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romance of the three kingdoms 2010

Posted: May 6th, '10, 23:56
by mazels
Hi all..not sure im posting at the right place but i got a there any team subbing romance of the three kingdoms 2010 or any team that think gonna take the project please let me know...its something i really want to see always loved three kingdoms history and movie ect :)

Posted: May 16th, '10, 14:56
by Numberator
havent seen anyone upload the raws yet...
so now im watching it at

Posted: May 28th, '10, 15:30
by Numberator
damn...looks like they restricted the streaming of rotk to only china IP addresses....
if anyone knows where else to watch it ?

Posted: May 29th, '10, 02:38
by hhy
Numberator, you can watch the latest episode at with no streaming restriction. Latest episode 53 & 54.

Posted: Jun 8th, '10, 21:24
by devchan
Oh my god, it's finally airing! Can't wait.

Posted: Jun 11th, '10, 11:23
by Spluffen
I hope it will be subbed in the near future ^__^

Posted: Jun 18th, '10, 08:00
by jakeswatson
Romance of three kingdoms is great to watch watch or download it from here

Posted: Jul 13th, '10, 13:34
by Xperiment
mate, its available on pptv.

Posted: Feb 2nd, '11, 06:39
by springsnowingsoftly
It's such a good series! I would love to help translate, and have started translating a little bit on paper. But I am completely illiterate to computer stuff. Does anybody know if there is a fansub group for this drama? If anybody wants to start a group, please let me know! I would love to volunteer my time. :-) My email is:

Posted: Feb 23rd, '11, 02:55
by razil_zul they are doing subs for rotk n if im not wrong looking for more volunteers to help in e project

Posted: Feb 23rd, '11, 03:24
by abcd99
Indeed. We're looking for help. It'd be wonderful if you could help. We've released up to eps 28 now. Click here.

Posted: Feb 23rd, '11, 21:18
by springsnowingsoftly
Hi! I am interested in volunteering! Please let me know how I can help. I'm up for doing translation and/or editing. Also, I'm trying to find the original Chinese script for ROTK. Do you know where we might find that? Thanks!

Posted: Feb 24th, '11, 14:04
by abcd99
Hi, springsnowingsoftly,

Thank you for your interest. I wonder how comfortable you are with the translation since RTK translation is really hard.


Posted: Feb 24th, '11, 18:19
by springsnowingsoftly
Hi abcd99,

I definitely agree that it would be a challenge. I do feel pretty comfortable though, as reading in Chinese is one of my passions. I've read parts of 三国演义 as well, and it seems that the dialogue in the TV series is more colloquial than the book version, so I think it would be hard, but doable.

I am new to fansubbing though, and am sure there would be lots to learn. Really looking forward to the challenge!

Thanks :)