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Full House or My Girl ? (BASHA , AJAJA FIGHTING!)

Anhyong haseyo. Post Korean related stuff here.

Full House Or My Girl

Full House
My Girl
Total votes: 519

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Post by dalia » Jul 1st, '06, 01:29


I actually wasn't a huge fan of Full House, the romance got real old, real quick for me. All their fighting was annoying.
I finished My Girl in like 3 days, it was soooo funny and addictive! XD

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My Girl!!!

Post by luisa » Jul 1st, '06, 02:35

I liked Full house too, but i definetely LOVE My Girl much more! It was so so so funny, and I love Joo Yoo-rin, Gong-chan and Seo Jung-woo especially! hehehhe :D though the last 2 episodes were so frustrating to me, I wanted to cry! hahaha :lol

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Post by missnari » Jul 1st, '06, 22:46

oh gosh i can't vote....
i loved bi and song hye gyo in full house ^_^
and lee da hae and shin dong ook was great too <33

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Post by aerods » Jul 3rd, '06, 11:07

mygirl ending is dam funny.. for those hu haf watch my sassy girl chun-hyang u all will noe y.. hmm n lee jun ki is dam shuai n swt in mygirl :wub: .. fullhse is hilarious rain is full of actions hahaa :D :D

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Post by Benz-KungSoBi » Jul 4th, '06, 09:12

Hi I'm new here nice to meet you all.
My girl!! Actually I am a fan of Rain but I have jusy watched My Girl and I really like it. LEE DA HAE and LEE DONG WOOK are so cute being together. so I voted for My Girl coz I must choose only one right? ^^

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Post by Benz-KungSoBi » Jul 4th, '06, 09:13

my girl!!!!!!

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Post by msmulan » Jul 6th, '06, 01:30

Love MY GIRL very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Post by iloverain » Jul 6th, '06, 11:42

i love them both! u cant compare them coz theyre both great...(my opinion only..)

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Post by kassandra11 » Jul 6th, '06, 13:18

my girl is the best......wooohoooo....!! :D :D

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Post by angelstar08 » Jul 7th, '06, 02:55

MY GIRL :wub: :wub: :salut:

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Post by iloverain » Jul 7th, '06, 12:15

<B> i like My Girl but i LOVE Full House... My Gurl is great but Full House is the best (for me)... </B>

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Always, MY GIRL

Post by Mich-Chan » Jul 8th, '06, 05:28

Well, it wasn't that hard (for me :)) to decide which one to pick.. :P

Yes, we can say that there are some similarities between My Girl and Full House. (The comedy and the bickering.. etc). But please, let's look between the lines... :roll

I don't want to bash or anything, I'm just stating my opinion. :D

In Full House, you don't really know where the plot is going, cause every scenes just keeps on repeating. There is no suspense that will keep you hooked to find out what's going to happen next. Second, there is no development in the plot line. I can't even see how come SHK character fell in love with Rain's character without any particular reason, you can't see the development of their feelings. It's just like BOOM - they are in love with each other. :whistling:

While in My Girl, its not just the romance but the fact about LDH/LDW secret adds suspense and flavor to the story. You really wanted to know is LDH/LDW are really cousins and if they were what will happen to the romance that budding between them? About the development, with LDW being very considerate with LDH brings her closer to him. Also, we can sense that LDW has growing feelings with LDH but he just keeps on denying it until the moment that he just can't hide it. :wub:

I'm sorry if I offended fans of full house but again, I'm just stating my opinion. Both the actors and the staff of the two dramas worked very hard to give their best shot. :salut:

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Post by superfi » Jul 21st, '06, 05:43

Hi everyone :) Im new, so please excuse me if i dont know the actors real names etc, etc!

I voted for My Girl over Fullhouse because i found it much more entertaining.

Fullhouse was good, dont get me wrong, i did like it, but i felt that it was repetiive. i was missing 4 episodes in row when i got it, and i still managed to know what was going on and the two leads were still arguing over...well basically nothing in particular. i also found it very repetitive and the storyline just dragged on, i became so frustrated with it that i ALMOST gave up watching it. i also felt there lacked chemistry in that kiss at the end. basically the leads pressed against each other lips. it did not look convincing, you'd think they'd have more passion when they kissed, but then again, this is KDrama.

