Looking for Lakorn name

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Looking for Lakorn name

Post by SmileSyn » Mar 28th, '12, 05:02

Need help trying to find a thai drama. So I only saw like the first ep or so. The main girl has a younger sister and they live with their grandmother because their parents are dead. They also have an aunt that's a gold digger. So one day, the aunt comes to their house on a rainy day and steals a gold necklace. The grandmother dies outside. Then later on in the story, the younger sister gets in a car accident and loses the ability to move her legs. She then dies in a fire later on. It becomes hazy for me after that point...Then the main girl becomes married to the main guy?? And she finds out that her aunt had married his dad. Sound familiar to anyone? Please please help, I've been trying to find this one for a long time. Thanks in advance.

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Post by Alice* » Apr 23rd, '13, 03:39

sounded so familiar can't figure what is the title cos there so many similar storyline

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