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Stellar - U.F.O

Posted: Mar 11th, '12, 02:55
by xk


Release Date: Debuted 25/08/2011
Genre: Kpop
Members: ( 1st ) Gayoung, Yi Seul/ Lee Seul, JoA, Jeon Yul
( 2nd ) Gayoung, Jeon Yul, Hyoeun, MinHee

*JoA and Lee Seul / Yi Seul has quit STELLAR and is currrently continuing their activities of ballad duo Honeydew, the new members are Hyoeun and MinHee. Their comeback in Feb 2012 would be included with the two new members
Record Label: Rocket Girl ( Debut song ), UFO


Official Accounts :

More photos: ... 920&type=1


Stellar, (Korean: 스텔라) is a South Korean pop group that consists of four members. They are under the label Top Class Entertainment and were founded in 2010 by Eric (32, Moon Jung Hyeok) of Shinhwa. They made their hot debut in 2011 with their song, Rocket Girl. They filmed Rocket Girl’s MV for 3 days. And the recent release of the new single U.F.O.

Stellar are having close relationship with Shinhwa and Teen Top. GaYoung starred on Teen Top’s Supa Luv MV.



The Stellar girls group is simply brilliant.

I am very highly impressed with their second single "U.F.O". Love their TV-performance at MusicBank & MusicCore. I am blown away by it.

What got me shocked is this song seems to have bad rep at places like youtube. Don't know what the deal is. I personally like this more than the hit songs like "Whoz That Girl" from another girls group EXID that was out about the same time Stellar's 2nd single was out. The song "Whoz That Girl" was impressive but I think the song UFO is way better. There's just something about the music that gets me. This song is also super addictive. I kept listening over and over and over and over and over and never get tired of it. I think I listened so far about 300 times. I'm having trouble finding a CD for this single. Is it not out yet or something? :wub:

This girl group is my most favorite since the group "Girl's Day" was hit last year... Where are they now? I don't seem them anymore. :-( EDIT: They are back with the new album "Everyday II". So glad they are back in business.

Posted: Mar 11th, '12, 08:21
by Ethlenn
You mind making a proper post for them? Info, album, bio etc.

Posted: Mar 11th, '12, 17:56
by xk
^ Ok, info added in 1st post. :)