My Girl won me over because of it never got boring. I was hooked since episode one. Something ALWAYS happened and it never got repetitive. Yoo Rin was a little crazy at first but i learned to love her, i was smitten with Gong Chan when i first laid eyes on him too (but his looks have nothing to do with why i love My Girl more). I felt that something new and interesting always happened in every episode and i liked the fact it didnt fully focus on the two main characters. It explored other characters too ie. Secretary Yoon and YR's friend, the aunt and uncle etc). It was hard to get bored. The two leads also had amazing chemistry throughout the whole series. You really believed they loved eachother and the final two kisses really cemented that into you. They were kisses that were full of passion and i felt that it really convinced me and made it really believable that everything they had been through were worth it.

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Post by heavenz_gurl » Jul 24th, '06, 04:44

i liked full house.. but i vote for MY GIRL ALL THE WAAAAAYYY!!
i love the casts in it especially lee jun ki..(thought he was actually a GIRL wen i first saw him!)hehe
well but most importantly is dat my girl is much more funnier and fresh and different to any other dramas then full house to me..

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Post by jae-ahn » Jul 24th, '06, 04:53

f0r me iT's mY giRl..
weLl, iT's m0re fUnnY..
aNd i l0ve the cHaraCters..
eSpeciaLly leE jUn ki oPpa...
weLl, mY oPini0n..

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Post by superfi » Jul 24th, '06, 05:20

sorry for the stupid question but what does OPPA mean?

ive heard it been used in alot of Korean dramas, but i have no idea what it means!

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Post by michpink » Jul 24th, '06, 08:49

I watched both, but my girl has the greatest impact! aja aja fighting!

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Post by DougFunnieee » Jul 24th, '06, 22:18

I'm about 4 or 5 episodes into My Girl and it's nowhere near as good as Full House so far. I'm going to keep watching though as I hear it gets better.

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Post by megatotoro » Jul 24th, '06, 22:46

I like FULL HOUSE better

MY GIRL somehow loses the comedy part as it advances, while FULL HOUSE keeps both the romantic and funny elements throughout every chapter.

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Post by Mich-Chan » Jul 25th, '06, 03:42

Well, I guess... behind every laugh, there always tears.. that way... it was more realistic.. (in my opinion :D)

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Post by Barca » Jul 25th, '06, 05:32

I prefer 'My Girl' ;D

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Post by miaangelis » Jul 25th, '06, 05:42

even though i luv rain oppa and full house was my first drama, i have to say my girl. lee jun ki oppa is so... :wub: words can not begin to describe his beauty-lol :P

oh by the way oppa means: Korean girls will often call their boyfriends or older male friends, 오빠 oppa, which literally means 'older brother'.
vonin2.jpg (58.42 KiB) Viewed 8351 times

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Post by superfi » Jul 25th, '06, 05:49

thanks Barca :) oh and also i nothice Yoo Rin use things like Seoul Gond Chan shii and Jeong Woo shii, what does the shii mean? im sorry for all the quetsions, im just fascintaed by the korean language!

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Post by HONGRY » Jul 25th, '06, 06:12

i agree with misschu!

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Post by arabian » Jul 25th, '06, 06:28

I prefer full house more than my girl..
Song Hye Kyo sooo cute..

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Post by eternal_dragon_666 » Jul 25th, '06, 06:40

Full house cuz even dramas nowadays copy parts and elements of it. Why else would dramas now copy Full House unless it was good? And My Girl came out later than Full House, yet appeared to contain some elements of Full House.

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Kai Lien
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Post by Kai Lien » Jul 25th, '06, 06:46

My Girl is the best!!! Full House is not that great of a drama compared to My Girl. Plus, full house isn't like My Girl at all, I dunno why they're both always compared to each other. Most dramas have elements in common so I don't think of it as one drama "copying" the other. Lee Da Hae is so loveable unlike SHG who acts really getting annoying. There's no comparison. :P My 2 cents. :wink:

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Post by blueberry08 » Jul 25th, '06, 07:35

I voted for My Girl! The reason mainly is that I find Da Hae a very good actress than Song Hye Kyo, although I find Bi more manly than Dong Wook.

