Goong VS My Girl VS Full House

Anhyong haseyo. Post Korean related stuff here.

which drama do u like??

Full House
My Girl
Total votes: 895

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Post by garnet07 » Mar 18th, '06, 00:24

Well here's my list
1. Full House
2. My Girl
3. Kim Sam Soon
4. Goong

Sorry guys, full house is still first because it's the beginning of all these romantic comedy dramas that got me hooked to K-dramas. And recently just finished kim sam soon so I highly recommend it also. As for Goong, the drama follows the manhwa pretty well, but its not like the manhwa is the best shoujo out there. No offense, I still can't wait for the rest of the volumes (read up to v9 ch2). But ya, the acting and actors could have been better for the drama. I don't think I've laughed that much in the drama too. Hmm, its lacking something. I do admit i like the old Korean scenery like the palaces in Goong. Other than the stick to the story and sets, Goong drama is missing something very important...just can't pinpoint what that is...I think there is too little chemistry between the actors. Haha that's just me :glare:

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Post by amulet » Mar 18th, '06, 00:34

:scratch: my girl & goong , It's hard to decide , I love both of them but
I'll vote for Goong 'cause my lovely Jun Ki didn't end up with the one he loves , It hacked my heart -_-

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Post by AhiRu » Mar 18th, '06, 02:04

definitely Goong!!! :)

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Post by just_candy » Mar 18th, '06, 02:32

wow, this is hard...i love all three dramas..but if i were to rate them, it'd be:

1. full house
2. goong
3. my girl

...with a .1 difference in the ranking..mwehehehe :thumleft:

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Post by Vindell » Mar 18th, '06, 02:42

I watched these three but I have to say that My Girl is the best K-drama I ever watched. Bbasya!

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Post by choudori » Mar 18th, '06, 02:53

This was such a hard vote!! I went for Goong, just because it's going to be longer than My Girl and My Girl wasn't long enough~!

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Post by kiSs_02 » Mar 18th, '06, 03:20

GOONG ALL DA WAY!!!! :wub:

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Post by Smilez01 » Mar 18th, '06, 03:49

Well here's how I would rank these movies:

1. My Girl
3.Full House

My Girl is definately my all time favorite! Goong is good but I still sorta confused about why everyone is so obsessed with it because it's not that's quite slow, but I think it's because there's a lot of fillers because goong is from a manga. Full house was just average..not one of those memorable dramas for me.

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Post by dragonloveca » Mar 18th, '06, 03:57

my girl very good!!! full house not bad!! Goong is was just ok

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Post by icecubes » Mar 18th, '06, 04:28

actualli its hard to choose ...
hmm but im going for GOONG !
hahas coz my current obsession's GOONG !
hehez all becuz of YUL ! <<< his fault.. made me so in love with him!

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Post by yummiekiwi » Mar 18th, '06, 06:51

icecubes wrote:actualli its hard to choose ...
hmm but im going for GOONG !
hahas coz my current obsession's GOONG !
hehez all becuz of YUL ! <<< his fault.. made me so in love with him!
HAha yes!! I agree Yul makes it | | <-- that much harder to decide which drama is the best.. just b/c he's so cute! :wub:

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Post by autuymnrain » Mar 18th, '06, 06:57

my girl!

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Post by babydoll » Mar 18th, '06, 07:05

oh my gosh! that a very hard question!!! can't decide. um.... i think i have to go with Full house. the only reson i choose it becauce in other drama, i was very torn between 2 main guy. in Full house i only have my eyes on BI. so that make it easier to watch the series. but really all three drama was the best i ever seen(well beside "My name is Kim Sam Soon, and Staircase to Heaven....")

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Post by Annabelle » Mar 18th, '06, 10:28

seen all 3, my vote goes to:


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Post by sPark* » Mar 18th, '06, 14:40

My Girl so far. Goong isnt always funny and sometimes drags. the beginning was =X really boring for me. i dont think i laugh as much as i did in My Girl. Full House just didnt have that comical sense or wasnt so great as others say it is. i lost interest in the middle and just watched it cuz i had nothing much to do.

My Girl was enjoyable altho the last two epis sorta dragged and i was like grrr, but i think the actors/actresses were pretty good well some were really good ^_^. it kept my interest throughout. so def. My girl is the funniest/best/w/e out of those three.

