How did you get introduced to K-Drama?

Anhyong haseyo. Post Korean related stuff here.
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How did you get introduced to K-Drama?

Post by Bam-Bam » Nov 20th, '05, 14:10

I think for me,

I was reading some Korean news stories about how Winter Sonata became very popular in Japan. Considering the history between these two Countries, the fact that a Korean Drama was a major hit in Japan got my curiosity up. So, i decided to check out Winter Sonata by Googleing and downloading from this site.

And after watching the first few episodes of Winter Sonata, I was instantly hooked. I've never seen anything like this, not even in American TV which is pretty bad to begin with.

Well K-Drama has conquered Asia, and it's becoming more popular in America, thanks to internet, and Korean stations in American cities.

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Post by aly8887 » Nov 29th, '05, 14:46

for me it was the owner of a video store...hehe The man told me that I "needed" to watch it and if I didn't like it I can ask for a refund...hehe :roll so I took it home and completely got into the Korean wave...haha :whistling: and I took my sister along for the ride... we're totally addicted now... 8) The name of the Drama was Endless Love AKA An Autumns Tale... with Won Bin and SSH in it...haha that was the first time I realized how hot Korean guys could be... :whistling: Well, anyways... that was how I got into the wave :lol

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Post by bLaCkNbLuE » Nov 29th, '05, 14:54

My best friend, who is half-Korean, kept telling me about this wonderful drama that she used to watch and cry over with her mom. The drama? Stairway to Heaven. Not long after seeing that, I read online about Densha Otoko and thought it was the cutest story ever. Having seen these two excellent dramas, I was hooked forever!

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Post by MOrgil » Nov 29th, '05, 23:48

A girl that I really liked recommended me to watch Full House and now I'm Korean movie/drama addict lol

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Post by sasayins » Nov 30th, '05, 00:01

when i saw FINKL :D

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Post by tinhvibanbi » Nov 30th, '05, 00:12

my vietnamese friend told me about this site before, but i just went ERRRR, not interested...... But when he posted full house in our forum, and after watching the first episode, i went mad.......coz not grab FH in the first place, coz im so silly, but better late than never, rite???

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Post by dmaechan » Nov 30th, '05, 00:18

me?..well, my lito sister downloaded a korean drama for the first time...she didn't know what it was but everyone kept saying it was a great show... when the download was complete we watched it was Full House! we were so surprised to see Bi/Rain!!!... which was kind of ironic because we just saw his music video at the korean music countdown on TV that nite(we didn't know he acted as well^^;;)
...and ever since then i've had a craving for kdramas^____^

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Post by ShapeShifta » Nov 30th, '05, 00:23

I downloaded a Korean Drama thinking it was a Japanese Drama (for some reason I overlooked that imporant fact), but to my suprise I turned out to like it, so now I look out for drama from both :salut: I'm still pretty new to Kdramas though.

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Post by Childhoodless » Nov 30th, '05, 00:44

I've known for their existence and potency for a while, probably since the time the recent Korean Wave made big news internationally. I was acutely aware of their addictive properties. For that reason alone, I stayed away from them. I knew that I would be sucked in if I caved.

Only very recently did I finish a whole kdrama. It was Full House, of course. I was actually curious to find out what made Song Hye Gyo so extremely popular around here. I considered it a sort of investigation more than entertainment. Although now, I have a somewhat higher respect for Bi. I tend to be skeptical of the abilities of a singer who turns to acting, or vice versa. In America, it's rarely a good career move when a celebrity switches modes of media. I can put down a list of failed singing careers of actors, and failed attempts at acting by singers, but I think you all already know it all.

I've moved on, now watching All In. I had actually planned to watch All In first, but Full House ended up downloading a whole lot faster, and I was getting too impatient.

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Post by Darez » Nov 30th, '05, 02:40

Started watching Kdrama when I ran out of Jdrama to watch. Full House was the first that hooked me.

Started watching Jdrama when I lost interest in Anime (Still not sure if I outgrew anime or the quality in general has deteriorated).. Densha Otoko was the first that got me interested in dramas.

