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I need your helpful suggestions to new dramas thanks

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I need your helpful suggestions to new dramas thanks

Post by andyjin7777 » Dec 28th, '10, 04:33

First this is a list of all the shows I have watched:
Woody sambo
Fated to love you
Miss no good
Prince turns into frog
Angel lover
The magicians of love
Smiling pasta
Legend of star apple
Ying ye 3 jia 1
Sweet relationship
Bull fighting
Pi li MIT
Easy fortune happy life
Black and white
Si si xin dong
Romantic princess
Ps man

Currently I am watching channel x but I need more Taiwan shows to watch as I am a huge fan personally my favorites from this list are is woody sambo, fated to love u, miss no good, and smiling pasta. However from this I realized that I like shows where the guys usually start off rich and all high and mighty but they meet this really normal average girl and end up loving her despite the challenges they face but I also don't want the show to be all romance there should be some comedy to lighten the mood at times as well. So I need help searching for a show similar to the four I rele enjoyed watching. I don't know if this will help but of those four my most favorite is Woody Sambo I hope this will help in telling what kinda drama I'm more into. One last thing I am preferably only looking for Taiwan/Chinese drama so preferably no Korean, Vietnamese, and Japanese dramas. thanks so much for your suggestions and help. :-)

PS another thing I thought might help is that another similarity in those four is that the main male and female character at first don't rele like each other and in fact like someone else but due to many things that happened between them they realize that deep down they love each other and usually the girl seems shy but will eventually do whatever to help the guy once she realizes she loves him.

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