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Post by myli » Mar 18th, '06, 17:32

I love all. Anyway My Girl is the best.
Full house is the second.
And the last one is Goong.

My Girl ! Bashya !

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Post by matsumi » Mar 19th, '06, 19:20

i have seen all 3 series, full house being the first one.

and i still think that full house is the best kdrama.
good chemistry between the leads, wonderful soundtrack.

and i really love the "full house" itself. the house is so beautiful.
always imagening myself living in that house...:)

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Post by JenBell » Mar 19th, '06, 19:28

I think that FH is the top of the three. MG is awesome and I would choose it first but when I think back to when I was watching was soooo awesome. I think if FH was just shown recently for the first time like MG then u would see majority leaning towards FH in my eyes.

Goong is pretty good as well but it just does not get under my skin like FH or MG did. Both awesome in there own way but having seen both series several times nothing makes me smile more than the ending...was sooo sweet I cried my eyes out watching like a million times. As for OSTs...I think there both great.

For me...Rain is like so childish but just love him to bits in FH!

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Post by kthao » Mar 20th, '06, 00:51

full house baby! aja aja fighting! :D

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Post by allredndizzy » Mar 20th, '06, 01:01

FULL HOUSE!!!! no questions asked :P

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Post by coffeecup06 » Mar 20th, '06, 09:20

i love my girl. it's funny how gong chan and ju yoo rin behave towards each other. the second is a tie between full house and goong palace.

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Post by andievo » Mar 20th, '06, 09:45

I think Bi is a great actor and Song Hye-kyo is so funny when she sang "the 3 bears"!!!
and the Grand Ma is hilarious! AJA AJA FIGHTING !!!
I don't know why but I don't like My Girl .... I can't remember any funny scene... maybe there were some but I don't remember any of them! :roll ( sorry, I know that a lot of you love this serie....)
Goong is great but the last episodes we've seen ( ep 19 & 20 ) are so sad! Need to see the end to judge it! :P

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Post by yulseya » Mar 20th, '06, 10:56

andievo wrote:FULL HOUSE!!
I think Bi is a great actor and Song Hye-kyo is so funny when she sang "the 3 bears"!!!
and the Grand Ma is hilarious! AJA AJA FIGHTING !!!
I don't know why but I don't like My Girl .... I can't remember any funny scene... maybe there were some but I don't remember any of them! :roll ( sorry, I know that a lot of you love this serie....)
Goong is great but the last episodes we've seen ( ep 19 & 20 ) are so sad! Need to see the end to judge it! :P
it's okay, i don't remember much about Full House either. 8) i'm serious too. sad because i saw it relatively recent too, unlike someone said earlier that FH is loosing because it's older and people forget. 'forget', meaning that it's not that memorable afterall. but i just watched it at the end of last year, and My Girl still tops it for me. i even like Goong better than FH now, but i'm only at episode 16 for that one so we'll have to see. My Girl's story has more meaning to it, and the chemistry between the two actors beats what you see in the other two as well. not to mention far better acting in My Girl. My Girl gets my vote for being consistently good even til the very end. i thought the handling of the more serious, melodramatic tone of the storyline was well handled and lead to a very good climax at the end of the drama. Goong started out so so but got A LOT better, although i still can't stand some of the overly cutesy act. well, i remember at least my overall impression of Full House: started good, lost steam in the middle, then redeemed a bit at the end, but still dragged a lot.

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Post by spygirl » Mar 20th, '06, 12:16

i would say goong bcoz de other two cast is look a little bit older o man how do i say it??
these three series are funny but my girl and full house is kinda a little bit more older generation
unlike goong high school generation which is fit with me

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Post by chunny » Mar 20th, '06, 12:25


Definitely Goong!!! :cheers: :w00t:

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Post by Kayote » Mar 20th, '06, 13:53

1- Goong
2- Full House

Goong without a doubt.

I love this show and I still cannot believe how well it is produced, those production costs must have been sky high! The sense of Gradeur is spot on!

I found Full House quite annoying to be honest. I donot know how anyone can like a crazy man like the hero in it. There are far better k-dramas out there than this!

