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Mr Fighting Subbed

Posted: Sep 14th, '12, 13:25
by WuCang
Hello there.

Hopefully this is the right place to put this...

I've subtitled most Mr Fighting episodes after episode 13 (after Shinzuki stopped subbing it), primarily for translation practice and so a friend could finish watching the rest of the series.
They've been on the hard drive for a while now, I figured it's about time I shared them.

The only thing is, when I started subbing my Chinese level wasn't what it is now, and I hadn't subbed before so the first few I subbed had a number of timing issues and a few translation quirks. If I were to upload them I would have to fix them up a bit, so I want to check if there is any interest in it first.

How about it, any Mr Fighting fans out there?

Posted: Sep 17th, '12, 23:25
by WuCang
I flicked through a few of them to check the quality. Translation-wise, it is functional. The issue is with the timing - due to incorrect syntax some of the subtitles didn't work when they were supposed to. This wasn't much of an issue when translating for a friend as I could just tell him what what was said verbally.
I could upload them as is but some of the subtitles won't work.

Besides that, as it turns out I haven't subtitled 14-16. I translated those verbally while watching with a friend, but it was too awkward so I started subtitling it. Thus the only reason I have to sub those few would be for you Mr Fighting fans out there - so let me know you're interested or I may not get around to it.

Posted: Apr 19th, '13, 19:01
by WuCang

Re: Mr Fighting Subbed

Posted: Sep 9th, '18, 16:03
by burstallout
hi, not sure when will you see my reply but i've been desperately looking for english sub of this drama. :-(
do you happen to have the english sub for all episodes? thanks so much in advance!