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Fansubbed Indian dramas?

Posted: Apr 1st, '19, 20:08
by hotsushi-kun
Hello there, is there any Indian dramas that are fansubbed. I know one problem is that Indian dramas tend to have a very longer episodes and i sure it makes it very difficult for these I-Dramas with longer episodes to be fansubbed, but i am sure is there any I-Dranas that are fansubbed there.

Re: Fansubbed Indian dramas?

Posted: Sep 5th, '19, 17:57
by Srijanee
Seriously 😂 are you alright!!! Most Indian dramas are unbearable to watch....

Re: Fansubbed Indian dramas?

Posted: Sep 5th, '19, 18:06
by Keiko1981
First of all, I have no idea where find them. I don't think I'd be particularly interested in them. I have only watched documentaries about Bollywood where actors and actress were interviewed about the industry.

The same with most Cdramas, since they're dubbed and I'm not very much into the wuxia genre. Same goes for the tokusatsu for jdramas. But there are dedicated fansubbers out there for tokusatu dramas. We all have different tastes.