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Post by pe3kabo0 » Nov 30th, '05, 19:31

korean friend and Bi.. lol FULL HOUSE!

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Post by ans » Dec 1st, '05, 09:04

Well can't remember which was first but it had to have been Tomato or Four Sisters and then definitey Autumn Tale.

Now hooked on Sweet Spy & This love i want to kill.

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Post by jeudi » Dec 1st, '05, 09:15

I was just surfing the web and kinda bored when i happen onto the jtv site. Was sorta curious what kdrama was like. So i downloaded Bright Girl, and liked it. But generally i dont watch that much kdrama, because its usually just about love triangles.

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Post by Felguard » Dec 1st, '05, 09:17

Was bored one day while watching tv and just skipping through channels. I eneded up watching stopping at the korean channel. It was the 4th episode of "Stairway To Heaven." And it started off from there..

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Post by azndgn26 » Dec 18th, '05, 19:08

I thought the poster, the title, and the cast looked interestin so I gave it a shot.

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Post by kwon » Dec 19th, '05, 23:03

A few years ago I went to Hong Kong to my family... One of my aunt watched tv series every night... One night Autumn Tale started to air on tv and I watched it with my aunt... It was love at first sight for me...

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Post by nezumi » Dec 19th, '05, 23:17

my korean friend was obessed with 'my name is kim samsoon' over the summer, and since she only had a few eps in korean, i thought i would try d/l them for her since i already d/l anime and a few jdramas... little did i know how much i was missing!?!

now im hooked onto dramas more than anime ^^;

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Post by melonyhappy » Dec 20th, '05, 00:47

in the forums, i kept on reading about rain and Full house... i d/led Rain's music thought he was blah.. so then i thought this show must be awesome. then i went to the store and bought it :). now i just d/l them, but back then, i didn't have room on the computer, patience or clubbox.

Now i'm addicted to asian dramas (mostly comedies only)

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Post by exmjb2002 » Dec 20th, '05, 02:03

when i saw winter sonata in year 2002
i like the korean langauge (han-gul) :roll

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Post by evildevil » Dec 20th, '05, 03:44

Around 1998s, I heard alot about Korean movies (Doctor with Jang Dong Gun and Lee Young Ae), but at that time I was only interested in Hong Kong movie. I rented some K-drama but wasn't really hooked by it at all. But I was into Korean Music though :D I like SES and read stuff about them. Then I know Eugene was starred in Loving You. I downloaded the movie, that is also when I know about bittorent and the whole process of watching K-drama with English sub :D. Then I downloaded My Love Patzii and that is when i started my K-drama fever

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Post by misshek » Dec 20th, '05, 18:50


this story is rock babe

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Post by servantryforgood » Dec 21st, '05, 19:15

i've attended a korean church my whole life ~
and my mom always watched k-dramas [shes korean] but my dad and i always jeered at them being goofy and over-dramatic.

but then all the people my age were talking about "ga-eul donghwa" which i still never finished, then i started to get interested. then came stairway to heaven, so i decided to try it. i loved it. i only got to ep. 12, though T_T

then i decided I had to finish one, then i found this place. then i clubboxed all of samsoon from touya [you rock.] now i'm working on full house =]

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Post by *puy² » Mar 6th, '06, 17:52

first i searched cantonese dramas and animes... then i got 2 a site w/ animes and there were some k*dramas w/ piQcha's ... i saw *stairway 2 heaven* and dl'ed it.. well.. i rly luved it xD so i started 2 watch dramas =D

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Post by skachild » Mar 7th, '06, 00:27

i start watch k-drama snce a few years ago... starting from winter sonata then to autumn in my heart and know get addicted to k-drama already... :P :P

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Post by SyaoranX » Mar 7th, '06, 00:38

i was in orchestra one day and teh azn squad was talking about dramas in general. my stand partner asked me if i had watched anybefore and and i said only japanese. so then, the next day, she brings me Full House and Stair Way to Heaven and told me to watch it. well i did and thats how i got started.

