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How did you get introduced to K-Drama?

Anhyong haseyo. Post Korean related stuff here.
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Post by mcnat63 » Nov 12th, '07, 18:24

For me it was our flight to NY 2 yrs ago, to spend a 2 weeks vacation, my niece brought her mom's laptop (she's only 11 ),since it was a 5 hrs. flight and I was seated behind her, my eyes got hook with interest . She's watching GOONG, downloaded all 23? episodes. Imagine I am 43 yrs. at that time , every time we get back from sightseeing & tours, my nieces & I we're all hook-up in the screen. My younger siblings thought I'm getting crazy, bec. we go to bed
very late.. Since we came back to LA, at work, everytime I happened to have a Korean patient, I ask about if she knows this &that drama.. One lady patient told me, Im not alone to get addicted to drama, she knows some mature friends and they're hook too. My 24 yr. old daughter enrolled me to the gym, bec. everytime she leaves the house she sees me in my room watching, and come back after a few hours still in my room hook to the computer.
This is what you call drama addict.

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Post by andie » Nov 27th, '07, 10:26

i was introduced by a friend who liked watching korean movies, lack in 2004, i think...

i was hooked to chinese/ taiwanese series then, ( i still watch them), she told me to try watching korean too... from then on, i was hooked.. now, i also watch japanese series..

i really love asian series.. :)

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Post by LatentSweets » Dec 13th, '07, 03:19

I started watching Jdrama's about 3 years ago with my sister...then I got (addicted) into Kdrama's.

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Post by nell123 » Dec 16th, '07, 20:48

My kdrama addiction began several months ago when I heard The Devil OST.I liked it so much that it made me download the drama just to see what's it like.And I loved it .Even now it is still my favorite drama among all I've seen. That's how I got hooked.
Right now I'm researching and downloading older kdramas and I'm trying to keep up with the new ones that are coming out.But it's very difficult because I still have to find time to watch jdramas, twdramas, cdramas...(yeah, I'm an addict :-) )

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Post by Hugonium » Jan 2nd, '08, 06:01

MOrgil wrote:A girl that I really liked recommended me to watch Full House and now I'm Korean movie/drama addict lol
LOL. I had the EXACT same situation XD.

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Post by KneeKa » Jan 4th, '08, 02:25

I was on the internet. And somehow I ended up downloading My name is Kim Sam Soon. I was hooked after that.

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Post by FoolyDooly » Jan 4th, '08, 14:26

I am native Korean, born and raised. Rest is now history.


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Post by moji33 » Jan 5th, '08, 03:06

this is my first post!! i have a lot of korean friends b/c theres a lot of koreans at my school. this girl i know told me to watch full house, i was like "no way, i don't want to read when i'm watching tv" lol. but i secretly watched it anyway and i was hooked. i have seen many more j-dramas b/c theyre easier for me to find, but i'm starting to watch more korean ones now i know where to look. full house still my fav thoug!

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Post by wujou_mao » Jan 12th, '08, 11:36

i got to korean [period] drama from chinese period drama. i bought a few korean films set in the old days, then found Dae Jang Jeum on DVD in the philippines. rest is history

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Post by GWorks » Jan 22nd, '08, 17:36

[img]Ok so I am a 50+ year old male, living outside of NYC and this is my first post. There we were looking for some decent programming last summer and happened to tune in to High as the Sky. At first it was dificult to follow along and my wife and I would giggle at some of the translations as well as the smacking. We love when people smack each other. When High as the sky ended, we continued to watch Likeable or Not ( I hate you but it's fine) and absolutely love this show too.
One minor complaint is when the show airs in NY. It comes on at 9:20pm (2120) every M-F which gives us a 20 minutes of dead time to either find something quick or tune in to something for 20 half the show. We usually run and take the dog out and prepare some snacks.
All in all, we love the show and find it hard not to view the spoilers, only wish I knew more Korean!!

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Post by michca » Jan 22nd, '08, 17:44

Thanks to American daytime tv being so bad, I ended up on the Imaginasian and AZN channels while home sick with bronchitis. I ended up sitting through Goong, Emperor of the Sea, and Full House and ever since then I have been hooked. :wub:

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how I got into K-drama

Post by edubb55 » Feb 1st, '08, 06:54

I love Korean Dramas thanks to my friend Randy...
He let me borrow his "MyGirl" dvd set and that was it...
"Full House" "Goong" "Winter Sonata"....too many to mention!