Havent seen My Girl yet. :)

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Post by hmong_thoj » Mar 20th, '06, 14:06

Full House all the way babie. Nothing can't beat them. My girl is okay. Goong Palace is dragging to long and the movie doesn't look good and it doesn't even make me laugh a bit. Sorrie to say about goong palace. Please forgive me if you are a true fan of that drama.

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Post by CaLigUrL » Mar 20th, '06, 14:25

:wub: 1.Goong(cute and interesting, makes you addicted)
2.My Girl(has a better storyline then full house)
3. Full House(good looking actors, story gets boring.)

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Post by Sunshine_36 » Mar 20th, '06, 22:17

BASHA!!! :D.

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Post by silentsigma » Mar 20th, '06, 23:01

oh it has to be MY GIRL all the way
Yoo Rin is too cute

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Post by badhairday » Mar 21st, '06, 06:17


I voted for My Girl. I just love this drama and LDH's performance. Next would be Goong. I love the grandeur which is refreshing to see. I never liked Full House. It's too repetitive and I don't see the supposed great chemistry between the leads.

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Post by riyumi » Mar 21st, '06, 06:31

i've seen full house before my girl and then goong.... but i must say my girl is the best out of the three coz it has both comedy and drama..and the characters so to say the actors did act well that you will really be taken by their emotions either laugh or cry with them. so i vote for MY GIRL.

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Post by draco » Mar 21st, '06, 07:03

MY GIRL all the way! all the previous posts about this drama say it all! :cheers:

Goong is kinda melo, slow paced, and gosh are the actors newbs? lol I think they don't have acting skills. it's not that bad tbh, it's an okay drama.

Full House -> doesn't have interesting plot just eye candy cuz it has gorgeous actor/actress like SHG, Bi; repetitious (kinda boring), it's not that great imho.

so 1 more vote goes to My Girl. :mrgreen:

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Post by lalalovesong » Mar 21st, '06, 14:58

I love Goong, If i am the princess will choose Shin anyways

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Post by citi » Mar 22nd, '06, 21:51

My girl (even if that tennis star character is the weakest actress out of all three drama's casts) My Girl is still excellent

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Post by jennayster » Mar 23rd, '06, 05:54

I choose MY GIRL. It's more mature. And plus, the acting from the cast is much better than by Goong and Full House. I mean, these three are also on my top lists, but I mean, there's this nice plot and the acting from the lying Yoo-Rin!!! She's freaking adorable!!!

Goong.... I love it. But then sometimes I wish the acting could be better. The plot's great and all.... but I can't imagine what they still need to fit in the few more episodes that are lieft. I hope it doesn't become too draggy. And I think a sequal would not be successful...

Full House!!!! Ick. How come the bastards ( even if they ARE hot) always get the girl? And plus, SHK had to suffer all that from him, while he barely did anything for her. - -

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Post by niCa » Mar 23rd, '06, 08:45

1. Goong
2. Full House
3. My Girl

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Post by malibring » Mar 23rd, '06, 16:23

i don't like <my girl>,but leejunki is very very pretty ````i like```

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Post by emykina » Mar 23rd, '06, 16:27

malibring wrote:i don't like <my girl>,but leejunki is very very pretty ````i like```
hikhik.. me like junki too :D

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Post by didia » Mar 23rd, '06, 20:43

My Girl!!! All the way!!!

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Post by emykina » Mar 23rd, '06, 20:46

my girl..with no doubt

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Post by Mademoiselle » Mar 24th, '06, 07:15

I have to choose My freaking good. Better than Full house and Goong IMO

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Post by WindCross » Mar 24th, '06, 17:21

If I have to place them in the order of how good I think they're, considering the story line and acting skills of the actors, then the order is as following...

1. Full House = My Girl

2. Goong

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Post by seirin » Mar 24th, '06, 18:56

I choose My Girl. I'm Jun Ki obsessed. :wub: I just wish he was the lead. I hate to see him cry :cry:

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Post by gladlee » Mar 25th, '06, 14:57


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Post by Mikuku » Mar 25th, '06, 15:10

DEFINITELY MY GIRL!! ;____________;

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Post by KoreanMania » Mar 25th, '06, 15:25

Definitely Full House will be first, then Goong :wub: My Girl was nice but still I would say I enjoyed watching Full House a lot and now Goong... :-)

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Post by Eric70 » Mar 25th, '06, 16:13

u ask which drama i like? casted my vote on My Girl cuz i like the drama. enjoy watching it. :D
full house? i'm not enjoying watching it...sorry.:-(
Goong? to me good production, awesome OST! better than the other 2 dramas! i love listenin' to the songs [samsoon's awesome too!], my girl and full house OST?nope...not interested...

