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Posted: May 6th, '10, 16:20
by Ethlenn
Melon Charts and Bugs charts.
I'm attaching also DBSk concert from Tokyo Dome 2009^^

Posted: May 22nd, '10, 14:30
by Ethlenn
Once again, Mellon Charts and Bugs charts.
Would be nice if someone stated own opinion on those. I mean K-Music or videos for that matter.

Posted: May 22nd, '10, 14:49
by The Chaos
Thank you E-chan for DBSk concert from Tokyo Dome 2009 rar file ..I need anything have DBSK in it :cry:

Posted: May 22nd, '10, 15:00
by Ethlenn
I know, dear, it was especially with you in mind^^

I'm looking for some nice torrents with DBSK around.

Posted: May 22nd, '10, 15:04
by The Chaos
I'm watching their Banjun Drama eps again ..they are good at anything Acting or Singing :wub:
Thank you in advance E-Chan :mrgreen:

Posted: May 22nd, '10, 15:12
by Ethlenn
So you should watch Jdrama Sunao ni narenakute with Jae Joong^^

Posted: May 22nd, '10, 15:21
by The Chaos
I Already download it ..just waiting till it finish so I can watch it ^__^

Posted: May 29th, '10, 14:25
by Ethlenn
Bugs Charts from this wek. No Mellon yet.
You can listen first on the website.

Posted: May 30th, '10, 23:07
by Ethlenn
For DBSK fans over there^^
Torrents as zipped folders.

Posted: Jun 5th, '10, 10:45
by Ethlenn
And once again Mellon charts and Bugs charts.
Nice listening^^

Posted: Jun 5th, '10, 11:14
by MitsukaiKuroi
I will admit that I tend to listen to Japanese music more than Korean music but when I hear something good I don't care where it is from. I can not say that I am a "fan" of any particular K group but I have liked songs from

Big Bang

I even liked the song the Lee Min Ho did for a beer commercial!!! LOL But I have listened to a lot of groups and liked various songs. Odd thing is that I usually hate Hip Hop but I really like Korean Hip Hop? Does that make sense? LOL But I am open to learning about other good K Groups that are rock/pop as well.

Any outstanding suggestions???

Posted: Jun 5th, '10, 12:03
by Ethlenn
Epic High!

I don't like hip-hop either, but Korean one managed to get on my playlist sometime.

These charts are good for browsing. 97% of it is just pure... how to say... not good, but sometimes a good one comes along.

Other suggestions?
Lee Soo Young
Deli Spice (a must-listen!)
Yoon Do Hyun Band (YB)

If you like DBSK, so maybe 2AM, CNBlue?

I'm not much into boy groups, so I can't recommend anything except for Big Bang, but 2AM have nice song for Personal Taste OST (Like a fool).
Try listen to some OSTs, maybe this way you will find anything interesting:
Coffee Prince
My Lovely Kim Sam Soon
City Hall

Posted: Jun 6th, '10, 07:12
by MitsukaiKuroi
Thank you for the recommendations Ethlenn! I am going to start checking them out right away! :)

As for the 2AM song from Personal Taste I liked it the first time I heard it but by episode 12 it started becoming too much! LOL That is usually how I find groups is through the dramas or just hunting around on YouTube and hoping to stumble across something.

Thank you again! And I will check out the charts too! (^_^)

Posted: Jun 6th, '10, 09:35
by Ethlenn
I posted this on the second page:
Ethlenn wrote:Rock: try Nell, YB (Yoon do Hyun band), Delispice first album was pretty noisy^^, Seo Taji, Pia, Crying Nuts (punk), Cherry Filter, W&Whale
Cherry Filter
Seo Taiji
Yoon Band
Kim Soo-chul
Rainy sun
Deli Spice
Kim kyung-ho
Trans Fixion
Wiretap in my ear

Some links might not working, I got the list from some older post^^
You may give it a try, they are mostly rock bands.
Also, try listen to the artists on LAST.FM, you may find something worthy.
Yeah, the song was used too much, but nevertheless nice one.
Did I mentioned Chuno OST?

Posted: Jun 7th, '10, 18:54
by Ethlenn
And some news:
Rain wins an award at MTV Awards:
Watch it here

Something for DBSK fans:
Yunho is Becoming a Prince?

Yunho For Vogue Japan

DBSK trio:
DBSK Trio Finally Reveals Their Feelings About the Lawsuit

Posted: Jun 7th, '10, 19:14
by The Chaos
Thank you E-chan for the news :wub: :wub: :wub:

Posted: Jun 7th, '10, 19:30
by Ethlenn
As I promised, Yunho and DBSK for you^^
:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Posted: Jun 16th, '10, 15:33
by Ethlenn
more for Yunho fans out there (The Chaos chan^^):
More on Goong The Musical

Somehow this looks better than Hong Gil Dong musical. Damn, that was weird...

