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Posted: May 2nd, '06, 13:49
by nocturnes
mrvx wrote:from my heart.. goong first ranking, my girl and full house... full house.. im look 5 episode... cannot go.. very.. very boring... im give up to watch it.. but... for chinese people .. i think they said full house... because im a malay man... shinese people have something wrong.. that why they choose full house.. for first ranking... hokairi...
i dont agree with you when you said that chinese people had something wrong! as every people has their own opinion... but i also think goong is the best :roll

Posted: May 2nd, '06, 16:13
by sunmoon
I stopped watching Goong after the 1st episode... dont like the main girl...
I stopped watching My Girl after 5th eps.....i think she's really annoying...and the story is same same same old....><
Full house was okay...
maybe i should give Goong another try...

Posted: May 2nd, '06, 18:08
by nrg_hot330
sunmoon wrote:I stopped watching Goong after the 1st episode... dont like the main girl...
I stopped watching My Girl after 5th eps.....i think she's really annoying...and the story is same same same old....><
Full house was okay...
maybe i should give Goong another try...
wow u r wierd. i mean, different. coz' most of the ppl like these three dramas so much

Posted: May 2nd, '06, 18:32
by thienmy
jazzy5000 wrote:MY GIRL is by far the best out of those 3 I think. Goong is really good too, but I think My Girl is a more exciting. I think Full House has been over-rated, and isn't actually that good, though loads may disagree. It's probably because of the cast (especially Rain with loads of die-hard fans out there, lol ^__^)
I agree with you 100% that people are overrated FULL HOUSE. I brought that movie based on the rating……but I so disappointed…what a wasted of $$. I think I will like My Girl and Goong based on the scripts and the casts…right now those 2 series are still too pricy so I better wait until it go lower.

Rain is not that hot……he’s just an ok normal guy and his eyes are so tiny little-why girls are crazy about him?????

Posted: May 2nd, '06, 18:45
by thienmy
furelise wrote:Well said, samstar. You said exactly what I felt about all 3 dramas. And I too, have quite a few episodes of Goong which I have been putting off watching. But I will definitely watch them, since I've already downloaded them. Sometimes I feel like I'm just watching it just for the pretty sets and cute teddy bears :P. Not forgetting all the hype over it. IMHO, Goong could have potentially been so much greater if they had used better actors and actresses. Hopefully it gets better and their acting/chemistry improves...XD

For the record, I rank them:
1) My Girl :thumleft:
2) Full House
3) Goong

Posted: May 3rd, '06, 01:08
by asprikitik
sunmoon wrote:I stopped watching Goong after the 1st episode... dont like the main girl...
I stopped watching My Girl after 5th eps.....i think she's really annoying...and the story is same same same old....><
Full house was okay...
maybe i should give Goong another try...
I understand your why you someone stopped watching Goong, but in my opinion.. I really liked the lead girl.
And My Girl.. you won't appreciate it until you reach the ending. It's predictable, because it's a feel good drama. Plus the song is really really good.
Full House was good too. But it did get draggy at about the end.
I picked Full House before but after watching My Girl the second time.. I think I'll go with My Girl.

Posted: May 3rd, '06, 01:16
by Ibeng
My Girl all the way!!! i haven't seen Full House yet but i heard its i might think of getting that movie next yea:)

Posted: May 3rd, '06, 22:08
by Ice114Rain625
Of course FULL HOUSE!!! but I like Goong too =)

Posted: May 4th, '06, 04:36
by nrg_hot330
I'm rewatching Full house, it's still good as always. :lol:

Posted: May 5th, '06, 05:37
by Ashe21
1. Goong
2. Full House
3. My Girl

I least like My Girl coz I think the story is pretty sad.....and its kinda annoying....sometimes I'm bored....

Posted: May 5th, '06, 05:59
by nocturnes
can someone please tell me the story of My Girl? Is it really nice as a lot of people vote this series?

Posted: May 5th, '06, 14:15
by nrg_hot330
yup, it sure is nice. very funny show. it's starts when the grandpa of hero wants to find his granddaughter, who is hero's cousin. but it seems very difficukt to find. So he lied to his granpa as he asked the heroine to be his fake cousin. and the story continues....

Posted: May 5th, '06, 14:57
by shizoeke
i pick full house...maybe i have different tastefrom all of you. :scratch: .in my girl the lead

actress seem very annoying. :glare: .in full house SHG looks more natural when she is it when she does alot of expression..the one when she is mad and

confused. :D vote go to full house. :cheers: ..MNIKSM also not bad..i like it

very much..