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Post by ademala » Mar 25th, '06, 16:22

then...Full House..
My Girl the least...

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Post by SuGaR BuNNiE o1 » Mar 25th, '06, 19:31

hmm..i would vote or DID VOTe for GOONG!! haha..its my current obsession..haha... full house was cool too but goong is just cute!! haaha... and i never watched my girl so yeh.. =T

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Post by asiangirldee » Mar 26th, '06, 02:22

eh... full house and goong would be da same... n then my girl...

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Post by johara_ms » Mar 26th, '06, 05:01

my girl was my choice...i mean lee dae hee is just new in the industry but she acts better than song hye kyo...She is a great actress...she have done a very good job in such a short time..

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Post by Trang521 » Mar 26th, '06, 05:09

full house is the first k-drama i ever watched
my girl is just too funny
goong is pretty cute

so tie at first is full house and my girl
then's just that i laughed and cried more for the other 2

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Post by melonyhappy » Mar 26th, '06, 05:27

Full house! The most beautiful ppl act in that drama.. as well, it was non-stop funny...

i'm biased cuz it was my first k-drama iv'e seen.

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Post by matchingsocks » Mar 26th, '06, 17:58

Full house <333

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Post by caffienejunkie » Mar 26th, '06, 18:05

Love them all, but My Girl is my favorite. It doesn't drag like Goong and it didn't get boring like Full House. And I HATED the ending of Full House. It was such a let down. My Girl all the way!

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my girl OR goong palace OR fullhouse

Post by lido0lmi » Apr 2nd, '06, 01:40

curious to know what people think of the three so fine dramas
like which one u like first second then third . my opinion would be MY GIRL first obbession GOONG PALACE second obbession FULLHOSE third obbesion x]

my girl -
[img] ... 9930xy.jpg[/img]

goong palace -

[img] ... 2mf7mq.jpg[/img]

fullhouse -
[img] ... se44ho.jpg[/img]

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Post by Delicate*Promise » Apr 2nd, '06, 01:52

Full House was my FIRST drama ever and FAVORITEST <3 I just finished watching it [again] today! :lol

I just recently watched My Girl.. it was pretty cute lol XD but is nothing compared to Full House.. yeah I guess I'm biased cause I :wub: Bi lolol xDD!!!

Goong.. is so ehHh =_____=;; It's okay I guess lol. I could BARELY stand it the first few episodes and then eventually it got interesting but most of it is just so frigging boring >O<;; and they're gonna have a season 2?! Oh geez.. *falls asleep* :blink lol jk It's still enjoyable at times :)

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Post by KoreanMania » Apr 2nd, '06, 02:26

My list would be in this order:

1) Full House
2) Goong
3) My Girl

Full House was so so good eventhough it the storyline tends to get repetitive, it also brings laughter, tears and different kind of emotions... I would watch it 10 times and will still be able to enjoy it like I've never watched it before :lol

Goong was a good K-drama too... the drama somehow potrays a Palace life which we get to see very seldom in modern dramas these days, and not to mention... Shin & Chae Gyung just makes you fall in love with the whole drama and makes it the more addictive :wub: Shin might seem a bit stiff and cool in the beginning, and as he starts to fall for Chae Gyung, he starts smiling more and takes the spotlight of the whole drama... needless to say, it's a drama that everyone should not miss out on :-)

My Girl... not leaving out on this one, it is indeed a drama which should be given credit, especially I liked how they intertwined Delightful Girl Choon Hyang by Mong-Ryong & Choon-Hyang making special appearances in the end :P Lee Dong-Wok was cute & the more you see Jun Ki, he starts to appeal too.. There are some scenes which cracks you up, but I'll still prefer Full House then Goong... hehe :wub:

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Post by clauric » Apr 2nd, '06, 05:41


then GOONG


goong n full house just dragged..