Posted: Jun 16th, '10, 15:44
by The Chaos
Thank you E-chan..I wish if he only Acted in the drama too :wub:
he look better than Joo Ji Hoon Image

Posted: Jun 16th, '10, 15:50
by Ethlenn
WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?? You are talking to a certified JJH fan here!! :cussing: :cussing:
Wrrrrrrrr.... :alcoholic:

Posted: Jun 16th, '10, 16:16
by The Chaos
I'm JJH fan as well but Yunho far better than him :heart:

Posted: Jun 16th, '10, 17:17
by Ethlenn
Eh... you're too far away from me to "show" you my reasons (you're safe enough).
:wub: JJH!

Posted: Jun 17th, '10, 18:02
by Ethlenn
Again, Mellon Charts^^

Posted: Jun 18th, '10, 06:48
by MitsukaiKuroi
@Ethlenn - Again thank you for all of the links and new music! I know EVE. Sort of like them. And Seo Taiji I know from working with the guy in my avatar named Atsushi Sakurai. He was on his solo album. Not crazy about Taiji personal stuff though.

I have recently become addicted to G-Dragon's "Breathe" and "Heartbreaker". I know they aren't new but I really like them. I did not recognize him at first with the blonde hair! (from Big Bang)

Also I have started listening to Outsider's music as well. "Alone" so far is my favorite. I have also tried to listen to some F.T. Island. Love the lead singer's voice but the music is just 'okay'.

Still looking around for great things to listen to in Korean music! And thank you again! :D

Posted: Jun 18th, '10, 08:21
by Ethlenn
Yeah, G-Dragon is OK, at least he really can sing. But my favorite song from his solo album is "I'm a boy", I don't know why though. And Seo Taiji is not my type of music either, but I can appreciate his share in Korean Music.

You should give a try to one of the best voices out there: Lee Seung Yul ( he sang for Clazziquai in one song for My Lovely Kim Sam Soon OST, and few other OSTs), he's so underrated, but in fact one of the most talented guys in the music industry.

Take care!

Posted: Jun 19th, '10, 07:45
by Ethlenn
Again, attaching Bugs charts from yesterday, and something for Big Bang fans.

Have fun!

And you can see/listen, the Bugs charts here:

Posted: Jun 20th, '10, 17:12
by MisS Lonliah
Thanks for your efforts Ethlenn ^^

Posted: Jun 20th, '10, 17:23
by Ethlenn
No big problem, hun, I hope they work^^

Posted: Jun 20th, '10, 19:52
by MisS Lonliah
Big_Bang_Discography 2009 has many seeders, so it should be fine :thumright:

Posted: Jun 20th, '10, 20:07
by Ethlenn
That's a relief... really.
I'm still looking for more stuff to provide to you. And since I got help with music shows, I don't have to download them and resize, make new torrents myself, uff...

No news on release of Big Bang concert in Japan still...

Posted: Jun 20th, '10, 20:56
by MisS Lonliah
The official version of Big Bang's Top new solo single "Turn It Up" will be released Today! ^^

Posted: Jun 20th, '10, 21:37
by Ethlenn
Albums releases (regarding what MisS lonliah wrote, thanks, honey^^):
2010.06.21 T.O.P - Single
2010.06.23 Bad Guy OST (yeyeye!!!)
2010.06.23 Big Bang - Live Album
2010.06.24 Kim Woo Jo - Single
2010.07.01 Taeyang - Album
2010.07.21 Se7en - Album

I don't like Se7en actually but just in case, to keep you updated^^

Posted: Jun 23rd, '10, 13:19
by Ethlenn
Somehow, Bad Guy OST disappeared from my source... hmmm

New MV of TOP is in HD here:
TOP - Turn it Up!

Black and white!! Finally!!

Posted: Jun 24th, '10, 21:35
by Ethlenn
Mellon Charts again^^

Posted: Jun 25th, '10, 21:10
by Fantastical
Ethlenn wrote:Somehow, Bad Guy OST disappeared from my source... hmmm

New MV of TOP is in HD here:
TOP - Turn it Up!

Black and white!! Finally!!
T.O.P. looks like a pimped out Vulcan. Breaking all the Prime Directives....
and yes I'd do him...hard...wait...he'd do me.
His name s T.O.P. after all.. :mrgreen:

Posted: Jun 25th, '10, 22:09
by Ethlenn
You have broken not only those directives, my friend...