Posted: May 6th, '06, 04:27
by nrg_hot330
okey i watched first 6 epis of goong. and i'd say that it's not good as Fullhouse and My girl. it was okey, but not good enough to compete with these two dramas.
so it's
1.Full house
2. My girl
3. Goong

Posted: May 6th, '06, 04:46
by nocturnes
i think goong is better if compared with full house! because goong is really funny at the beggining but i like the ending of full house...full house story is very simple.

Posted: May 7th, '06, 17:10
by proud2beSlow
1. Goong!!!!
3. My Girl (cause i dint see it)

Posted: May 8th, '06, 12:58
by bearhugs_00
Full house
My girl (i wasn't able to watch it)

Posted: May 8th, '06, 13:15
by Veena22
I voted for GOONG!!!! cuz It the best drama I have seen. I love this drama.

Posted: May 8th, '06, 20:35
by galygal

Posted: May 8th, '06, 21:39
by sob
voted for my girl
really good kseries :D

Posted: May 9th, '06, 05:04
by suraya_s
1. My Girl all the way.. :D :D

2. Full house

3. Goong

Posted: May 9th, '06, 06:35
by altair
궁 has got to be one of the best Korean dramas.

Was able to start with MNIKSS, Full House, and My Girl, not obsessed with finishing them.

MNIKSS is just way too loud. Koreans ARE LOUD. On buses, on trains, on the streets... As they say, He who has the loudest voice prevails. MNIKSS is a good series, maybe I am just tired of anything LOUD.

Full House -> SHK is adorable here but 비 is annoying.

My Girl -> only one word -> 오버

by the way, if we go by the Korean government rules on Romanization,
궁 == Gung ... fkorea.jsp

Posted: Jun 27th, '06, 06:26
by britener
ovo wrote:1. My Girl
2. Full House
3. Goong

I don't know why many are so in love with Goong. No offense to all the fans but I find not as funny and intrigued as My Girl and Full House.

Wow, you read my mind! I agree with you all the way.

Posted: Jun 27th, '06, 16:17
by ch3nny
OMG im stuck between choosing Full House and Goong!! >.< i lurve them both argh...............i havent seen my girl yet....there has been a lot of comotion abt it..........should i watch it? =S hauaha


Posted: Jun 29th, '06, 07:37
by yayasz-tsu
i like my girl so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 huf, i try to find another good korean drama. but i couldn't find the better than my girl yet. so funny. so attractive! hoho...

Posted: Jun 29th, '06, 07:56
by dokbupgi
i think it's not very fair if those who have not watched all 3 drama are voting...

anyway i'm happy that my fav - my girl is still leading :roll

i quite like goong at the beginning probably attracted by the beautiful "package". but the drama get draggy and the acting (of the 2 boys) are so so... esp when it came to yul i tend to skip most of the time.

Posted: Jun 29th, '06, 08:39
by hinatainn1
i wonder who is winning? =]

anywho, my vote goes to my girl, why? cause out of the other dramas, this series actually made me eager to see the next. i mean, yeah, i wanted to watch the the next episode of goong when it came out, but i'd download a couple of episodes and then when i had some free time, i'd watch it and catch up, but for my girl, when the next episode was uploaded/seeding i'd download it and watch it when it finishes. =]
as for full house, my sis ordered it and i watched it a while back. she's in love with it and still watches it all the time, but i don't really like it as much as i liked my girl. i like fh more than goond though. ;] imp i don't think rain acts very well in fullhouse. really though, pay close attention when you watch it, in some parts i wonder why they didn't redo that scene cause it was so fake or it was obvious that the actor made a mistake. now that i think about it, this kinda goes towards goong also. shin isn't really a good actor, like someone mentioned earlier, he's a newbie, i guess that could be why....but yeah....over all, it's my girl for me. =]

Posted: Jun 30th, '06, 02:42
by pinklunchboxgirl
britener wrote:
ovo wrote:1. My Girl
2. Full House
3. Goong

I don't know why many are so in love with Goong. No offense to all the fans but I find not as funny and intrigued as My Girl and Full House.

Wow, you read my mind! I agree with you all the way.
I completely agree.
Goong started out funny but got very serious and sad by the end.
The actors in My Girl are so very cute and funny!