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Post by tdkyo » Mar 7th, '06, 01:10

Living a good 6 years in Korea (in the early years) exposed me to the great Korean dramas.

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Post by sylpha » Mar 7th, '06, 01:24

i used to watch chinese/taiwanese dramas to improve my language skills (yes i am trying to learn chinese ;) and the mother of my language exchange partner from nanjing just gave me a whole bunch of dvds/svcds with korean and chinese dramas....and the first one i picked was "misa" because the chinese title sounded so stupid to me....and well...because so ji sub is one of the very few asian actors i consider attractive ^.^; so that ´s how it all´s always some mothers fault i get addicted to something (my mum bought me my first mangas...i think secretely she still hates herself for that *lol*)

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Lynn Minmei
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Post by Lynn Minmei » Mar 7th, '06, 01:29

it started when Atutumn Tale(first ever kdrama shown) was dubbed here in the Philippines.

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Post by OvertheRainbow » Mar 7th, '06, 01:31

Well my dad, mom, and older sister used to have like millions of tapes of dramas dubbed in viet and I used to watch along with them cz I was pretty young and bored and one time my parents were watching Dae Jang Geum and I liked the songs along with their pretty clothes but it was only until like last summer when my Korean friend had "My name is Kim Sam Soon" on her laptop and she kept saying like how almost all of Korea is watching this drama and stuff so I watched it and I got hooked, mainly cz of hyeon bin :wub:

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Post by neokenzo » Mar 7th, '06, 07:34

I've been watching the hype here about Goong and decided to give it a try :)

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Post by Paige » Mar 7th, '06, 15:45

Two words: FULL HOUSE

After that, I got hooked on other series like Stairway to Heaven, Damo, etc.

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Post by bioshiva07 » Mar 8th, '06, 00:55

my firrst korean drama was dae jang geum, but it didn't hook me on it. it actually started with d-addicts! i was downloading Hana yori dango and decided to check out the recommened k-drama list. i watched full house and the rest is history. i watched most of the recommened ones. now i'm an official k-drama addict!

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Post by matchingsocks » Mar 8th, '06, 07:34

It was when i was 11 years old,
i didnt know the difference betwwen korean drama and chinese ones -_-,
so i just watch and watch whatever my mom borrows from her friends,
and i realize my mom said how much she loved Korean dramas.
Well it was Winter Sonata that she borrowed,
but i wasnt into it..thought after wathcing it with my mom, its so addicting!

i just discover looking through this site, how many korean dramas i havent watched,
usually its the one thats not very popular i watch :P
But stairway to heaven made my family into a couch potato for a few days :glare:

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Post by siggiepop » Mar 8th, '06, 07:46

I was introduced to this addiction to k-drama all thanks to babyguh. -_-;; she's wicked, i say. wicked!

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Post by Akira-Kon » Mar 8th, '06, 07:49

azndgn26 wrote:I thought the poster, the title, and the cast looked interestin so I gave it a shot.
Me too =) and the storyline.

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Post by Athaclena42 » Mar 8th, '06, 08:14

It went like this for me:
1. Ran out of anime.
2. Decided to search for Japanese dramas and stumbled across jtv's site.
3. The first 4 episodes of Bright Girl's Success Story were available for download, and I was intrigued because I hadn't had any exposure to Korean culture until then. So I downloaded them and really liked them.
4. Googled the series and found it on jem's website via D-addicts.
5. Started furiously downloading all the dramas I could find and got my roommate hooked on them in the process.

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Post by marvelous » Mar 8th, '06, 08:59

I was watching Korean dramas since I was a little kid. Duh I was born in Korea. :salut:

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Post by bugsie » Mar 8th, '06, 09:01

when i watched my sassy girl, that fueled my passion for kdramas.

