Best Korean On Screen Kiss In a K-Drama.. and the Worst!!

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Post by owl10 » Sep 17th, '05, 11:07

I think the kissing scene of Full House really have no sparks at all. They just kiss for the sake of kissing and seems no feelins. Whereas for the Love story in Harvard, their kiss seems to have some feeling and sparks. By the way, what episode is this?

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Post by jaycee05 » Sep 17th, '05, 20:32

Lil_Bubot wrote: *****OFF TOPIC**Possible Spoiler!!!** * :unsure:
Oh yeah! I just noticed too that in Episode 1.. there was shot of her sleeping in lee wan's bed after getting drunk... .bad camera angle.. It showed her skin.. WOW!! She has some major acne/skin problem..I guess make up is not enough... I'm so surprise because she's so pretty, she should take take care of her skin...just a small observation.. anyone notice it??? I mean, t hey get paid good, should their skin be a priority?? especially for a woman/actress , ..BAD SKIN is a no no for me, epecially for an actress as pretty as her :x
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Post by Mythrel » Sep 17th, '05, 21:02

ya really lol. Its no wonder they get plastic surgery when people kick their self esteem like that. Who cares if they had acne problem I don't know one kid who avoided acne.. Damn you hollywood i'll blame you for this!!

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Post by FantaxyStar » Sep 17th, '05, 21:16

I absolutely LOVED full house, but the kissing made me so shocked. :crazy: their lips just touched..nothing. :crazy:

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Post by making00dluv » Sep 19th, '05, 19:06

My Name is Kim SamSoon was the best kiss, i'd have to say. hyun bin and kim sun-ah = <33333. hyun bin's so hot, so i guess we couldn't have expected anything less x]

as for worst kiss, i'd have to go with everyone else here and say full house. oh man. i still love the drama though but that was quite the dead, anti-passionate "i'd rather die than pucker up" kiss. xP

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Post by clementine » Sep 20th, '05, 13:57

My current fave is CJW and KSW in Stairway To Heaven.

They just have this on screen sizzling chemistry. Passionate and Innocent at the same time.

Everytime when KSW holds CJW and kisses her forehead and lips..... WHOA.........

So SWEET............

The scene when they were on the ski slop..... TOPS! :wub:

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Post by tumbles » Sep 21st, '05, 01:00

Worst kiss Full House - LAME! Not even on my worst day...
Best kiss MISA - the lonely teardrop kiss outside the bar :wub:

I also love the kiss in Save The Last Dance For Me. Ji Sung and Eugene make one of the best onscreen couples.

I've yet to see My Name is Kim Sam Soon. But after reading this thread, I'm really looking forward to that one.

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Post by bubbly_charlene » Sep 21st, '05, 15:52

lucypcng wrote:Having read all your comments, I have to vote for Hotelier for the best kissing scene. And , Lee Byun Hyung as the best kisser.
I agree with you....
LEE BYUN HYUNG is really the best kisser!!!!!!

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Post by urbanscrappy » Sep 21st, '05, 16:14

Worst -
Full House
Lovers in Paris - It was painful, the kiss went on so long I kept expecting it to get better, but nope, totally lame.

Best -
LSIH - Kim rae Won is such a great kisser
Save the Last Dance - really sweet and for once it actually looks like they want to be there

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Post by babygurldoc » Sep 22nd, '05, 08:11

Agree w/ everyone on MISA
Other favorite is BYJ n SYA in Hotelier, the scene where he trapped her b/w the door
LBH n CJW in BD at the music store.

Bi n SHG kiss was bad, at least have some movement, iono maybe b/c of SHG (she cant kiss)

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Post by Bi's girl » Sep 22nd, '05, 23:52

babygurldoc wrote: iono maybe b/c of SHG (she cant kiss)
i don't think she doesn't how to kiss....she can,but bI wasn't moving his lips so what can she do? guys are suppose to make a move first! but in the k-drama "All In" SHk was a pretty good kisser with that guy*forgot his name* !!
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Post by HaPPi3LayDee » Sep 23rd, '05, 23:41


SO JI SUB by far the greatest kisser every in the korean entertainment business
LEE BYUNG HUN, i dont kno, i have seen BEAUTIFUL DAYS yet, but if any1 have a clip of it, please please please post so i can see
but from what i saw in ALL IN, the bed scene, i can say that he's also a great kisser

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Post by Annessa » Sep 23rd, '05, 23:57

Honestly... I have yet to see any great kissing going on in ANY kdrama. and believe me... i've been a kdrama fanatic over the last 4 years or so, and i've watched many!

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Post by NiikuraKaoru » Sep 25th, '05, 06:19

misa kiss was SOO good his tears just fell right before they kissed and i was like :'[ AWWWWWWWWWW HOW SWEET, lovely kiss

though most kisses from korean dramas are wat id like to call "the kiss of ice" :S lmao

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Post by cyan4jy » Sep 25th, '05, 06:49


May be it is the way he holds the girls face in his long beautiful hands that makes all the difference!! :wub:

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Post by Miny » Oct 8th, '05, 22:21

ionno, teh kissing scene itself.. OMG! please not, uks, i dun wanna see HIM kissing anoteghr girl.. LOL
but.. i must say...
when kangta and kim minsun kissed.. it was passion x_x if u look clearly.. OMG!
the first one, not the second..
coz usually kdrama kisses are really.. kiddy-kisses ㅜ_ㅜ
but that one... OOLALA!

[ creditz to: 미니 x3 ]

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Post by HazelNuit » Oct 8th, '05, 22:47

I haven't watched a lot of the dramas mentioned in this thread but in all the dramas I've seen I would definitely say My Name Is Kim Sam Soon had hte best kiss, it was passionate yet not overboard and not too boring as well. Full house . . well I wouldn't count that as a was a stiff ending.