I think Da Hae and Bi would be a good pairing! :wub:

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Post by phamieo » Jul 25th, '06, 08:10

i lvoe these kind of drama...its funny..but since my girl is more funny and cuter .and the storyline is better ...i prefer MY GIRL more ...also bc lee DONG Wook is sooo soo HOT!! =]

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Padme Naberrie
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Post by Padme Naberrie » Jul 25th, '06, 16:28

I've never watched any korean drama before for the nth time like i did in My Girl...I never cried in in any episode of Full house but My girl, caught all my emotions. I laughed and cried sooo hard. It was sooo feel good drama. I sooo love it. My girl is number for me. Hope there would be season two of this series..

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Post by plchung » Jul 27th, '06, 05:58

Kai Lien wrote:full house isn't like My Girl at all, I dunno why they're both always compared to each other. Most dramas have elements in common so I don't think of it as one drama "copying" the other. Lee Da Hae is so loveable unlike SHG who acts really getting annoying. There's no comparison. :P My 2 cents. :wink:

I choose My Girl.

Further LDH's acting skill is VERY obviously superior than SHG in my opinion, even just by comparing their performance in My Girl and Full House.

e.g. The crying scene in episode 14 of My Girl when LDH leaving Seoul with his father... the performance is really great considering she is relatively a newbie... which I can't find any equivalent output of SHG in Full House.. or her others previous work..

It doesn't mean SHG is no good in acting, but just LDH and My Girl are the better choices for me :D

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Post by bonbonbubbles » Jul 29th, '06, 00:05

My Girl

1) I love Lee Dong Wook :wub:
2) I adore Lee Da Hae :thumright: Basya!
3) I love Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae together! :cry:
4) The flashbacks man! :roll I love the way the drama made use of the flashbacks.
5) The imagination scense! :lol hahaha! these were really funny! Seoul Gong Chan and Ju Yoo Rin as International Spies! Waaah!
6) What's makes the drama even better is that (4) and (5) are constant until the end. They made use of the flashback and imagination scenes until the end. I mean I've watched other dramas out there who would make funny scenes at the beginning of the drama, but towards the middle of the season, you would notice that the funny scenes aren't there anymore. They go back to being melodramas that are sometimes almost boring to watch. As if the funny scenes in the beginning were just made to catch your attention so that you would want to regularly watch it. My Girl is different though in the sense that every thing that happens, may it be a laughtrip :lol or tearjerker :cry:, it happens for a reason that is important for the story line. Go MY GIRL!!!

and there are many more reasons why i love MY GIRL...


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Post by mkaymrxo » Jul 31st, '06, 15:00

i voted for Full House but i havent watched My girl....yet.
i'm doing that right now.
aww, wish i didnt already voted.

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Post by gongrin » Aug 1st, '06, 00:52

MY GIRL, COUNT ME IN!!! :cheers:

first of all, just the physical attributes, i believe that the major characters in My Girl (Dong Wook and Da Hae) are faaaar better looking than the actors in Full House :roll It really adds to the "wow" factor!

Dong Hae is a great actress! one of the very best in her generation and so is Dong Wook. Their opposite personalities in the story blend very well and there's an instant spark between this two right from the very beginning. Rare that I see couples with such undeniable chemistry. I just love them! I wish they'll have more wonderful projects together.. BBASYA!!!

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Post by strlady » Aug 3rd, '06, 20:08

Another vote for My Girl.

I'm not bias based on my love of the actors or couples, since I LOOOVVEE Rain (he has that baby look and such a cute pout!).

I voted for My Girl because it had a stronger story line.
The comedy was fall on the floor laughing, someone mentioned the imaginary scenes, god that was funny, and yet the dramatic scene were so touching. When Lee Dong Wook found out his grandfather sent Ju Yoo Rin away and he was crying... Damn he cries with heart!
And Lee Joon Ki had the ability to always appear as he was about to burst into tears. Loved him!