Posted: Jun 30th, '06, 02:51
by jpoplover08
In my eyes it is definitely My Girl. I loved it from beginning to end. I thought Goong sort of dragged in the middle...but the characters were cute. I couldnt stand Shin until the end though. Kinda like i couldnt stand Bi's character until his "transformation" too. :glare: So it goes:

1.) My Girl
3.)Full House

By the by, it makes me happy that My Girl is winning in the poll right now. :D

Posted: Jul 1st, '06, 00:09
by jammin
from reading all your posts, maybe i'll go watch all 3

Posted: Jul 1st, '06, 03:49
by gujjugal
i LOVED gOOng and my girl........
full house was ok, got lost many times. lol...
although both goong and my girl dragged a bit,
i love them...
i like goong a TAD bit better though!


Posted: Jul 1st, '06, 04:41
by HanulSky
I voted for Goon. Goong is better than My Girl. My Girl was definitely funny, but Goong has this specialness to it.
It seem more magical fairytalish culturalness to it. I mean the clothes, the rich palace, the festival, the cars. I mean the cinemotagraphy was amazing. I'm not surprised by the ratings it had.

Full house is funny too.

But man is it me, or do these all have a similiar formula? You know girl meets guy. Girl is sassy bubbly type. Guy ends up acting crazier than normal because of Girl. Girl ends up living with guy in the same house, girl gets married to guy, or fake married to guy. They jong duro, because they fight or hate each other. Then they can't admit, because of the harshness they are use to. Then the admit. Then some other problem exists.

Also I can't believe Sassy Choonhyang is not on the list. Its a comedy like this too.

Sad melodramas are out. Comedy about bickering live in couples are in. It started in comic books (full house, goong, my sassy girl) but now it's mainstream in dramas.


Posted: Jul 1st, '06, 04:54
by Dee_Chan^.^
These three series are like my favourites!!! Don't know what to choose. I love Goong because they have heaps of sweet moments and I'm a big fan of Eun Hye :-) But i love Fullhouse coz of Bi!!!!! :wub: But My Girl was extremely Funny and yeh i enjoyed it with the fully kawaii cast!! But i noticed with these three series, particularly My Girl and Goong that the ending was really disapointing..did anyone else feel that way..I know Goong wil have season 2 but yeh ..alot of the endings are more like an anti climax :-(

[img] ... ong4iz.jpg[/img]

Posted: Jul 1st, '06, 05:04
by hamstaball
Goooong all the way~~

Posted: Jul 2nd, '06, 10:19
by warzwar
In three series : I love Song Hye Kyo.
But the story line of full house very weak.

Posted: Jul 4th, '06, 01:34
by linni
:wub: Goong's gotta be the best by far although i like them all. I thought Full House was really draggy and both Full House and My Girl had characters that really piss you off at times (*cough*, *cough* the jealous ex who just doesn't know when to give up) but Goong was so sweet and charming you just can't help falling for the show. I thought Goong was also the more well made show, from storyline and acting to sets and cinematography, it was all excellent. Though I can see why some people might like Full House and My Girl more since Goong seems like it's aimed at a more younger audience.

Anywayz....Goong's the best!!! Hopefully season 2 won't make me say otherwise...

Posted: Jul 4th, '06, 09:03
by Benz-KungSoBi
My girl because I'm really like it,it was very interesting. ^^
I have watched it for 1 month but I still missing them. ^^"

Posted: Jul 4th, '06, 22:17
by jenjan579
Goong ... becuz i am currently obsessed with it .. LOL

Posted: Jul 5th, '06, 12:19
by msmulan
My Girl and Goong.............

Love this drama...

Posted: Jul 7th, '06, 02:57
by angelstar08

:wub: :salut: :wub:

Posted: Jul 7th, '06, 03:04
by california_rebel
goong is definitely the best!!!!!!!!!! :wub: :wub: :wub:

i also like my girl - it was hilarious :cheers:
the least - full house :argue:

Posted: Jul 7th, '06, 03:21
by Sukairain
I'm voting for My Girl. It's one of my favorite Dramas. It had all of my favorite songs oddly. But the reason why I like it so much is because it taught the ultimate lesson about lying. I just thought that it was brilliant. Being wrapped in lies. Man, it's my most favorite drama as of today.

Goong and Full House are okay, but they just aren't as great to me.

