Thai drama-Prissana(2000)

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Thai drama-Prissana(2000)

Post by morserachel » Jan 1st, '09, 04:20

Stars: Tik Jesadaporn Pholdee
Taya Rogers

What?? No Sex? No violence? No neurotic psychopathic female bent on breaking up the main couple? This doesn't sound like a Thai lakorn!!

Yet despite not having all those 'crowd pullers', Prissana is a real gem. One of those rare gems among the Thai lakorns which is well worth your time watching. It is the most romantic love story that I have come across in a long time. A story which will stay in my heart and one of those endearing tales that cuts across all racial, class, gender and age barriers that can be thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

Prissana is a tale of a young Americanised Thai girl returning to her homeland after 12 years away. The setting for the drama was the late 1930s. We see how she cope with her family, society and also the tale of her falling in love with a lesser Prince. Bringing along all her modern outlook to a conservative asian society we see society's reaction to her and how she won them over with her charm and her intelligence.

Taan Chai (the Prince) and Prissana did not meet until the 4th episode (which is rare for a lakorn) but by the time they met they are already sick of each other from the many rumours that were flying around. But what I like about their love story is that these 2 very intelligent and sensible persons do not scream and shout at each other, do not misunderstand each other and form wild conclusions from rumours. They approached each other with caution and formed sensible conclusions from their meetings. Step by step they discover what they like about each other which slowly progresses into love and finally realises that each is the other true love. They hold meaningful conversations not shouting matches. They matched wits and not fist fights. Theirs is one amazing tale of romance in the backdrop of old world charm where men are gentlemen and women are ladies. At a time when nobody actually marry for love but for security these 2 actually are idealistic enough to want to marry for love.

Taya Rogers is Prissana and Prissana is Taya Rogers. Nobody will fit the role better than Taya. She is innocent yet worldly wise, child at times and a bewitching woman at others, an independent woman yet knowing that she wants a husband whom she can follow and look up to, sensible and practical yet not afraid to show her emotions. What I like about her character is that she is not perfect and she has her flaws like any human being. She is stubborn and sometimes hurt other people unnecessarily. But what a woman, a woman ahead of her times and a woman most men would not dare to marry because they are inferior to her in every sense of the word. She needs a man who will let her run free and yet at the same time be able to rein her in gently when she goes overboard. Someone she can respect because he is intelligent and not because he has money and status. She found him in Taan Chai Puthpreecha.

Ah, Tik... If you are not in love with Tik before this drama, I assure you, you will after watching him. He is the real knight in shining armour everywoman dreams of and the real Prince Charming with feet planted firmly in the ground. Rich beyond words and a Prince to boot and not to mention very good looking but yet not one of those good for nothing characters who lived off their wealth. He is a doctor because it is one of those professions he can contribute to make his people's lives better. Wow!! Seriously, what I like about Taan Chai is that he is one of the most intelligent main leads I have seen and he remained intelligent even after falling in love (unlike many main leads who become stupid after falling in love with the female lead- Kaew tah Pee is one example). He knows that in his position women are after him for his money and status and not because they love him. He didn't fall in love with Prissana on first sight but develop feelings for her as he gets to know her better over a period of time discovering that she is unlike the women he had known in the past. This one is modern, opinionated, independent, places love above money and is not overawed by his title but most importantly she is intelligent and sensible and of course all the better since she is beautiful. I like how he stands up for his love and for her and how he gently tells his royal aunt that nothing can separate them and how he ticked off his maternal aunt for making malicious accusations against his love. The type of hero whom you know will protect the love of his life until his dying breath and once he loves it is for eternity. No weakling who will be shaken by words of another.

In conclusion, all in all a very entertaining drama. Prissana has shown that a show doesn't need idiotic plots, unbelievable storyline, violent main characters and unnecessary melodramatics to be a top-notched drama. All you need is a simple storyline with good acting and great characterisation of all the actors,including the lesser characters to be good.

I also take this opportunity here to thank AnoDChobling for providing excellent English subs for this series. You guys rock.

Apart from their love story I love that all the characters are 3-dimensional. Each person is fleshed out and has a character of their own including the so-called bad characters. There are no neurotic characters lurking around and even Ratri is just an annoyance never really bad. All of them are imperfect to a degree which makes liking them easier.

Have a great time watching.
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Post by fengying » Mar 4th, '09, 09:46

Very comprehensive write-up about the lakorn morserachel...

I have been searching for Tik's lakorns for ages... Would you know where I can download them?... Have seen Kaew Tah Pee and now downloading Leurd Kattiya, but can't seem to find the others... YouTube doesn't work for me as I'm in China, plus I don't understand a word of Thai so must have at least Chinese subs even though it takes me quite a while to read them...

Much thanks in advance for any help!!

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Post by morserachel » Mar 4th, '09, 14:03

I watched Prissana on Youtube on Anodchobling's channel because that's the only place I can find the drama with English subs. Maybe you can try Sarnworld and see whether it is uploaded there with English subs. You have to register to be a member before you can access the download section. Anodchobling's blog is at They have ddl's there. Check it out and see whether it works for you. If you really can't find it, PM me and give me your mailing address and I'll download from Youtube and send you the DVD.

Prissana will remain one of my all time favourite Thai lakorns with Tik and I hope it will become one of yours as well.

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Post by gerryg » Mar 4th, '09, 22:04

I'm currently watching Prissana on Youtube only after giving up hope of finding download files. I waited for a very long time and just couldn't wait any longer. I wish the files were available.
BTW e-subbed files are not available at Sarnworld.

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