Tragedy & Heartache are 2 things that make K-Dramas so great!


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Post by leenzy » Feb 3rd, '08, 04:06

i watched Winter Sonata series in 2002/2003 on TV..so, from that i addicted to watch others series of KDrama :)

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Post by Dior^aDDicT » Feb 21st, '08, 10:52

World Cup 2002 which was held in Japan and Korea.
so my local tv was airing Winter Sonata after the football match.
and i fall in love to korean dramas since then.

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Post by apostolai » Apr 18th, '08, 18:33

a lot of kdramas have been aired here in the Philippines. i started to like full house but what really made me become an addict was coffee prince. my cuz said it was good so i started watching it. & it nreally was! that when i started liking them :)

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Post by mitch16 » Apr 22nd, '08, 02:31

i started my obsession in k-dramas when my aunt lend me her dvd "autumn in my heart" and the rest was history which include days w/out any sleep...lol!

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Post by xxmissyo92xx » Apr 22nd, '08, 02:40

ok mines weird lollll i was browsing on youtube cause i wanted to see the last episode of full house(american show totally different from the korean one) and thats where i saw full house(korean version)and i was like wat in da world is this lolll so i clicked it but it was the last episode and i liked so i went back and saw the whole thing*...phew that was tiring..*

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Post by mskakashi » Apr 22nd, '08, 02:59

I stumbled onto the coffee Prince I did not know it was Korean until I started to watch it and did not understand the words. I have watched so many Jdramas that I can watch it without the subs. The coffee prince was different, that was my first of many K dramas :cheers:

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Post by urbandiva » Apr 22nd, '08, 03:35

i found out about korean dramas through this forum i used to post on (cozycot) and decided to try one out -- the first drama i watched was also suggested from that forum and it was 'the vineyard man'. i really liked it at the time and it totally got me hooked on Asian dramas! although I wonder now if I watched that same drama I'd enjoy it as much ... because since then I've watched a lot of better ones ^_^

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Post by lovemovie » Jun 18th, '08, 07:13

I get introduce to Korean Drama though "Eve" from one of my sister friend gives her the VCD for a gift and I love it so much.

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Post by ryc3 » Jun 21st, '08, 00:04

I didn't get into Kdramas till now. Current Watching Autumn in my heart. I've been watching a lot of Kmovies like My Sassy Girl, ill Mare, Sex Is Zero and etc before I watched this one. It's probably one of my favorite ones in terms of Kdrama.

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Post by Zealousy » Jun 21st, '08, 00:09

Actually, I just started liking Korea randomly until one day I though, "Japan has anime, what does Korea have?" then I looked about and found I'm Sorry, I Love You and watched it. I started watching it while I was supposed to be on vacation. XD It was soo good though, I watched 7 episodes there and then watched the rest when I returned to Canada. Then in about December I started moving toward Taiwanese dramas and now I want to watch more Mainland dramas. Dx

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Post by MattotJake » Jul 10th, '08, 00:50

This is the story...
Here in Phil in one station they aired..japaneese drama titled Meteor garden...it was a big hit!!!!
And then the other station aired Endless Love..from Winter sonata to Autumn....it was a great story everybody tell me..but i haven't seen it..
I was addicted to korean films when i have watched the FULL HOUSE then, MY girl AND ALOT MORE Dramas....Filipinos like me love these dramas...And now i am addicted...

I also met Mr. Suho Park who is a missionary volunteer in my university before he's cute...than some actors heheheheheheh...

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Post by xxSaranghaeyoxx3 » Jul 11th, '08, 22:59

They showed Full House on TVB like I think about 4 years ago? And it looked interesting, so then I started watching it, and thought it was funny and good, so then I developed an interest in K-dramas, and of course also because there are lots of hot Korean guys in K-dramas. XD

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Post by dramafun » Jul 22nd, '08, 10:15

Sis was watching stairway to heaven, i was bored and started watching and got hooked!

