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Recommendations for Chinese TV, movies, and music?

Hong Kong, Taiwanese and Mainland China entertainments goes here.
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Recommendations for Chinese TV, movies, and music?

Post by Agnstar » Sep 2nd, '12, 19:18

Hello, I'm kind of new here so I thought I would start by asking for recommendations. I've decided that Chinese is awesome, so if anyone had any recommendations for any television, movies, or any music, I would be thankful. In Mandarin, please. I don't have a preference, as of now, so anything works. And I haven't watched much so if you have something I probably have not heard of it.

Thanks so much.

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Post by Ilovephim! » May 26th, '13, 04:05

I'm viet, so I not sure what language they come in but they are my favorites so watch it!!! Justice Bao series are always good. Lady Fan played by Jessica Hsuan is so good!! Journey to the West 1986 is a CLASSIC must watch if you're into adventure and kung-fu. Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre 1986 is a CLASSIC

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Post by Ilovephim! » May 26th, '13, 04:07

The dates to the dramas are crucial!!! lol, there is leniency on the heaven sword but for journey to the west 1986 is the ONLY GOOD VERSION.

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Post by yamapilicious » May 16th, '14, 22:32

for music, you can check this website for Chinese artists

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Post by fictionalistic » Jul 7th, '14, 03:35

I recommend Breakout (2010)! It can be a bit melodramatic, but it's fun and action-y!

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Post by doodoofan » Sep 2nd, '14, 12:11

I highly recommend Princess Returning Pearl (还珠格格) the 1998 version, Judge Bao (1994 version) and Meteor Garden (2001).

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