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Post by CraZyaH » Mar 8th, '06, 09:08

I rememebr the first time I knew there were korean dramas was when I watched "Friends"..however,that drama didn't really get me so interested in Kdramas
then in after few months I was talking this friend and she had the song "My Memory" by Ryo playing in the background,so I asked what that song was called and who sings it,so she gave me the title..and as I started searching for the song,I found out that it was an OST for a drama called "WInter Sonata" so I've decided to download and watch it XD and ever since,I've mostly been downloading kdramas even tho I was a jdrama fan XD

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Post by Romance » Mar 8th, '06, 09:37

I was blessed by GTO and found this place a long time ago. And i saw something called lets go to school sang do from korea, i always loved the school enviroment so i gave it a try... and well, now im watching kdrama everyday :salut:

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Post by nrg_hot330 » Mar 8th, '06, 15:01

my very first drama was In-laws war...i liked it so much, and since then, i just love k-dramas

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Post by wai_muna » Mar 9th, '06, 12:30

from my mom and little sister...they both korean addict...they`ll warning me not to disturb them while watching korean drama...i was so curious that make me watch it i found was great..then i started to watch korean movies and dramas...:P

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Post by Vindell » Mar 10th, '06, 16:21

My first K-drama was Winter Sonata. It was the first K-drama ever played on TV. I thought it had been popularly commercialized by the TV station and it got me all curious about it. So I gave it a try and I actually fell in love with it.

So I guess the TV station responsible for getting me into K-dramas.

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Post by mkm-sdk » Mar 10th, '06, 21:35

I watched a lot of Korean movies, the first one was My Sassy Girl :wub::wub:
but previously I was addict to animes, well I'm still addict... so one day searching info about an actor... very cute indeed... the guy from "Love so divine"... :roll
Well I found this page, and there was a project brand new, "The Bean Chaff of My life".. I downloaded it I've watched... and I loved it... then reading about good series, Full house, My name is Kim Sam Soon, My Girl, Autumn Tale... and OMG Goong!!!... now I have a new addiction..... K-Dramas :wub::wub::wub::wub:

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Post by fifimimi » Mar 10th, '06, 22:28

My mum got me into it...she went back to HK one year (many years ago) and they were broadcasting Autumn Tale dubbed in cantonese...she only managed to watch a few episodes as they only broadcast it on sunday nights...when she came back to england, she told me all about it and cos I always buy chinese/japanese cds, dvd (films and series) from the net, she asked me to find Autumn Tales for her...I found out that it starred Wonbin who I had liked since he first started out as an we watched it together when I brought it...we fell in love with the series...I started hunting down for Wonbin series and Mum wanted me to hunt down Seung Song Hun's series...after we'd watch all the dramas I managed to find of theirs we moved on to other k-dramas...mostly from recommendations from this site, Asianfanatics or Yeasia!!

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Post by horndogbuddhist » Mar 10th, '06, 22:31

Through this service...really have enjoyed being led to this from the ex gf...but so far have really got into Gumiho - The Nine-Tailed Fox series...really am enjoying it...that and the women are really HOT! :argue: :argue: :argue:

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Post by AznAngel29 » Mar 11th, '06, 01:33

I was introduced to kdrama like 5 years ago or so I don't remmeber 1st kdrama was autumn in the heart soemdthin had so many names i get confused at times...but SHK was in it...and then I stopped a bit but now i'm back on track with kdrama lol....ever since Full House I love Kdrama....

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Post by Syuichi » Mar 11th, '06, 01:50

I was introduced about a two years ago when I saw Hotelier and Attic Cats on AznTV. Then I found this site a while back....

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Post by yusufborne » Mar 11th, '06, 03:00

i started watchin oH pil Seung! that was good

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Post by Paniolagirl » Mar 12th, '06, 01:01

One day back in 1984-1985 I was channel surfing and came across Kbfd-tv. I have not looked back sver since that day. :cheers:

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Post by wingsky » Mar 12th, '06, 01:31

Someone girl on this forum pointed me in direction of kdramas.. thank you! i relee enjoy it now :lol :cry: your reward is in the post :thumright:

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Post by tbtang81 » Mar 12th, '06, 04:41

My sister in Australia told me about Autumn Story. I didn't really bother with it until a manga scanlating group that I was following decided to subtitle it. Watched it, loved it and now have been watching kdramas on and off.