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Post by garnet07 » Jul 24th, '08, 16:42

MattotJake wrote:This is the story...
Here in Phil in one station they aired..japaneese drama titled Meteor garden...it was a big hit!!!!
Um, well Meteor Garden isn't Japanese but Taiwanese. And it's one of the worst dramas I've ever seen (no offense, but if that was the first drama I've seen from other culture, I would have avoided them altogether and miss my chance of watching really good dramas. :glare: )

Well I got into Korean dramas when I got bored of watching Jdoramas from JEM so I downloaded Bright Girl Success Story, then found a link to d-addicts and all is history.

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Post by LadySin » Jul 29th, '08, 17:44

i guess my interest in K-drama and K-entertainment in general fired up when their tv shows started dominating the local tv programs in my country. i thought their simplistic approach to a story is breath of fresh air from all the heavy tv dramas that i have never really been a fan of. my curiosity for K-culture however began even before the k-dramas were popularized in my country. ever since i've gone to korea back in 2003 for a conference, i instantly took a liking of the country and its people. they were generally very pleasant and i really enjoy their spontaneity. the only thing that bums me out is the obvious communication barrier. not all of them can speak or understand english and although it is not necessarily a bad thing, i feel that rather limits the exposure of their vast pool of amazing talent to the rest of the world.

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Post by Fin_gurly » Aug 5th, '08, 19:20

Well i had watched tw-dramas for awhile but then i decided to try k-dramas( My Girl)

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Post by cloudNINE. » Aug 15th, '08, 17:39

I was surfing one of the message boards that I frequent (it's a private forum for African-American women), and one of the girls my age had a link to her blog in her signature. I clicked it and she had posted an entry about Full House with a link to Crunchyroll.com and also to d-addicts where I found out about Goong, My Girl, etc.. :wub: :wub:

I've been an addict ever since.

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Post by .Silent. » Aug 18th, '08, 10:55

Which one was the first of k-drama i ever watched ?
That question was really difficult one for me... I had to ask my lil sis about it and after long thinking and searching we both realized that we were hooked by different k-dramas XD
Firstly, I watched only jp ant tw dramas and I was happy with that XD
One day my sister started to watch I'm Sorry I Love You coz someone at Crunchyroll said to her that it's worth watching. I sometimes watched few minutes with her when she complained that subs were incomplete but from my point of view the main girl character was stupid so I didn't like it XD
BUT! After some time I got tired of this jp and tw love stories and I wanted something with action 8) I've found Time Between Dog and Wolf and the plot was very interesting to me. But after I saw main character pic I though "No way, I won't watch it. It's for sure another drama with handsome boy who don't know how to act..." And I started to watch another tw drama XD Meanwhile I watched many korean action movies and I really enjoy it. So when after some time I accidentally came across this series again I said "Let's try." And I don't regret it. It's the best drama I've ever watched and Junki is a great actor :D

So getting to the point I was hooked by Time Between Dog and Wolf XD

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Post by br4nd0n » Nov 15th, '08, 16:23

after finishing HYD and 1 Litre of Tears I was looking for something else and I came across Full House.

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Post by angelic_in_red » Nov 21st, '08, 01:02

My friend who's half Korean told me how good the dramas she was watching were and asked if I wanted to watch an ep and see if I liked it. It was either Stairway to Heaven or Bright Girl (complete opposites), but the story was good and I just started watching more.

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Post by magaling » Dec 2nd, '08, 12:29

i get introduced to K-Drama when Autumn Tale was aired here in our country then i become addicted to k-drama and k-movies

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Post by xCLEA » Dec 4th, '08, 04:38

i got introduced my .. one litre of tears xD
after i finished watching it, i wanted to watch another sad one so i searched the internet
i'm sorry, i love you was like .. one of the first ones i read reviews one and it sounded really good, so i watched it.
(it was really good, by the way)
i haven't watched many korean dramas, but the few i did are good, so i'll probably watch more in the future .

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Post by -YiJern- » Dec 14th, '08, 09:57

oh...it was holidays and i had nothing to do...
so i watched dramas on TV which were dubbed in mandarin..
i didn't know it was k-drama at first..
but then i got to know later..

my first drama: Winter Sonata.
second: Autumn in my Heart
third: Purity
fourth: i forgot..

anyway...i'm currently watching Chil Woo the Mighty Warrior! xD

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Post by biniBningPunkista » Dec 14th, '08, 10:41

It started with a korean drama subbed in my country's language. The drama that got me first hooked was Full House. making me a Song Hye Kyo fan... :D

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