My Girl just had many more memorable moments in my book.

I don't know why it's compared to Full House since they are nothing alike.

After watching Full House I searched out all of Bi's work and I was greatly disapointed to find that Full House was the only one with a decent Happy Ever After ending. (I need my HEA). I hope he continues to act because he is just soo adorable.
I also liked Kim Sung Soo who is the playboy turned competition for the main lady. HE is one HOT ticket!!!


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Post by asianblondgirl » Aug 4th, '06, 04:49

My Girl !!!!!!!!

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Post by plchung » Aug 7th, '06, 05:37

plchung wrote: Further LDH's acting skill is VERY obviously superior than SHG in my opinion, even just by comparing their performance in My Girl and Full House.
I am watching Green Rose now and I must say that I am extremely impressed by Lee Da Hae's acting skill...

she looks like a completely different person in My Girl and Green Rose... .. I really can't recall even a very little bit about the funny "Joo Yoo-rin" from My Girl when I am watching Green Rose.... or in reverse, I can't feel "Yoo-rin" is "Oh Soo-Ah" at all too ... even though I already know that it is Lee Da Hae ...

I am from Hong Kong... as far as I remember I have NEVER seen any other popular young actress in Hong Kong or China that is equaivalently talented..

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Post by astronaut_911 » Aug 7th, '06, 08:09

I prefer Full House because it's the original version.

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Post by red_devilz » Aug 7th, '06, 10:21

my girl!!!!!!!!!

but may i ask what does basya mean?

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Post by weelknifesuqx » Aug 7th, '06, 18:07

i will choose um.. My Girl.
i love lee jun ki there. so CUTE!

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Post by KCfan_1314 » Aug 7th, '06, 22:40

my gurl lolss my jun ki is so cute although i m not done with it

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Post by plchung » Aug 10th, '06, 05:53

Recently watched somewhat more "love story only" type k-drama.... I found that My Girl is really one of the best...

In general love story drama I think usually having a relatively "weaker" story background, but My Girl handled this great and I never feel boring or draggy in the whole series.... it is very sux to feel the director dragging the story to make few more episodes...

BTW, My Girl is the first time I know who is Lee Da Hae. Then I found she has played Green Rose and I watched that, and I would say I like Green Rose more than My Girl in overall due to the very intensed story.

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Re: Full House or My Girl ? (BASHA , AJAJA FIGHTING!)

Post by woofy » Aug 10th, '06, 22:00

I voted for MY GIRL! it's really one good series :thumright: I hope there'd be My Girl 2 because that would make all the My Girl addicts... :lol I mean 'fans' happy and yes, more addicted! :cheers:

Lee Da Hae and Lee Dong Wook :thumleft: they're the best for me!
Sunshine_36 wrote:For me I would be sure to choose My Girl :D. Lee Da-Hae and Lee Dong Wook are just too cute together :D. All of the acotrs and actresses in there did a great job. I think My Girl is kind of similar to Full House in the beginning so I just want to see the number of votes on which one you would choose? I really dislike Full House so yeahh.... My parents like My Girl too :D
My Girl:

Title: 마???걸 / ma-i-geol
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2005-12-14 to 2006-??-??
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 9:55 PM

Female swindler makes her way to the top, but finds love along the way.

more (http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=17032)
Lee Da Hae
Lee Dong Wook
Park Si Yeon
Lee Jun Ki

[img]http://img288.imageshack.us/img288/4861 ... 8456kw.jpg[/img]

[img]http://img138.imageshack.us/img138/7120 ... 9at6eo.jpg[/img]

[img]http://img138.imageshack.us/img138/7773 ... 8457cv.jpg[/img]

[img]http://img288.imageshack.us/img288/5876 ... 844530.jpg[/img]

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Post by fangtasyz » Aug 12th, '06, 04:11

I voted for Full House. I love the Bi and SHG pairing. I almost wished they are together in the real world. My Girl is alright but it keeps repeating the same thing again and again. Lol, all Korean dramas have this problem, not just My Girl. Anyways, I find myself more drawn to Full House.