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Post by nikeg » Mar 12th, '06, 08:46

i turned on the tv to the korean channel and i saw chae rim in "on the prairie" and i fell in love wit her and the rest is history

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Post by Lelaye » Mar 13th, '06, 02:16

Well, I Soompi a lot o_o.. When a good drama comes out, it starts going around everywhere no matter which subforum or topic, it comes out. It gets me curious when I hear it and if it goes on for a long period of time, I just download it.

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Post by Rakkie » Mar 20th, '06, 06:27

A few years ago my little sister was into the Olsen twins so I thought I would download a couple episodes of the 80s series Full House to show her where they started out. I still remember what went through my head as I opened the episode?
- Why does it look like it was shot on a camcorder?
- Why aren't they speaking english??
- What is this?

I remember thinking the plot of the episode was pretty outrageous (a friend sends you on a trip to secretly sell your house?!) but I stuck with it because it was so different from american/aussie tv and eventually enjoyed it.

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Post by bbleticia » Mar 20th, '06, 06:29

i was bored, n i didnt kno wat to do n since my friends keep talkin about how great korean drama is, i decided to start downloadin it, n now im an addict

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Post by oasis » Mar 20th, '06, 06:40

i guess mine's a bit more convoluted... was applying to harvard when LSIH had just started, so I had to check it out (must explain why it didn't work out), spread it to my friends, and the rest is history.

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Post by tofu_lady » Mar 20th, '06, 06:42

Rakkie wrote:A few years ago my little sister was into the Olsen twins so I thought I would download a couple episodes of the 80s series Full House to show her where they started out. I still remember what went through my head as I opened the episode?
- Why does it look like it was shot on a camcorder?
- Why aren't they speaking english??
- What is this?

I remember thinking the plot of the episode was pretty outrageous (a friend sends you on a trip to secretly sell your house?!) but I stuck with it because it was so different from american/aussie tv and eventually enjoyed it.
hahahahahahaha!!! :lol Did you make you sister watch the Korean Full House with you, too? Haha, funny way of being introduced to kdramas =P.

Anyway, I was first introduced to kdramas at home... eh.. when my mom was watching Stairway to Heaven.


Kwon Sang Woo was so good-looking :P

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Post by milleu87 » Mar 20th, '06, 06:49

well i have been watching kdrama for years but i never got hook at it. not even full house.
then i watched my girl. that is what spur my addiction of kdrama

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Post by ninokat » Mar 21st, '06, 01:14

umm sorry im kinda new to the whole k drama deal
so can anybody tell what website to go to to find reviews for new or recent kdrama
im mean i try to google it but all i found where site with old review
and is there any way to tell what new dramas are being seed in d-addict

thanks for your help guys :wub:

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Post by emykina » Mar 21st, '06, 01:30

i get introduced into k-drama by media. the first hit k-drama in my country was winter sonata n then came autumn in my heart. am soo addicted to hotelier :thumleft: plus k-drama heroes always makes me :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: eversince that, i watch k-drama until now :D latest k-drama is goong palace.. latest finished k-drama was my girl.. seol gong chan shiii... jeong woo is hot too

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Post by whitegirl » Mar 21st, '06, 01:46

I liked this Korean guy who was totally obsessed with being korean and me being russian. One night as a joke I decided to watch KBS so i could complain about how horrible it was. But instead some drama (to this day I will never know which one it was) was on, and immediately I was hooked. That was when my obsession started. Of course, the next day I found out the guy didn't really watch korean dramas. oo well, it was so worth it.

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Post by just_candy » Mar 21st, '06, 02:01

from a very close friend of mine who kept raving about this korean drama being aired at that time..she cudnt chat with me properly coz she kept going back to the tv and watching the i finally decided to watch it with her to see what all the fuss was about..and now...i think im crazier over kdramas than she was back then :lol

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Post by sejabin » Mar 21st, '06, 04:36

I was channel surfing one night and I stumbled across the 2nd episode of Goong[/b on KSCI-TV/ LA 18](There were already 14 episodes out by this time) I fell in love with it and that's when it all started.