Posted: Jun 25th, '10, 23:55
by Fantastical
Ethlenn wrote:You have broken not only those directives, my friend...
Also Asmimov's Three Laws of Robotics ...beep boop

Posted: Jun 26th, '10, 00:37
by Peggy
So much music in my head 24-7

But I must tell you I like
and love Alex with them or alone. voice like melting butterscotch in his love songs.

JJ Kim Dong Uk. This man has a voice that would belong to the angel Gabriel if he was a singer. Do try and find him. Amazing musician and can sing jazz and ballads and does a lot of OST work. Incidentally also a Korean Canadian as is Alex.

Also I highly recommend an MV that is really like a little gem. It is a movie in it's own right.
Called 'Mr.Flower' or 'My First' from an album by Jo Sung Mo. Just write Mr.Flower in your browser and you will find videos.
If you don't like this Ethlenn then I don't know you at all.

The artists in it are So Ji Sub...Osawa Takao (Every reason to watch) and Kim Sung Eun.


Posted: Jun 26th, '10, 02:20
by kahuna808
I like all types of Korean Music. D/l 100's of MV, Concerts, Music Shows, Live Performances a year. Especially if they are in Hi-def. One of my all time favorites is "Cool". But I can hardly find anything of theirs in Hi-def or even in Hi Quality. They go back well over 10 years.

Posted: Jun 26th, '10, 02:33
by Fantastical
Peggy wrote:So much music in my head 24-7

I'd see a doctor if I was you. :goggle: :P

Posted: Jun 26th, '10, 09:27
by Ethlenn
Peggy, you mean that 11 minutes long video? Jo Sung Mo is on my list since last November^^

And I would highly recommend Yiruma. he's a composer, and released 8 albums only for a piano, but the latest album (divided into 2) has 2 songs. Beautiful songs. One is adictive, called "River flows in you", and since I have strange attachement to the world "river", I couldn't miss it.
This is the piano version of it
here is with vocal of Ruvin

The more I listen, the more I love Korean music.

Even f(x) with their NU ABO is nice to shake some^^

Bugs Top Charts attached.

Posted: Jun 26th, '10, 13:58
by Fantastical
Any Korean hard core heavy metal groups? Like Dethklok worthy?

Posted: Jun 26th, '10, 15:14
by arakira
I've been in love with one Korean band: 검정치마 (the Black Skirts). Have been listening to their sole album over n over for more than a year now. I think the singer used to live in the US and also went unter the name Castel Prayon. I'd so like to find out what they're up to nowadays. Does anybody have any news about them?? ... setlang=en
There's also a Korean blog:

Posted: Jun 26th, '10, 18:25
by Ethlenn
For me the heaviest and most noisy music is Seo Taiji, but I don't know any heavy metal. I believe it exists but...

The Black Skirts... yeah, they looked like a Young Mathematicians Club, but had some nice, really nice music! I lost track about them though.

Posted: Jun 27th, '10, 01:16
by Peggy

thanks so much. I was totally lost looking for this thread.

Re 'MY FIRST' No it is not 11 minutes. It is the full MV of 23 minutes. They even made a DVD which is for sale on Yesasia I think. However, it does not have English subs.
I have this deep in my hard drive but except for sending it to you email I can't transfer it. It is one you would enjoy so whatever you wish I will do. I love the fact that Osawa Takao is the bad guy here. He can make himself so handsomely evil and then look so ferocious and mean. I love this actor and there is a thread on him in jdorama.
There is a statement that he makes right at the beginning when he is drinking tea with bad guys. It resounds with sadness in the last scenes. At least I noticed that.
I tried to find links from the jisub site and they have all been removed from various places including youtube and MU and MF. I think it was 2004/5 so that's not surprising.

I just watched this a few months ago and it is still so good. PM me if you want it.


Posted: Jun 27th, '10, 08:28
by Ethlenn
I had access only to this 11 minutes long on youtube, so I had no idea they went that far...
But I love this type of MV: stories in it.
That is why I love Lee Soo Young's MVs^^
Thank you.

Posted: Jun 29th, '10, 12:58
by Ethlenn
Download new Big bang Live Album here:
I guess we all know this website

Posted: Jul 2nd, '10, 16:15
by Ethlenn
Torrent for Mellon 2010-06-30:

I used up all my allowed amount of attachments, so from now on, links to torrents, hope you don't mind^^

Posted: Jul 10th, '10, 11:39
by Fantastical
oh I never do darling ;)

Posted: Jul 11th, '10, 10:33
by Ethlenn
Mellon charts: 2010-07-06^^

Happy listening

Posted: Jul 11th, '10, 13:30
by Fantastical

Posted: Jul 12th, '10, 18:39
by Ethlenn
Eh, well, I know.

