by sweet_azngal » Sep 15th, '06, 00:00

adding to this topic a bit late but thats because i dun see the one that first popped in my head in here
I say Lovers in Paris cuz I was rooting for the Lee Dong Gun's character man
I mean I like Park Shin Yang's character and all but like I found that LDG did so much more for her you know n he never really wanted anything in life and always felt like he lost to uncle in all aspect all he wanted was the girl he loved and also did not get that
It touched me so much when he said 'why didnt you look up [refering to time he handed her a hankerchief wen her bike broke n she was crying] cuz then I would have been the first one u met'
the guy didnt want to be in korea but bc the girl returned he went back too
n some might not like him for wat he did at the end but my heart just went out to him

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Post by red_pucca » Sep 15th, '06, 14:47

the best love triangle story for me so far would be the one in Goong.
if I were to be in Chae-kyung's position (i wish !!! :lol) , it would be difficult for me to choose between the two guys.

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Post by Jesette » Sep 19th, '06, 04:09

Best triangle for me is Love Story in Harvard - Kim Rae Won, Kim Tae Hee and the other guy they call "Alex Hong." The two guys are always at edge with each other but in the end their love for the girl prevails. Meaning that they supported each other regardless of whom the girl loves in the end.

Confusing triangle is Fashion 70s - Do Young, Du Mi and Kang Hee...Have you seen this one? It got me confused when Do Young wanted to console Kang Hee than Du Mi during the latter part of the series. Well, that's okey, but it went beyond symphathy for Kang Hee, because he was professing his love for her. Although at the end the lead stars ended up together, but I feel that part of the storyline got me confused a bit.

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Post by hmm_yeh » Sep 19th, '06, 04:45

I would have to say Autumn Tale was the best love triangle. IPart of me wanted her to fall in love with Won Bin's character but I feel she made the right decision. Not only that, the story line was really really good. But I'm not in favor of the ending though. *sigh

I also happen to like the love triangle in Full House and Goong. Great dramas! :lol

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