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Post by scott12199 » Apr 2nd, '06, 06:20

there's already a topic about this

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Post by Nadil » Apr 2nd, '06, 10:35

KoreanMania wrote:My list would be in this order:

1) Full House
2) Goong
3) My Girl
same here!! :cheers: full house is the best! than goong, and last my girl ^^
but I love all of these dramas they are all awesome! :wub:

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Post by CraZyaH » Apr 2nd, '06, 10:39

isn't there already a thread for this? :blink

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Post by bugsie » Apr 2nd, '06, 10:40

wth, there is already a thread like this.

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Post by chitato_80 » Apr 3rd, '06, 04:18

hmm weird.. i thought i already voted for this...

here's my ranking
1. My Girl
2. Goong
3. Full House

My Girl --- there wasn't a single boring moment for me.. I think it's been a while since I watched the whole series from ep 1 till final wholly.. without fast forwarding scenes :) and Lee Dong Wok was so charming :P .. definitely on the top of my list.. not just among these three .. but probably among ALL K-dramas that I've watched ( and I've watched A LOT )

Goong -- I'm not done with this yet.. so far I find it addicting too but some parts were draggy .. but I'm loving Shin-ChaeGyung heheh .. I browse a lot of forums and read more and more about it as I'm waiting for the subs to be released.. I think because of it, I got more into it ... but maybe if I'd waited to watch this until all 24 eps are out with subs.. it might not have such a deep impression on me :D

Full House -- Back then when I watched it I remember fast forwarding a lot of the 2nd half of the series because it repeats the same thing over and over again.. but overall this is a drama that I'd still recommend to everyone to watch :)

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Post by lido0lmi » Apr 5th, '06, 13:35

yeaha haha agreed :P

my girl byashhha !
goongi fiiighting !
fullhouse aja aja !

btw can someone tell me how to find a thread u made cause i made a post saying
MY GIRL or GOONG PALACE or FULLHOUSE . made it a while from now but can't find it
so gheyed T-T~ =.= ahh wel stuuf it but im just curious :goggle: to find where it is =] msg me if u know ;] thanks
newhoooo bak to the subject MY GIRL BYAHASSAH :-)

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Post by hitrunningh » Apr 5th, '06, 14:26

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Post by liquidfir » Apr 7th, '06, 10:47

definitely goong.. goong and more goong

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yay! goong addicted!

Post by dria_ni » Apr 7th, '06, 12:13

i'm goong addicted! so it's definitely goong!

1. goong
2. full house

i havent watched the my girl, but it seems cool anyway

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Post by michelle » Apr 7th, '06, 12:25

Goong Forever!

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Post by sokhasen » Apr 7th, '06, 12:33

Goong Sucks!!! The main guy can't even act and there is no chemistry what so ever between the main girl and the main guy. I can't even manage to finish all the episodes.

I think Korean's directors have officially ran out of idea when it come to casting for their series.

Full house and My girl are watchable. At least the actors in these two series can actually act. :salut: :salut: :salut:

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Post by liquidfir » Apr 7th, '06, 13:20

sokhasen wrote:Goong Sucks!!! The main guy can't even act and there is no chemistry what so ever between the main girl and the main guy. I can't even manage to finish all the episodes.

I think Korean's directors have officially ran out of idea when it come to casting for their series.

Full house and My girl are watchable. At least the actors in these two series can actually act. :salut: :salut: :salut:

hello we all have different opinions.
u dun have to be so crude about it.
i think all the 3 dramas are great. i watch all 3 of them and i love them all.

yeah~~ u might think that it is lousy as he** but some ppl might think it is actually nice.
if u say things like this u might spark a quarrel in the thread AGAIN.
so since u dun watch it you haven see how the actors and actresses evolve in the show. yeah..

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Post by SwtAznStar » Apr 7th, '06, 18:07

My Girl is the best!

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Post by drama_addict » Apr 8th, '06, 02:57

i'm not sure but I LOVE ALL THREE of those dramas!

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Post by confusedkhmai » Apr 8th, '06, 03:19

Goong is the best all the way!!! I LOVE!
I also like Full House to, but Goong was the first kdrama I saw. So i gotta pick Goong!


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