For Taeyang and G-Dragon fans out there:
TAEYANG - I need a girl (featuring G-DRAGON)

Posted: Jul 15th, '10, 20:07
by Ethlenn
G-Drrragon's concert Shine A Light is available for a download here: G-Drrrrragon hope it works^^

Posted: Jul 31st, '10, 12:27
by Ethlenn
To those who want SHINee new album:
2nd Album Lucifer

And torrent link for their MV Lucifer:

Nice, nice^^ :whistling:

Posted: Jul 31st, '10, 23:22
by Fantastical're awesome Ethlenn!

Posted: Jul 31st, '10, 23:27
by Fantastical
Ethlenn wrote:Mellon charts: 2010-07-06^^

Happy listening
Any for this past week? How do you find them?

Posted: Jul 31st, '10, 23:54
by Ethlenn
Hey, luv^^

No Mellon or Bugs on the sites I'm frequent on^^ Don't know what happened, really.

But it looks like torrent for SHINee is not working so I uploaded the Video here:

Posted: Aug 1st, '10, 00:31
by Fantastical
*blush* She called me "luv" *swoons and draws circle around liver* Oh how I have missed you. I can't wait until the busy season waines.

Posted: Aug 1st, '10, 02:09
by Ethlenn
Aww, Fantastical, you are luv, you don't know??

Busy season never waines, not in my world, though... sniff...

Posted: Aug 29th, '10, 12:21
by Fantastical
Ethlenn wrote:Aww, Fantastical, you are luv, you don't know??

Busy season never waines, not in my world, though... sniff...
:wub: Don't worry. Just eat the liver of your boss.

Posted: Oct 7th, '10, 15:47
by missychong
hellos... do ur know anywhere which has the english subs for DBSK secret code concert?? i dont understand what they're saying... :(

Posted: Oct 7th, '10, 16:48
by Ethlenn
You should look at different lj communites, maybe they have something. I'm not into DBSK so I don't know of any. On the other hand, I never heard of making softsubs for shows or concerts. If any group is doing it, most likely will hardsub it.

Posted: Oct 8th, '10, 18:43
by Ethlenn
For all K-music lovers (and SHINee): 2010 Ulsan Culture Expo Concert 2010-10-08
It's 720 version, so beware!
SHINee is at the end of it^^

Posted: Oct 14th, '10, 12:07
by Ethlenn
For JYJ fans:
101012 SSTV - JYJ World Wide Showcase in Seoul torrent. :salut:

Just really hope, SM Entertainment will suffocate and let the boys go.

Posted: Oct 24th, '10, 09:05
by Ethlenn
Melon charts again!!
Is right under this link :salut:

I found another source of it, and hopefully will be able to provide links like that every week. But it's not the promise.
All songs have titles in Korean (or English, whatever band fancies at the moment^^).

Posted: Oct 31st, '10, 10:39
by Ethlenn
Again with:
Melon Charts
Bugs Top 100

Nice listening^^

Posted: Oct 31st, '10, 15:36
by Fantastical
Ethlenn wrote:Again with:
Melon Charts
Bugs Top 100

Nice listening^^
I am such your ****!!!

Posted: Nov 14th, '10, 09:15
by Ethlenn
Melon Charts 2010-11-13 TOP 100^^
Have fun!

I think autumn is hitting, so many mellow sounds...

Posted: Nov 28th, '10, 21:22
by Ethlenn

Posted: Nov 28th, '10, 22:44
by The Chaos
I don't have any links but I'll share great news :D

Big Bang and DBSK will back in 2011 ^ o ^

Posted: Nov 28th, '10, 23:21
by Ethlenn
JYJ is back already :heart:

Just quick question, are Max and Yunho still under SM Entertainment? Or do they have another agency?

Posted: Nov 28th, '10, 23:28
by The Chaos
yes there still in SM Entertainment :(

Posted: Nov 28th, '10, 23:36
by Ethlenn
:pale: That's bad. Really bad. I really hope someone could just destroy SM Ent. Seriously.
SHINee are also under SM. :cry:

Posted: Nov 28th, '10, 23:42
by The Chaos
the poor two guys ..the fangirls angry at them because they didn't leave with JYJ :(
and SM now try to ruin everything JYJ trying to do >__>

Posted: Nov 28th, '10, 23:48
by Ethlenn
Yes, I know. I read they asked all TV broadcasts in Korea to not involve with JYJ, this is why we don't have them in Music Bank or Inkigayo etc. I know they want to ruin them, but this is just sooo low.

And I think those two should leave with the rest. Seriously, I have no idea why they stayed.