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If you are allowed to watch only one drama, wat would it be?

Anhyong haseyo. Post Korean related stuff here.
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Post by Demibaby » Aug 5th, '06, 21:18

From what I've watched so far, if I could only watch one I'd watch Densha Otoko. Nobuta wo Produce is also a good choice, because if I could only watch 1, I'd get totally sick of it after a while, but I could totally watch YamaPi for a long, long time.

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Post by Happygirl » Aug 5th, '06, 22:44

I would say it's My Girl or Goong for me. The reason, well both drama are funny, attractive casts, addictive story and excellent fashion. Definitely, you won't get bored ! I guess these might be also the reasons why both dramas have high ratings. :D

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Post by plchung » Aug 9th, '06, 10:11

If just talking about K Drama.... for those I watched...

A month ago I will say My Girl... recently I watched Green Rose...

Now I will choose Green Rose..

Lee Da Hae excellent performance in both drama are of course a big plus...

But in terms of storyline and other supporting actors/actresses performance...

Green Rose is better IMO.

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Post by silverxnights » Aug 10th, '06, 22:57

my sister in law is 19 is pretty good

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Post by Riroi » Aug 11th, '06, 20:03

My alltime favorite KDrama is still Green Rose.

At the moment I'm watching A Love To Kill with Bi/Rain, excellent drama.
Still looking for the drama Loveholic with KangTa,
anyone now a clubbox for it or another way to download it fast.

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Post by fangtasyz » Aug 12th, '06, 04:02

I'd say Full House/Goong. Full House is the one to start me with all those Korean craze and Goong is really nice..I like the show a lot! ^^

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Post by rubi » Aug 12th, '06, 04:05

I'd have to say My Name is Kim Sam Soon. I love this drama! I still haven't come across any other drama better than this one. :D

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Post by Cindy » Aug 12th, '06, 04:35

KDrama - My Girl hands down. Although Attic Cat is a close second.
JDrama - A Million Stars Fall From the Sky
TWDrama - Prince Turns to Frog

The ones listed above are my top choices for each region. Of course it's no surprise that they are the same ones mentioned in my signature. All of them are absolute must sees!

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Post by putera_iblis » Aug 12th, '06, 08:03

full house, autumn in my heart, hotelier, great inheritance, lovers in prague, summer scent, 1% of anything, sad sonata, wintere sonata, all in, just choos one of this drama...guaranttee satisfied your stomach hahaha

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Post by jonnyboi » Aug 15th, '06, 19:09

don't forget sang doo too!

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Post by Cefuroxime » Aug 15th, '06, 19:23

This is really hard. But I think I'd go for Jewel in the Palace. =p

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Post by howzitboy » Aug 15th, '06, 20:02

and the winner is:
full house: 33 votes
my girl: 24 votes
misa(sorry i love you): 21 votes
kim sam soon:18 votes
goong: 16 votes
dae jung geum: 11 votes
lets go to school: 8 votes
save the last dance: 6 votes
mars,sweet 18, stairway to heaven:5 votes

id vote if only one show, id grab MISA cuz it has nice mix of comedy, love and revenge!!

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Post by ohlovelyy » Aug 17th, '06, 12:07

I love Bad Family. I wouldn't mind watching it over and over again.

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Post by anhnie » Aug 30th, '06, 07:22

MNIKSS no doubt! funny, cute, and uniquẹ...n Hyun Bin n Daniel Henney = overload of eye candy!

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Post by elsiey » Aug 30th, '06, 17:19

Eh... Does it have to be Korean? If not, I'd say Nobuta wo Produce ALL THE WAYYYYY~!!! But if it does, then I guess Bad Family. Hee Chul's in it~ <3

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Post by Hawkeye0786 » Aug 30th, '06, 17:34

Wow, toughies.

Korean: My Girl (Kept me longing for the next episode...was an addiction!)
Chinese: Prince Turns into Frog (Kinda silly at times, but perfect for the show....one of my favorites).
Japanese: Only one I've seen is Kurosagi..haha

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Post by kmvaddicts » Aug 30th, '06, 21:29

I can go on living with just My Name Is Kim Sam Soon (Korean) as the only drama ever available on earth. LOL! :P

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Post by BlueSox » Aug 30th, '06, 21:52


Probably "Mars", which I've watched 3 times now, as long I get to read the manga as well (in the drama they took out all the funny bits that the manga uses to cut the melodrama).

Otherwise I would find it hard to do without "Star no Koi", though it makes me wander around saying "dare?" to everyone who asks me a question. "Unfair" and "Trick" get an honourable mention too......

Can't think of a korean drama that I thought was that great, though probably "Goong" if I ever get round to finishing it. Another where I love the manhwa more than the drama.

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Post by flowerpotcat » Sep 4th, '06, 17:23

I'd go for My Name Is Kim Sam Soon. I haven't watched a lot, but I definitely loved this series. :thumright:

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