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Posted: Oct 4th, '08, 19:53
by expression
thanks so much keep going!

Posted: Dec 10th, '08, 18:09
by howzitboy
just wondering if this project is dropped? really like this show !!

Posted: Dec 15th, '08, 08:59
by expression
howzitboy wrote:just wondering if this project is dropped? really like this show !!
yeh i was wondering the same things tiratira has been MIA for about 2 months now. if it is dropped does anyone know where i can get the raws? i want to finish the series at least.

Posted: Jan 5th, '09, 14:54
by blumage
I know in Veoh you can watch some episodes.

Posted: Jan 13th, '09, 10:15
by elfreakz
i was wondering where can i get the episode after 15? i miss it.. hopefully someone can share the series till finale :wub:

Posted: Mar 19th, '09, 10:39
by Johunnie
it's ok but i still love the true jasmin :)


Posted: Apr 28th, '09, 10:46
by haleyandrea
I've searched for this version & found out that there's a total of 75 eps all 2gether.
I tried searching here & there've been only 15 eps uploaded up2date.
Is any1 gonna continue uploading it? I really3 hope so.

Btw, I also discovered that there is a Philippines version of "Yo Soy Betty La Fea" called I Love Betty La I'm wondering, would any1 be interested in uploading it as well? Pls do coz itz 1 of my fav shows. Thanx & tc!

Posted: May 6th, '09, 12:16
by meowthy
seriously you guys like this? im a Filipino and honestly I dont like them ripping off the original version. >.<

Posted: May 7th, '09, 17:07
by blaze45

Posted: May 21st, '09, 06:24
by garnet07
How can they have 75 episodes for a drama that was originally 16 episodes only?!!! I am born in the philippines and fluent in tagalog, but seriously, I never got into watching filipino dramas because they're so overdramatic and longwinded. What kind of crap did they fill will the 75 - 16 = 59 episodes? People watch the original Korean version. Much better acting and script!!! Most of these new Filipino actors/actresses are all for looks and not skills.


Posted: Jul 14th, '09, 06:25
by dabogy
Yes, because most actors/actresses in the Philippines are sons/daughters of the past artists and does not really have skills. It is rare that they do auditions. (Dynasty)