Posted: Jul 7th, '06, 04:45
by nicpkh
Goong all the way even though i haven't watch it finish....Really interesting kdrama i ever watch :D


Posted: Jul 8th, '06, 08:56
by xlkathelx
ahah my vote is for GOONG or My Girl [;

Posted: Jul 8th, '06, 09:14
by tzejin
My Girl wins hands down!

its a really amazing darn funny at the start and so darn sad at the end ( the part before she leaves at the airport.) "You will be blessed!"

only halfway thru goong but yes...its kinda slow....feel sorry for Yul though (at this point in idea whats gonna happen in the next 12 epis)

full house? some parts were funny.... kerokero? Ricebowl? =) but i like My Girl storyline better

Posted: Jul 8th, '06, 09:39
by iloverain
<B> FULL HOUSE ALL THE WAY!!!! though,MY GURL has a really great storyline,,some scenes were just boring...unlike FULL HOUSE,there were no boring bits at all! Its not boring and all scenes were funny,,cute.. i cant get sick of watching it! It's just so d@mn awesome!! :wub:

i liked MY GURL too.. LDH was so cute..and skinny!! (wish i have her body,,)and LDW is so handsome,,it's just,some parts were really boring...

Goong--have no idea...havent seen it... </B>

Posted: Jul 8th, '06, 10:20
by LycheeTea
I like in order

My Girl
Full house...

I wish there were more series like My girl... it was just so good!

Posted: Jul 9th, '06, 13:39
by anh2
I m not Korean. So can anyone tell me what is that black noodle that I see them eating? Please don't tell me it is black bean sauce since I am allergic to beans. I love kimchi instant noodles although I don't like kimchi. I know odd isn't it. My wife is addicted to Korean food. Goong was great in contrasting lifestyle, Full house was silly but still like it. My Girl is great so far only seen up to Ep6.

Posted: Jul 10th, '06, 23:27
by __4getmenot
DEFINITEY GOONG!! adorable...tho i can't say my girl isn't close...the acting in my girl, i would have to say is better...i'd think its cuz the actors/actresses are more experienced... :whistling:

Posted: Jul 11th, '06, 07:15
by roseltv
My girl definitely. Funny, romantic, and interesting throughout the drama. I don't like Full House much coz it's kind of meaningless although it's rather hilarious. I don't like Goong much either coz it's kind of bored, it's gud at the beginning but not anymore laterly.

Posted: Jul 12th, '06, 09:02
by dokbupgi
When I watched Gung i was fascinated by the costume and backdrop and cinetography. but the story is so so and the acting poor poor. many draggy parts too.
But MY GIRL i can watch over and over without getting tired of it. and even enjoy it better :thumleft:

Posted: Jul 12th, '06, 23:50
by angelgirl_giselle
At first I would have said Full House, but after watching it several times, the story gets old. The fighting and bickering between Bi and SHG is reptitive...... its still a classic though.
I honestly can't pick between My Girl and Goong.... but if I were to lay it down it would be MY GIRL. Goong is awesome, but it did get draggy at times. My Girl is a faster paced drama from beginning to end! :-)

Posted: Jul 13th, '06, 00:06
by nurmiham
me almost my goong

Posted: Jul 13th, '06, 00:34
by Dlfiles
Now that I have watched all three I must say that the best one and more entertainining one was My Girl!

My Girl > Full House > Goong

Posted: Jul 13th, '06, 22:52
by azn_desire
full house! i never got tired of it no matter how many times i watched it
some parts of my girl were juss too slow for me and the relationships between the characters kist didnt grab me as much as full house did
cant say much about goong tho cuase i din watch it yet but i will soon so maybe my opinion will change after that

btw anh2 that is noodles in black bean sauce.. too bad yer allergic cuase it tastes really good ><

Posted: Jul 13th, '06, 23:06
by _gillean_
Spike23 wrote:FULL HOUSE AND MY GIRL!!!

MY FAVS :wub:
same here!! I like goong too but it had some boring parts.. it kinda repeated thing over and over..but I like it too, I think they're all great! but the two are the best!

Posted: Jul 13th, '06, 23:13
by rinimeatballs
i love both goong and my girl but i voted goong cause i think the story was more oringal. the only really good thing about mygirl was the acting.

