[request] MARS episodes 6 to 11 english subtitle

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[request] MARS episodes 6 to 11 english subtitle

Post by Shining_Moon » Jun 28th, '09, 12:03

Hello everyone,

I'm sorry to bother, but does anyone have MARS english subtitle from episodes 6 to 11? The person who uploaded them said it had english subtitles but it doesn't have any, if someone could help me, I really wish to finish this drama and see what will happen. I took a week and some days to download these episodes and when I was going to record it I saw it didn't have subs at all. What's the meaning of recording if I don't understand a thing, I really wish to know what they are saying. =[

Please, help US! I know there are some people who also want to see the final, because this drama is just so amazing.

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Post by morserachel » Jun 28th, '09, 12:23

6-11 has soft subs. You can download the soft subs and play it with the videos. Check out the subtitles thread


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