Now I can't get enough of K-dramas. They're a good mix of comedy and drama. Just simply fantastic!

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Post by Nadil » Mar 21st, '06, 15:21

ShapeShifta wrote:I downloaded a Korean Drama thinking it was a Japanese Drama (for some reason I overlooked that imporant fact), but to my suprise I turned out to like it, so now I look out for drama from both :salut: I'm still pretty new to Kdramas though.
the same here^^ I was pretty new to all this stuff, I've watched only a couple of jdramas and liked them. One day i found my way to a FullHouse torrent, i thought it was jdr and dl it :P it turned out to be korean, after I watched it I just couldn't let go of K-dr anymore :D

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Post by MeIrUo » Mar 21st, '06, 15:32

When winter sonata first aired in my country it was dubbed in chinese so I never pay attention to it coz I hate series that have been dubbed. Then my sister buy the original winter sonata DVD, but still I didn't even bother to watch 'till summer 2002 I was bored to death. So I decided to give it a try. When I watch a few episode my first impression is 'Woff, this is totally different!' I get hooked and finish that 20 episodes in a day (not sleep that night either just to know the ending!). 'till now I still can't let go of the wave. Still goin' crazy over all those k-drama. I love k-drama more now than J-drama and T-Drama.

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Post by Halko » Mar 21st, '06, 19:09

My Korean friend kept posting about them, so I decided to look into them. ^__^;

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Post by citi » Mar 22nd, '06, 21:56

my best friend @ school is korean, and she kept on raving about full house, and I have another friend who loves taiwanese dramas and is always saying the best way to learn a language is to watch dramas....

I ended up taking chinese anyway, but I think k-dramas are the best :wub:

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Post by duskendawn » Mar 22nd, '06, 22:45

My friend was the one who introduce me to Goong and i go hooked to it. love it!

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Post by SkyyBlue » Mar 23rd, '06, 08:54

My parents rented a lot of Korean Videos and sometimes I would watch it with them. But that was way back when than I would go visit my friend and watch it on his computer got me hooked.

Sand Glass (mo leh she geh)
First Love (Chut Sa Lahng)

Classics! I would watch these over again :roll

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Post by baybee » Mar 23rd, '06, 20:52

When I was small I always watched HK drama series and JP drama series. The one that I remember the most was "Oshin" (old drama series).

Then I moved to USA and do not know how to get to watch all the asian drama series until my good friend told me about "DaeJang-geum" (Jewel in the Palace)!! OMG!! Its the best drama series ever!

Since then I got hooked with Korean drama series and try to learn the beautiful language (thru search on internet, kinda hard tho ;o( ) .

After that, i got to know this awesome site from my friend and start to download Korean Drama Series everyday.... im so addicted to it!!

Thank you for everyone that make this possible to me to download these and for ppl that take their time to make the subs!!

Thanks again! <3

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Post by twinklesstars » Mar 23rd, '06, 23:26

the first kdrama that my brother introduced to me was Endless Love aka Autumn Tales

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Post by joyousdan » Mar 24th, '06, 03:17

my first kdrama was Lovers in Paris... but before that was MY SASSY GIRL.. awesome movie. it is the best drama flick i've seen... i guess its so refreshing to see something else other than american drama... but still the girl is sooooo pretty... gosh i'm in love.. ok i know its an old movie.

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Post by bellaheart » Mar 25th, '06, 05:52

my first korean drama was full house. i was flipping through channels and came across the first episode of it and since it had english subs and there was nothing else on tv i watched it... and since then i've been hooked, even though i seem to watch jdramas more than kdramas.

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Post by chunkie munkie » Mar 31st, '06, 14:13

My cousin told me abt the Kdrama....
then i went to HK and saw the 1st few eps of Samsoon (dubbed)
Then I found it here....dl'ed it.... (i'm on ep13)
and I've been trying to find more romatic comedies ever since....
OMG, i'm like dying in laughter with Samsoon....

Besides My Girl, Full House, and Goong... any other recommendations?

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