Posted: Jul 14th, '06, 04:15
by NiikuraKaoru
anh2 wrote:I m not Korean. So can anyone tell me what is that black noodle that I see them eating? Please don't tell me it is black bean sauce since I am allergic to beans. I love kimchi instant noodles although I don't like kimchi. I know odd isn't it. My wife is addicted to Korean food. Goong was great in contrasting lifestyle, Full house was silly but still like it. My Girl is great so far only seen up to Ep6.
lmao, u can buy it in the asian store its called CHA CHA RONI or something... or chajang noodles >.> and no its not black bean sauce, iono how to describe it though, but its good XD

Posted: Jul 14th, '06, 04:25
by sunshine4ever
I like all three, but I love Goong the most.

Posted: Jul 14th, '06, 04:35
by clana4ever
my favorite is full house
my girl is crazy to watch ( fun )
but i vote in goong when im watching goong series it's funny and romantic and i'm so addicted this drama!
yun eun hye or yoon eun hye and joon ji hoon is so sweet!!
they look nice together

Posted: Jul 15th, '06, 14:39
by *kawaii*
my girl is the best
because it has a special story line
the hero charcter are different
and i like this comedia

full house is nice and cute but kinda boring

goong is royal and charming but it depend on the second half and the ending

Posted: Jul 16th, '06, 16:35
by dayzee
MY GIRL!!!!!!

but i havent seen goong... if it were to be MY GIRL vs FULL HOUSE, i'd pick MY GIRL all the way...


Posted: Jul 16th, '06, 19:48
by GuCcI08
1st - My Girl
2nd - Full House
Goong - haven't watch yet but downloadiing right now thanks to you guys lol
i liked the main actress in my girl better than full house because i think she looks better and acts better and the ending was so adorable. Makes me wanna have my own girlfriend so badly lol (still waiting hehe) But i have a feeling i would like goong better than full house due to the votes hehe.

Posted: Jul 16th, '06, 21:53
by KCfan_1314
totally loving goong ! =] cutttiee is in it love hoonie` x) lols since i never watched my girl so i don`t no . . full house is okay =)

Posted: Jul 17th, '06, 07:22
by GuCcI08
OMG u need to go dl my girl right now :lol

Posted: Jul 24th, '06, 22:35
by heavenz_gurl
goong is pretty good but i would rather pick beween my girl and full house ...and i pick MY GIRL cuz itz more of an fresh and different drama then the other two....and the cast and plot are really interesting that the drama just has no draggy stuffs or boring just keeps getting you to keep watching it! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO WATCH!!!

gong was actualy a great drama to watch wen you first watch it..but when i re-watched it the thrid just got real boring (in my oppinion, so please dont kill me goong fans) and kinda "slooow".cant really explain but my girl is just so interesting in every way dat never gets you any bored at all!!

also full house was so lovey dovey and pretty funny sometimes too..sooo all in all they are all very good but i pick MY GIRL! as my most favorit-est drama of all...

Posted: Jul 24th, '06, 22:41
by karen05
their all great shows. boo, i cant pick . >.<

Posted: Jul 25th, '06, 02:06
by GuCcI08
juz got done watchin Goong. well sorry Goong fans but Goong is in 3rd place. because there are boring parts because it is a long serie. even if it is short as My Girl and Full House. i still put it in 3rd place because the storyline isnt as good as the other two series. i like sweet spy better than Goong

Posted: Jul 25th, '06, 05:33
by Barca
1) Goong
2) My Girl

why? because I simply <33 YEH


Posted: Jul 25th, '06, 13:33
by GuCcI08
LOL how can u even compare Goong to My Girl and Full House o.O

Posted: Jul 25th, '06, 13:51
by sheryne
definitely `My Girl' .... :) :)
Full House is kinda bit boring and not that funny either.
Goong...well, i haven't watch it yet...therefore i can't compare

Posted: Jul 25th, '06, 15:45
by wynnzhng
woOohOOo ... hmmm i din choose GooOng probaby because its not the ending i want~~~~ ARGH#$%&*^


Posted: Jul 25th, '06, 17:33
by pumahmistress
Goong all the way <3<3<3<3

Posted: Jul 26th, '06, 03:15
by hitrunningh

Posted: Jul 26th, '06, 04:04
by wynnzhng
I think im for FULL HOUSE... i mean at least the endin is sorta what i wanted~~

for my girl... man lee joo ki is jus sooOooOOoOOoOo cute~ and he loves the girl yea. so was hopin for miracles to happen. well it din

and for GOOONG, WHY WHY WHY CANT YUL BE WITH CG~~~ geez i have been runting for ages~