Ohter kisses I've seen are Taste Sweet Love which is also like a touch of the lips, Sweet 18 is the same way as well. The only moving lips I've seen in Korean Dramas is KSS, Thousand Years of love and Wedding...but for some reason for TYOL and Wedding their lips don't really mesh very well together so it's kind of weird watching t hem. I :wub: KSS!
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Post by mms » Oct 8th, '05, 23:29

out of all the kdramas I watched, i would say the best kiss would go to the bathroom kiss in Love Story in Harvard. Ohh, it came all of the sudden n nicely done. The place wasn't that romantic though. The one in the Wedding is ok but agree kinda not really real. The place was then quite a better choice. I meant the one under the tree with glowing light from behind scene, yeah that kiss. Anticipating more in newer episodes. Worst still goes to Full House confession ending kiss. Well the script and atmosphere were great, the kiss was however a letdown. After 16hrs of watching it couldn't spoil the whole drama but they could really have done it better to top the 16th hour with a wow. Still, i would kiss any of them KTH, JangNara n SHK any other day ...

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Post by hinako442003 » Oct 9th, '05, 22:55

worst: full house
best: MNIKSS

omg... I thought Jae Hee can kiss, but I guess Hyun Bin is a good kisser as well :lol
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Post by yurrie » Apr 16th, '06, 00:46

definitely GOONG!

damn ..
their kisses are HOTTT

:wub: joo ji hoon ....

wish i was YEH :cry:

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Re: Best Korean On Screen Kiss In a K-Drama.. and the Worst!

Post by OvertheRainbow » Apr 16th, '06, 01:11

Lil_Bubot wrote:
OK, WORST on Screen Kiss:
1. Full HOuse w/ Rain and Song hye Gyo.. Don't get me wrong! I like the series but the KISS.. wow... LAMENESS!!!... their kiss is so COLD!!! their lips just touch and FROZE!! I thought something was wrong with my computer!! No movement whatsoever!!! :blink :blink I can't believe, they've showed that... If would have been better if they didn't... :-(!
I agree with that. At the end when they were kissing, I was like...What? that's looks like they're just sitting there with their lips together but they aren't doing anything except just kinda waiting to see when the time is up for them to stop kissing

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Post by clauric » Apr 16th, '06, 08:27

BEST: My Girl second was such a sweet kiss..hehehe n will definitely fall for Dong Wook oppa..n Da Hae was so cute..but the NG for this kiss is so much hotter hehehe

WORST: Full House--it had the WTF feeling afterwards..THANK GOD FOR MOVING CAMERA ANGLES..
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Post by ChinaDoll » Apr 17th, '06, 01:11

yurrie wrote:definitely GOONG!

damn ..
their kisses are HOTTT

:wub: joo ji hoon ....

wish i was YEH :cry:

I'm soooo with you on that! That kiss in ep 23 of Goong definitely showed some chemistry!!~! :heart: I loved the kisses in Goong, My Girl, and Lovely Samsoon! Gotta agree with many people here.. the Full House kiss was pretty horrible -_-

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Post by Néa Vanille » Apr 17th, '06, 01:26

I'm surprised nobody's mentioned A Love To Kill. Okay, so it wasn't a great drama - but the second kiss between Bi and Shin Min Ah in ...
...episode 8, at the bar, not the one in Episode 4 at the beach
was really hot and believable! My number 1 award still goes to MNIKSS, to when...
...Hyun Bin kissed Sun Ah for the first time at the restaurant halfway through the show
It just seemed so natural, like real people would kiss.

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Post by koodude » Apr 17th, '06, 16:26

yea, I agree. The kiss in Full House was the lameness

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Post by nikyta » Apr 18th, '06, 08:12

Worst: Full House
Best: I'm Sorry I Love You

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Post by sPark* » Apr 19th, '06, 22:41

i agree with ur worst kiss ever. full house kisses were so bleh :crazy:

i dunno ive seen really good kisses many times but i'll name a few that i remember... =]]
My Girl kisses, Goong kiss, Samsoon had really convincing kisses, Save the Last Dance (sweet kisses) etc etc many more =XX

some movies i remember (i havent really watched a lot) - Sad Movie (JungWooSung and Im SooJung) and She's on Duty (GongYoo and Kim SunAh) those are the only ones i remember, but there are def. more =]]

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Post by -Linhi3- » Apr 20th, '06, 03:26

Definitely GOONG, OMG the kiss was long and seem so real (mayb its haha jk jk) :wub: That Kissing Scene was so HOT :w00t:

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Post by rahmanas » Dec 22nd, '08, 20:07

the best :
1st : goonnnnng
2nd : Coffee prince, i'm surprised no one mentionned it (ep10)
3rd : my girl
4th: i think ep 4 from save the last dance near the mailbox ...hmmm so joyfullllll
5th:all kisses from crazy for you

the worssssssst of course FH i was extremely disappointed they dare to call that a final kiss !!!!! shame on them ..
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Post by beautiful_obsidian » Jan 20th, '09, 06:37

i love the kiss between hyun bin and kim sun ah in MNIKSS. who could have pulled that off better than KSA? i loved how she was the one who basically initiated the kiss.

i'm trying to recall the infamous FH kiss everyone keeps writing about but i can't remember. i have to fast watch FH again.

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Post by bluegrl80 » Jan 29th, '09, 21:58

I've not seen loads of k-dramas but from what I have seen I would have to say that best for me goes
1: coffee prince ep 10
2: Kim sam soon
3: goong

I've not seen full house yet so can't comment

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Post by pumpki3 » Feb 4th, '09, 09:06

:lol lolll interesting thread!

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