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Post by dis_grl » Aug 12th, '06, 04:15

it soo hard to pick
both are really good
and original and funny
but in the end i pick

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Post by tkorn » Aug 12th, '06, 05:25

:lol My girl My girl, i like it so much. i've watch Full house it's good but when i watch My girl it's so great. :lol

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Post by boogiexpie » Aug 19th, '06, 19:41

i loved rain in full house! but my girl was good too i wish i could pick both but i picked full house :wub:

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Post by Moonlightdesire_changmin » Jun 21st, '08, 01:06

I just love My Girl better because I saw it first out of the two also, I think it was done a little better than full house.

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Post by animelvr » Jul 6th, '08, 11:44

I didn't really think My Girl was similar to Full House or anything until I read that line and thought about it. But after thinking about it, there really were a lot of small, but important, things similar that I wouldn't notice unless someone tells me to compare Full House and My Girl. Like

- The guy keeps ditching the girl for his ex
- His ex coming back and wanting him
- The girl loves to eat
- The second guy doesn't really appear nearly as much as the first
- The ex is famous or popular
- The heroine has someone really annoying on their side that slips everything (Full House, her friends; My Girl, her friends and her Father)
- The guy doesn't know that he likes the girl but tries to stop the girl and the second guy from actually "going out"
- Beginning girl needs guy's help financially, and at the end the guy comes back trying to get the girl's help in which she abandons him.
- Contract something
- The girl keeps faking sick or asleep

Well, that's all that I could think of off the top of my head. But overall, I don't think the storyline was that similar!! >.< Because like, in My Girl, they couldn't be together since they're cousins, but in Full House there wasn't that step.

I voted for Full House because... everybody is voting for My Girl. :\ Since I JUST finished My Girl I know I'll think that one better, and I watched Full House when it first came out, so that's definitely died quite a bit. Between Full House and My Girl, I like Lee Dong Wook better because his acting and character personalities was just really likable and varied more, as for Rain... his character was just kind of limited in my opinion. But then, I haven't seen any of their other dramas or movies, but from the looks of it... I won't really like either of them as much after watching something else done by them so I have chose not to watch them anywhere else. I really really like Lee Dong Wook in My Girl. If he stays like that with the same hairstyle, similar personality, no facial hair (I think with facial hair or his old hairstyles he doesn't seem as unique anymore and just looks like any other actor) well, I would like him A LOT. Okay, now I'm just comparing Rain and Lee Dong Wook now, but anyway, like people have said, Full House is the original. Although after comparing it with other people say Full House isn't as good at the other series, it was the root. Like the first computer definitely wasn't as good as what there is now but it's the original and best.

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Post by StarlightDreams » Jul 8th, '08, 15:53

Wow, I expected Full House to have more votes ^_^ I voted for Full House. I felt like I liked that drama better than My Girl. My girl was cute and all, but Full House, I couldn't stop watching that one. I think I finished it in 1 and a half days because I couldn't stop. But My Girl, it was hilarious, my fav part was the billiard scene, haha, they got hustled. Both were great dramas

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Post by MattotJake » Jul 10th, '08, 00:35

I've seen both i was dubbed in tagalog...i've also watched the original versions of each...
for me i'll choose both of them...because i love theme both...My girl is very interesting very funny and the girl is soo cute...
...Lee Da Hae --she's very funny and cute currently i'm downloading her 2007 series..Hello Miss..

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Post by syazchill » Jul 10th, '08, 20:12

in my opinion, both are great... each of them have their own unique storyline.

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Post by rairai » Jul 10th, '08, 20:22

argh.. cant choose.. i like em both.. :D those are my top kdramas (and goong)

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Post by kgobea » Jul 10th, '08, 20:46

My Girl! It was way awesome.....i love the snowman and snowglobes ^_^

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Post by lovenyc52 » Jul 10th, '08, 21:08

My Girl all the way! :P Lee Da Hae and Lee Dong Wok were toooo cute together...

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Post by eyesonlly » Jul 10th, '08, 21:30

my girl for sure =)

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Post by Bodicee » Jul 10th, '08, 22:03

Sure it's my girl!!

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